1. Gus says

    This is silly and a waste of time. The President already has the PETA vote and does not move the vote of folks who routinely put their own dogs in carriers on the back of pickup trucks…and yes, sometimes on the top of the family station wagon in the 1980’s.

  2. GLAW2014 says

    I agree with you Anastasia…they are working overtime to earn that $0.01/post today. Seriously…it is funny and it does have more “legs” to stand on than just the PETA crowd. There is a philosophical debate on whether we should keep taxes at historically low levels to encourage businesses to bring jobs back…even though they have been this low for 9 years now, so i am not sure why there is not an overabundance of jobs…or whether we should try to fix this economy from the ground up, by allowing the government to take on a more direct roll in being a venture capitalist under the general welfare powers of the Constitution.

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