Critically-Endangered Sumatran Rhino Gives Birth in Captivity: VIDEO


Conservationists are thrilled that for only the fourth time in more than a hundred years, a rare Sumatran rhino has given birth in captivity in Indonesia:

Conservationist Widodo Ramono recalled the anxious moments before delivery.

"We were all watching it from the CCTV, nobody made a sound. But the moment we saw the calf, everyone burst into screams. It was louder than seeing a player score a goal in a football match," he said. "We hope Ratu will eventually have five calves. For Andalas, we hope to mate him with other females," Ramono said.

Ratu and Andalas were paired in 2009 at the sanctuary, two years after Andalas was brought from the United States at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio for a breeding programme.

Andalas was born in September 2001, making him the first Sumatran rhino delivered in captivity in 112 years.


There are estimated to be less than 200 Sumatran rhinos alive in Southeast Asia.

Posted June 26, 2012 at 3:17pm ETC by Andy Towle
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