Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1141

HERO'S WELCOME: Entire airport terminal gathers to applaud World War II military Honor Flight as they step off plane. Story.

FACEBOOK: Jerry Seinfeld predicted it in the 90's.

ROCK OF AGES: A featurette.

SCRUB-A-DUB: Adult film actor Jake Deckard and Accidental Bear do a tub interview.

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  1. gregory brown says

    My Dad went on an Iowa Honor Flight 2 years ago. Both the sendoff and the arrival were much like this, with family, friends and strangers taking part.

    He was in the Pacific, the Japan Occupation force, and served in Korea. Though he didn’t connect with any of the men he’d known then, being among so many men and women who’d shared the experiences was moving for him. Inevitably, some old painful memories were recovered and I’m glad to say that 7 decades on he found someone to talk with about them.

    He didn’t share those with me, but he made some observations about the Honor Flight experience that amazed and pleased me.

    It’s unfortunate that the Vietnam Vets, and so many from the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan may never get this kind of recognition. Their lives were on the line but the politics of their campaigns are so different. Nobody will refer to those as “the good War”.

  2. woodroad34d says

    @gregory Brown

    You’re right. And the Viet Nam vets didn’t really have a choice since there was conscription at the time–poor guys were damned from the gitgo.

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