Ugandan Government Discovers Evidence Of Gay Conspiracy

SimonLokodoThe anti-gay Ugandan government, and especially its jabbering homophobe-in-chief, Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo, are excited to report that they've found proof of a homosexual conspiracy to overturn the moral order in Uganda and promote gay sex in the Ugandan media. From The Kampala Observer:

The government says it has intercepted minutes of a recent meeting that discussed wide-ranging strategies on how to promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Uganda.

These strategies include how to raise funds and recruit 'friendly' journalists into the cause of fighting for homosexual rights in Uganda. Some sources have told The Observer that security operatives infiltrated gay groups and managed to get a document containing minutes of the meeting.

The unsigned document, a copy of which we have seen, names 41 people, from 23 NGOs, as having attended the meeting on May 4, 2012, under the coordination of the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law …

Not incidentally, Andy reported earlier this month on a raid of a meeting of LGBT rights activists meeting in Kampala. It's unclear if Mr. Lokodo's document was obtained during that operation.

Mr. Lokodo, a former Roman Catholic priest, is now doing his best to ensure that the 23 NGOs named in the document are banned from doing business in Uganda:

… he said he had passed the list of the NGOs to the Internal Affairs minister to get all of them deregistered, as they were engaging in an illegal activity. Lokodo told journalists that the NGOs were receiving support from abroad and "recruiting" young children into the vice.

Mr. Lokodo says he believes the recovered document will be an important component of his case to revive the punitive anti-gay bill introduced three years ago by MP David Bahati, and which has been languishing in the parliament ever since. The bill originally instituted the death penalty for those convicted of repeat homosexual relations, but the punishment has been amended to life imprisonment.  

The Washington Times, the Moonie paper, points out that the recent intensity of anti-gay sentiment in Uganda provides a useful distraction from the rolling public disaster that is the government of President Yowery Museveni:

The move to ban the NGOs comes amid sharply declining support for the government and power struggles within the administration.

An Afrobarometer poll in March found that Ugandans’ approval of President Yoweri Museveni’s government had fallen to 26 percent, from 64 percent in January 2011.

Meanwhile, news outlets reported last week that Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi are angling to unseat the 68-year-old president, who has been in power for 26 years.

“This campaign against sexual minorities is meant to shift attention from the challenges this country is facing and the issues affecting day-to-day lives,” said Hassan Shire, executive director of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project.

NGOs have become more vocal and critical amid the government’s increasing reliance on patronage to retain power, massive unemployment, crumbling infrastructure and violent crackdowns on journalists and activists.

It's worth noting that President Museveni has expressed disapproval of the anti-gay bill, though only after initially endorsing it. 


  1. Icebloo says

    It’s time to end all financial aid to Uganda and to put a trade embargo in place. We should not be sending money to a county whose leaders are insane.

    Of course our governments won’t do anything about it because our own governments here in the west don’t value gay people either !

  2. Contrarian says

    The LGBT community is coming up in the world. In the past, when governments or rulers failed their people it was the Jews, the Gypsies, the witches, the wrong sub-sect of Christianity or Islam or free-thinkers opposing the establishment who became the scapegoats. Be strong, have patience for this too shall pass.

  3. Mike says

    This is proof that the anti-gay Christians have been infiltrating LGBT groups to spy on them and get information and to make trouble for them. Some of these anti-gay Christians supremacist work for the CIA, they know how to get into these groups and get information that will disrupt them. These anti-gay Christians also know how to use false propaganda to make it look like they have something on people when in fact they made it up just so they can get people to attack gays.

  4. gregory brown says

    I try to avoid the casual gay-baiting comments–but this man give a clear gay vibe that even my normally deficient gaydar can detect. The cynical political aspects of all this situation, playing on the influence of un-Christian “Christian” groups is so transparent that it makes me wonder what the decent Ugandans must be doing to allow such a cruel travesty to move on.

  5. Ryon says

    Third world, third rate, cursed country! If they were truly doing the work of god, then why are they so lacking?

  6. Dixon says

    Yes our government has issues but it clearly is spot on here. Homosexuality is wrong and wasn’t intended to be. All effort to make it acceptable in Uganda will always be condemned not only by government but also by our culture & morals. Keep it to yourself and keep your funding, if any to yourself. Our conscience is clear and it won’t be tainted.

  7. jamal49 says

    The Washington Times has defended anti-LGBTQ sentiments in Africa and the American evangelical groups who proselytize against gay people in Africa. Vigorously defended them I might add.

    One worries that is won’t be long before LGBTQ people are going to either be rounded up and placed in internment camps or are going to be outright murdered by quasi-official government agents, the police or extremist militias.

    When do we start holding American politicians’ feet to the fire over what is happening in Uganda, other African countries, in Islamic countries and even in our own USofA regarding the persecution of LGBTQ people?

    Especially now, in America, since we are in our presidential campaign season? Somebody has to start questioning the Mitt-ster what his attitudes are because the Mormon Church, which has a major proselytizing presence in Africa and Latin America, has been very influential in supporting governments who advocate harm against LGBTQ people.

  8. jamal49 says

    By the way, if that Ugandan minister isn’t, then I’m not. That’s a major gay face!

  9. Kenneth says

    He’s a former Roman Catholic priest, so more than likely he is a pedophile.

  10. andrew says

    Wasn’t one of their recent presidents, namely Idi Amin, a cannibal? Never say “eat me” to a Ugandan. They just might. Thats where Uganda is on the civilization scale.

  11. Rallyxx says

    Casting stones and hiding behind religion. Yeah jesus would really support genocide. Yep.

  12. andrew says

    The African continent from the Mediterranean Sea to the Cape of Good Hope is a disaster area. It is the worst area in the world for civilized people to live.

  13. andrew says

    In response to the other Andrew; Islam and Roman Catholicism are a major part of the problem.

  14. says

    I think it would have been good to make explicit in this article the fact that a document outlining tactics to protect the human rights of homosexuals is NOT the same as a document outlining recruiting tactics to turn children gay. It is very important to fight this idea at every turn, as the “protect your children” line is the emotional trigger that Uganda is using to get public support for the anti-gay legislation.