1. Jude says

    I’m not surprised. I suspected it the moment I saw him on SYTYCD despite him talking about being heartbroken after his fiancée had dumped him and despite him denying it many times.

    However, I’m susrprised to learn that he was a Mormon. Although that explains why he had left his fiancée to USA when he went to live abroad for a year during which she dumped him for another guy.

    Anyway, good for him. Anyone whose not open about it knows how it feels to carry that secret and anyone who has come out knows what a relief it is to finally be truthful about himself/herself. I’m happy for him and I wish him the best.

  2. says

    the freedom you gain by Coming Out is a burden off your shoulders.

    it’s not the cure-all, it’s exchanging one set of life complications for another, but at least these are complications which can be met from a place of actual honesty.

    kudos to him on coming out, and addressing the bigotry and pressures of a Mormon life.

    well met.

    and he’s an utterly sensational dancer.

  3. Sp8ce says

    He and his sister are my two favorite dancers in the world. I do not know much about dancing and do not know the names of many dancers. But they’re both incredible. Hopefully he also will be on DWTS.

  4. Truth says

    Good for him, NO ONE should be closeted but really!, was he the last to know?

    It’s the equivalent of Liberace “coming out”.

  5. ger says

    I watched some of this but had to stop when he was talking about how masculine he is, how unlike the effeminate gay men he knows. Queen please.

  6. Josh says

    My hat is off to this guy. It must be an Olympic sport to be a non-Mormon who dates a gay ex-Mormon, though. I didn’t make it 10 minutes without the torrent of words like “temple worthy” and “apostasy” rolling off his cute lips before my head was spinning. Like a delightful robotic puppy with its head stuffed with incomprehensible programming.

  7. says

    Ger, it’s like this idiot, who complains about “stereotypical gay people”

    uh….what the heck does he think HE is?!!? LOL!

  8. Jerry says

    I know, I ragged on Andy a couple weeks ago about outings, but with this one: DUH.

    I do feel for Benji, though, because I know too many Mormons who’ve been through the same things, some of whom even got into marriage and parenthood feeling stuck.

    I was just thinking about Benji this morning, though, because his dad is David Schwimmer’s uncle, and, well, David’s branch of the Schwimmer clan is Jewish…

  9. Barca says

    Good for him and hope for the best for him. I thought it was pretty obvious he was gay watching that season. I mean, shoot, he’s a dancer! 95% of male dancers are gay

  10. redball says

    havent watched the vid but, GER, your comment had me HOLLERIN’!!! (reminds me of margaret cho and her “Queen, please!” retort)

  11. andrew says

    If you want to see how evil religion is just look at how difficult it has made the life of this bright and good and handsome young man.

  12. Kevin_BGFH says

    I knew he was Mormon during SYTYCD and figured his coming out process would be a long, tough road. Glad to see he managed to do it when he was still in his 20s.

  13. Michael says

    I am sick to death of gay boys bitching effeminate gay men yet their gayness can be spotted 1/2 way around the world. Who the f*ck do these people think they are? It’s always the gayest boys who think they’re the most straight acting. Shite pisses me off.

  14. sparks says

    Benji and Heidi did a fast mambo that was, in my opinion, the best routine they’ve EVER had on the show. (And if it’d been up to me, Benji would’ve been runner-up to Heidi.)

    I can’t link to it because YouTube took down every trace of that episode. But if anyone is interested I saved the video in FLV format from another site. Would be happy to email it.

  15. _swarm says

    Typical. People who didn’t even watch the video throwing shade. The boy never said he didn’t know he was gay FFS.

    AND if you WATCHED IT, you’d see he told his bishops the truth for YEARS when seeking counselling on how to balance the two. Since apparently it’s an established custom for gay men to marry women fairly openly in the LDS church. The way he describes it.

    Don’t try and learn, just mock him. Yay.

  16. say what says

    not surprised and I stopped watching the show many seasons ago BUT will always remember this as my fave

    jump to 1:33 mark to get into the actual performance

    Benji & Natalie dancing to WONDERFUL

    it still makes me happy just to watch that dance by them

  17. Torontocentric says

    I knew it! Love you Benji – have since the first time I ever saw you dance (love your sister Lacey and your cousin, Heidi too!)
    All the best guy!

  18. Randy says

    So we had two excellent gay male dancers in the finals, and we didn’t get to see them dance a real dance together. This is why I hate SYTYCD.

  19. T_rex says

    He came out to me a few months ago when he tried to jump my bones after our date….. Seriously dude? Then he proceeded to lie repetitively this interview is a joke he’s just as big of a queen as anyone else if not worse…. Nice body though :)

  20. Suchajoke says

    So 6 yrs later his sexuality is more of a headline than his talent or what he did post sytycd. It’s like since we forgot he existed he might as well exploit his sexuality … We knew you were gay the minute the camera panned across your glossy gay face

  21. Marky says

    While not a surprise – I LOVED him and Donyelle on SYTYCD, all these seasons later, they are still the best most exciting couple

  22. St. Theresa of Avila says

    Well, good for him, but his hysterical (in both senses of the word), tearful breakdown about the fiancee leaving him might have been one of the gayest moments on network television, ever. Clay Aiken seemed comparatively as cool as a Seal Team 6 operative. Anyone who didn’t recognize he was gay at that point was in serious denial. When I made this observation at the time, I was hounded off of and banned from a non-official SYTYCD discussion forum!

  23. UFFDA says

    These comments are hilarious! This website has got comic genius, in addition to homosexual tendencies, or because of them. It’s a total pump up. Thanks.

  24. Glenn says

    I knew he was gay the moment I saw him, especially the way he was such a drama queen during his whole audition process.

    Travis should have won.

  25. Dave says

    Mormons have a secret mission they are doing that involves ex gay and fake gay Mormons who go into the gay community to get information on the LGBT people there and to disrupt LGBT meetings by pretending to be gay and then saying negative things about gays and their life style. You might have seen these people and heard these people and may not know it. The reason the Mormons do this is like most Christian religions, they want to “save your soul” and stop you from being gay. These Christians are very hidden and have been doing this for many years and many people do not know that they have been doing this.

  26. Zip says

    So T-Rex, spill: what’s he lying about? I was extremely skeptical that he resisted sex with men until he left the church.

  27. josie says

    Woh. It might have been nice if he wasn’t such a self-hating gay! Honey, will you ever get passed the gender stereotypes and sexuality based prejudices of century-behind-the-times Utah?
    I live in the bizarro world known as Utah and I have met my fair share of gay mo’s. I have never understood why they would stay for one second in such a cult after realizing they are enemy number one (I was relatively sheltered from Mormonism. I was baptized but dropped that sh*t as soon as I learned my brother is gay. I am Bi.). But after watching Benji’s interview I understand a little more how intensely brainwashed members are, how literally and blindly they take the literature of their faith. Having witnessed Benji’s struggle, I have so much more compassion for the gay mormons.

  28. Sarah says

    Someone needs to send this to David Archuleta. Hopefully he will get the courage someday to do the same. The more gay Mormons speak out, the more they can demand change to this church’s horrible treatment of GLBT people. This dancer had to leave the church — unless he vowed to be celebrate the rest of his life, he would be excommunicated.

  29. Garth says

    Good girl. He looks so clean and wholesome. Doesn’t seem to possess the bottomless pit ego of a certain DL Black.

  30. Johnny says

    I watched the entire first video. I never could understand why Benji did not use his talent in mainstream show business. He rejected the offer from Celine Dion’s show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and opened a dance studio?

    Benji, you can still solve all your financial problems by getting a Hollywood agent and becoming internationally famous for your amazing talent and good looks. Go for it!