1. Robert says

    I bet that wild bear is a lot friendlier and less catty than the usual “bears” you encounter in Ptown.

  2. says

    Wait… I’m confused… it the bear in the first video the wild one, or is it the second? ’cause, I’m sorry to say that first one doesn’t look like anything so much as my ex-husband, Larry. He was always lurking in the bushes, tongue out and drooling at the men passing by too.

  3. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Back in 1998, I had a pair of coyotes cross Route-6A in broad-daylight out on the Cape just east of Brewster. And it wasn’t even Antiquing Season yet.

  4. ratbastard says


    I live in Boston [inside the city, not a suburb] and there are coyote sightings all the time. I think they hide during the day in a big cemetery. They even caught one a while back in the south end down by south bay!

    There are bears all over MA, I can’t believe one on the cape would be that unusual, but P-Town is way out there, isolated on the tip. I always wonder how these guys manage to hide from humans. For these wild animals to make as far as Boston, they would have had to travel through very populated areas, over bridges, tunnels, etc.

  5. Bryan says

    That’s silly! Black Bears have always been part of the Ptown scene…now they just have company searching for meat…

  6. Aaron K. says

    they are adorable. we’re ruining their planet with over populating because humans don’t grasp NOT HAVING CHILDREN if you can’t provide for them. close your legs!