1. Graphicjack says

    Don’t be a Debbie Downer, Alan. That car is totally rockstar. I wonder what it runs on, though. Hopefully energy efficient/green fuel or electricity.

  2. atomic says

    Inducing a magnetic field strong enough to levitate a vehicle off the ground that high, while relying only on the natural iron in the rock underneath, is scientifically absurd on a number of levels.

    It’s energetically inefficient and functionally unnecessary–the whole point of maglev is to reduce frictional forces to permit high speed transit. You don’t need a small, relatively slow-moving passenger vehicle to levitate unless you want to exploit altitude–i.e., a true flying car which reduces traffic congestion by being able to make use of the space above the street.

    Making excuses like “oh, in the future, we’ll invent technology to make it happen,” fails to consider the basic physical principles that govern what is or is not reasonable.

  3. Charlie says

    The SA article hints that this isn’t a real video but doesn’t come rights out and say it. It looks fake to me. This is an interesting concept, however.

  4. NOSH says

    Atomic hit this on the head. I really hope towleroad steers clear of presenting Sci Fi like its 4 years to market. This car is totally possible, but the cost and engineering would be prohibitive. We might do better installing vacuum tubes over all the cities and letting people travel by capsule a la Aperture Science. It might be cheaper to buy a vehicle with jet engines that lets us lift off like harriers. There’s just no sense in this article. Its not like its presented as an implausible idea designed to promote wonder…

  5. NPH-DHP says

    The snippet is incorrect about having to use electromagnets, there is much better maglev technology that incorporates passive magnets called “Inductrack,” out of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, which has been proposed for an actually workable concept called SkyTran. @Atomic was right about not wanting slow, but small is good! That’s what I tell my dates, anyhow.

  6. anthony says

    adorable…but for myself where we live 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store – there appears no room for groceries or any shopping that might be done. Nor space for luggage.

    We’ll stick to the basic FORD.

  7. Donald says

    @Anita, you should visit as often as you visit

  8. Bobby says

    This came out a couple of months ago. It was a hoax. Looks cool, but it’s not real in the least bit.

  9. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    @Anita, what do you think “Volkswagen” means?

    And as alluded to by another poster, there is no “t” in “Natzi.” In German, the letter “Z” is pronounced more like “ts.”

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