1. John says

    Cute. I didn’t expect to watch the whole thing, but I enjoyed it. Such an odd juxtaposition between a bright and sunny song and internet trolls–guess that’s why the video worked.

    OK, now I’m really reading way too much into it, but I admire how they completely deflated the dark hate of trolls and made something happy and joyful out of their words. Good on them!

  2. Autarchic says

    “I know that if I met you, you prob’ly wouldn’t rape me, like you promised that you would!”


    Katy Perry, eat your heart out!

  3. DRG says

    Maybe some of the trolls on this site have just watched and the uplifting joy of this video has changed there out look on life…

    then again…it’s doubtful. [queue trolls]

  4. ratbastard says

    So let me get this [pardon the expression] straight:

    If you post or say anything non-P.C., anything that contradicts the majority or percieved majority on any particular forum or locale, you’re a troll? And the best and most clever way to get anyone to STFU is to call them racist, sexist, homophobic, coward, sexually aggressive [?!] ?

    So males who are less aggressive, less ‘masculine’, more inclined to keep their head down or parrot whatever the talking points du jour are, get to remain in the dominant subculture clique rather than be ostracized and be called a troll and other ‘bad’ names?

  5. Chris says

    Loved the clip.

    RB: People call out trolls when they’re being baiting a-holes who prefer conflict for conflict’s sake, rather that any respectful or thoughtful discussion. Making glib, provocative judgments about classes and communities of people (especially those defined by identities like race/ethnicity, sex, and nationality that are mostly or completely out of their control, and which have been used against them historically) or using those identities in ad hominem attacks is a great way to provoke a reaction. Which is why trolls so often go that route. There’s also non-baiting, garden-variety ignorance — of the naive and willful varieties — that deserve patience and light flaming, respectively. But all of the above can be so hard to distinguish, y’know? And after a long day, who really wants to bother? Calling out or ignoring trolls, sometimes prematurely, probably squelches important conversations that those on this board need to have. But I would bet that, much more often, it keeps us from wasting time on an awful lot of really stupid ones.

  6. AnotherG says

    Not bad, Ratbastard. 6 out of 10.

    * Three for the boilerplate anti-PC butthurt
    * One for the false equivalence between “Here’s where I disagree with your position on X” and “I hope you get Cancer and die”
    * One for the false equivalence between people who say unpopular, but necessary, things and people who just want to talk smack (The Heart of Trollery)
    * And one for each ball (so, a total of one) it took to try to troll a parody about trolling.

    Grade: C+

  7. Garth says

    This falls under this category regarding today’s toxic youth. High School principal’s commencement speech in Massachusetts to graduates. It is pervasive in today’s gay youth.

    “You are not special. You are not exceptional,” David McCullough Jr. told graduating seniors from the affluent Massachusetts town last weekend.

    The teacher’s controversial advice caught the nation’s eye, in an age where many believe today’s youth suffer from a sense of self-importance.

    Sorry, but none of you are special either.

  8. Mary says

    “A Sexually Aggressive, Racist, Homophobe, Misogynist, Cowardly, Illiterate Waste of Human Skin”

    But enough about gay Republicans….. (just thought I’d beat Kiwi to it!)

  9. AnotherG says

    Oo, sorry Garth, that’s a 2 out of 10.

    * One for attempted derailment, which unfortuantely came out making it seem like you were reading another completely-unrelated post, perhaps on another planet entirely, in a language you don’t speak
    * One for the “sorry, but” false-apology apology, a classic being used in service of the Troll masquerading as “brave truth-teller”

    Honorable mention (but no points) for the vagueness of your attack, whoever that mysterious “you” is. It gives you an out, but the real Troll is fearless in their specificity of audience (if hazy on the details).

    You didn’t even catch one person that time. Try harder next tiem!

    Grade: F

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