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The Republican Party of Texas Really Hates Gay People

I linked to a post about this in the round-up, but it's worth posting on its own.

Gop_texasThe Texas Republican Party platform 2012. They hate us, they really, really hate us.


We affirm that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society and contributes to the breakdown of the family unit. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders, and shared by the majority of Texans. Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle, in public policy, nor should “family” be redefined to include homosexual “couples.” We believe there should be no granting of special legal entitlements or creation of special status for homosexual behavior, regardless of state of origin. Additionally, we oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction or belief in traditional values.

Family and Defense of Marriage

We support the definition of marriage as a God-ordained, legal and moral commitment only between a natural man and a natural woman, which is the foundational unit of a healthy society, and we oppose the assault on marriage by judicial activists. We call on the President and Congress to take immediate action to defend the sanctity of marriage. We are resolute that Congress exercise authority under the United States Constitution, and pass legislation withholding jurisdiction from the Federal Courts in cases involving family law, especially any changes in the definition of marriage. We further call on Congress to pass and the state legislatures to ratify a marriage amendment declaring that marriage in the United States shall consist of and be recognized only as the union of a natural man and a natural woman.

Neither the United States nor any state shall recognize or grant to any unmarried person the legal rights or status of a spouse. We oppose the recognition of and granting of benefits to people who represent themselves as domestic partners without being legally married. We advocate the repeal of laws that place an unfair tax burden on families. We call upon Congress to completely remove the marriage penalty in the tax code, whereby a married couple receives a smaller standard deduction than their unmarried counterparts living together. The primary family unit consists of those related by blood, heterosexual marriage, or adoption. The family is responsible for its own welfare, education, moral training, conduct, and property.

Judicial Activism in Marriage

We support marriage and oppose the assault on marriage by judicial activists.

Enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act

We support the enforcement of the State and Federal Defense of Marriage Act by state and federal officials respectively, and oppose creation, recognition and benefits for partnerships outside of marriage that are being provided by some political subdivisions.

Marriage and Divorce

We believe in the sanctity of marriage and that the integrity of this institution should be protected at all levels of government. We urge the Legislature to rescind no-fault divorce laws. We support Covenant Marriage.

Family Values

We support the affirmation of traditional Judeo-Christian family values and oppose the continued assault on those values.

The whole document is HERE.

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  1. Oh look, our resident GOP defenders are conspicuously silent. It's hard when you're caught blatantly lying isn't it?

    Posted by: Winston | Jun 26, 2012 10:22:58 PM

  2. Hey Texas GOP....go back to humping sheep or something...the US wants to move forward, and not stay in your BS vision of "natural".

    Ass wipes!

    Posted by: Rob | Jun 26, 2012 10:24:33 PM

  3. I do believe they have just called for the decriminalization of the murdering of homosexuals.

    Posted by: niles | Jun 26, 2012 10:31:11 PM

  4. @Abel
    "Texas thrives on hate. I know, I live here."

    I wasn't born there, but I lived there for about 32 of my 41 years... It was the 'climate' there that had me suicidal at the age of six. I'm very glad to be leaving the south permanently this October.

    I do hope the GOProuders out there really take a long, hard look at this.. Not just those it Texas.. and let it sink in just how hated they are by the political party they CHOOSE to associate with, and support. Probably won't happen, but I still hope.

    Posted by: theotherlee | Jun 26, 2012 10:31:27 PM

  5. Texas REALLY should have suceeded from the union long, long time ago.

    Posted by: william | Jun 26, 2012 10:34:45 PM

  6. It's getting so I hear the mention of God and my stomach turns.. And some of the very greatest of founding fathers were either atheists or free-thinkers, don't they know that?! Seems the only things "big" about Texas are its size an its ignorance.. But I'm sure there are some worthy people there also..

    Speak up, so you can be heard, enlightened ones..

    Posted by: david traversa | Jun 26, 2012 10:37:02 PM

  7. Can we just give the state back to Mexico? I know I don't want to spend a dime in Texas and will make sure any flights I take will be the Northern Route to stay the hell away from a State of Hate.

    Posted by: Macmantoo | Jun 26, 2012 10:40:45 PM

  8. @Niles, that's pretty much how I interpreted that...

    "Additionally, we oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction or belief in traditional values."

    It doesn't really define what the limits of the "opposition" are.. and all I can think of is, 'Yay, we can have those lonely miles of nothing, filled with more Matthew Shepard's..'

    I keep reading how in '20 years we'll look back on this and laugh.' I've lived in Texas long enough to know that right alongside those that are for the secession of the state, there are those that are for an all-out revival of the Civil War. With as unstable as "we," as a country seem to be, that's something that truly concerns me.

    Posted by: theotherlee | Jun 26, 2012 10:41:17 PM

  9. Someone mentioned being 21 and laughing about this in 20 years.
    He talks like he has a million years. If I could see at 21 what would happen to gay life it would be an unthinkable nightmare. The marriage thing:"They love each other, sure, but their love is of a quotidian 'honey can you pick up some bread on the way home from work' variety that's launched a billion midlife crises. But it's important to read about these particular bores because they are the apotheosis of the modern drive toward same-sex marriage...." Wow.

    Posted by: Miss Take | Jun 26, 2012 10:56:59 PM

  10. Wonder what our new good friends at J.C. Penney think about this, since it's based in Plano, a Dallas suburb? (As is Frito-Lay and Dr Pepper-7-Up.) Plano is in Collin County, which gave McCain 63 percent of the vote in 2008. I'm betting it'll go even more for Romney. Dallas County, on the other hand, was carried by Obama, with 57 percent of the vote. Maybe Penney's can move back to New York.

    Posted by: BrianM | Jun 26, 2012 11:00:25 PM

  11. Ladies, ladies, please calm down. There can only be one worst place in the universe. Earlier today it was Lowe's customer service desk; yesterday it was New Orleans, and before that it was most of North Carolina. It's been Colorado Springs, and is frequently Utah (especially outside SLC) or Oklahoma. It's been everywhere and anywhere at some time or another.

    Face it: You're tools of Towleroad's Outrage of the Moment. Now standby for further instructions.

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Jun 26, 2012 11:06:20 PM

  12. JCPenney? "Gay" was once seen as a nice little word abducted by perverts for immoral purposes. It has now been adopted by nice couples hoping to trot it out in "respectable" drag. And by marketers hawking it, wrapped in rainbows, as a glamorous consumer "lifestyle." Maybe the rest of us need to find a new word.

    Posted by: Miss Take | Jun 26, 2012 11:14:19 PM

  13. @MISS TAKE, this is a gay website, why are you here? Curious about us?

    Posted by: Anthony | Jun 26, 2012 11:18:47 PM

  14. "Gay" was once seen as a nice little word abducted by perverts for immoral purposes. It has now been adopted by nice couples hoping to trot it out in "respectable" drag. And by marketers hawking it, wrapped in rainbows, as a glamorous consumer "lifestyle." Maybe the rest of us need to find a new word.

    Posted by: Reality | Jun 26, 2012 11:20:15 PM

  15. @theotherlee, but isn't texas becoming less and less right wing? You have all these influxes of people from more liberal areas and hispanic voters moving there, and as more and more technology spreads, the less and less people will be religious (as people will be exposed to more enlightened thinking). Am I wrong on this?

    Posted by: Anthony | Jun 26, 2012 11:26:43 PM

  16. Oopsie! Troll posting under (at least) two different names accidentally posts the same message under both. Doh!

    Posted by: kit | Jun 26, 2012 11:46:24 PM

  17. "We urge the Legislature to rescind no-fault divorce laws."

    Actually, that has nothing to do with LGBT people...

    And I agree with them on this one point.

    Posted by: Randy | Jun 26, 2012 11:48:42 PM

  18. Miss Take, "Christian" was once a word used by people to indicate they followed the words of the Biblical Jesus Christ, who said people shouldn't judge others lest they be judged and to treat their neighbors as they'd like to be treated themselves. It's now trotted out by Theocrats who wish to punish everyone who doesn't believe EXACTLY as they do, despite the fact they completely IGNORE all the Biblical rules that apply to their OWN behavior! And these so-called "holy" people HAWK their self-proclaimed holiness, wrap it in artificial piety, and use it to BEG for tax-free donations, and then sell it to others as something to be emulated! Maybe real Christians should find a new word.


    Posted by: Caliban | Jun 26, 2012 11:57:47 PM

  19. These people are not real Christians. They're a sub-cult. Just google "Dominionism". They've hijacked the meaning of liberty, wrapped it in an American flag and then pissed on it and call it "freedom". It's not about left or right...statists of a feather flock together.

    Posted by: vraxvalhalla | Jun 27, 2012 12:26:31 AM

  20. Kit - Loving the troll double-post. Or perhaps great trolls think alike?

    Also wondering when Rick is going to step in and inform us that Texas GOP only hates effeminate gays, not butch gays :)

    Posted by: elegir | Jun 27, 2012 12:27:52 AM

  21. Where is Rick and the other gay Repugs to comment on this? Crickets!

    Posted by: NY2.0 | Jun 27, 2012 12:30:19 AM

  22. In other news:
    Texas Democrats approved a party platform that — for the first time — explicitly called for equal marriage rights.
    Democrats in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Montana also endorsed marriage equality in their 2012 platforms.

    Posted by: simon | Jun 27, 2012 12:31:15 AM

  23. Bertha Bumiller and Vera Carp and the ladies of the Smutsnatchers of the New Order down in Tuna, Texas, are alive and well and have gained control of the Texas Republican Party.

    Posted by: Dennis | Jun 27, 2012 12:33:31 AM

  24. Kansas can't put that hate together in sentances as well as Texas. But I'm afraid they know how to cut and paste.

    Posted by: kansastock | Jun 27, 2012 12:51:17 AM

  25. I'm gay too. Just not a little gay soldier for the cause. I am not curious about you. I pity you. I've done everything gay you can imagine and then some. Much more than you'll ever be able to do as someone's wife or husband. It's not your fault. You're victims of your times. At least you'll think you are equal, but you'll be a hell of a lot less free.

    Posted by: Miss Take | Jun 27, 2012 12:56:12 AM

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