Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1139

MY PERSON: The latest clip from The Devotion Project features a trans man and his family.

CHINA: Hero bus driver hit by metal shard and killed, but not before he saves his passengers.

727: Oregon man lives in a renovated passenger jet.

THE LARAMIE PROJECT: The feature film of Moises Kaufman's play about Matthew Shepard.

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  1. yonquersconquers says

    I greatly admire anyone with the courage and selflessness of that driver but I’d rather not watch a video of someone being killed (if that’s what this is, and the billing makes me suspect so).

  2. simon says

    The question is why are all these dangerous metal objects flying around on the road?

  3. gr8guyca says

    Andy, can you post The Laramie Project separately?

    When I saw it grouped with the other videos, I assumed it was a clip or a trailer for the film. Usually things in the video section are short. I don’t think people realize that the whole movie is there.

    As for the film, I am speechless and tearful. It really should be required viewing for everyone – especially the haters and bigots.

    Everyone who reads Towleroad already knows the story. But now it has been captured quietly, eloquently, and for all time. 50 years from now – longer after the people who lived through that time are gone – people will still watch this movie and remember Matthew. And cry.

  4. troy says

    re: the devotion project, there just aren’t words to express how heartwarming that clip is. their’s is such a fine example of the true meaning of “family values.”

  5. says

    I’m sure the bus driver did a great thing, but I don’t think Towleroad is the right place for this kind of video. I don’t come here to watch people being killed. Including that video was a misstep, in my opinion.

  6. Tonic says

    Add my voice to the chorus asking that videos of people dying not be included as a part of the towleroad experience.

  7. JAMES says

    Guys, guys. Sometimes terrible things happen. And sometimes those terrible things are caught on tape. If you don’t want to watch it, move along.

    It most certainly was not a mistake to include this video. ITN apparently saw no problem showing it.

    Also, he was not immediately killed in this video. He died four days later from his injuries in the hospital.

    RIP, Wu Bin.