1. Mark says

    Another brain-dead queen who only cares who only cares about being on the right side of social issues if it affects his ability to get paid. Next.

  2. Fenrox says

    No, no HI2U2, Who gives a damn what anyone thinks. Nobody, everybody. This is just an opinion from a youtube celebrity, in his medium (youtube). He is allowed to be right and wrong.

    Our job is to comprehend or retaliate and move on.

  3. atomic says

    Well, it was fairly obvious from the outset that he isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, if that viral video was any indication.

  4. Mike8787 says

    These videos remind us: ignorance is bliss. Wait for the video call to arms when Dodson actually butts heads with an area of the law that discriminates against him for being gay. I bet he won’t be so aloof then.

  5. Mark says

    Oblivious nellies like this are a dime a dozen in the gay community. It’s not like he’s anything special in that area either.

    Just another gay clown working every $terotype for the entertainment of the mainstream community.

  6. JJ says

    “hide yo kids, hide yo wife”

    Andrew, I trust that Towelroad belittles everyone’s accent by spelling their quotes phonetically, and that this isn’t racist derision specifically.

  7. redball says

    as one gay black man to my brother: QUEEN, PLEASE!

    someone educate her on the 1,100+ FEDERAL rights that opposite-sex married couples **automatically** get that we are still denied.

  8. redball says

    RICK, i dont follow his story much but, last i heard he made a *lot* of money from the song & subsequent work in california.

    food stamps? hardly, you race-baiting clown.

  9. says

    Now everyone will go and watch that sh*t of a video irrespective of whether they just go to dislike it or defile it but at the end of the day some other jerk would be born who thinks because this video has more views, it’s all kewl to make such videos and garner free and cheap publicity…eww.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    ” wasn’t aware Chick-fil-a accepts food stamps”

    Why don’t you visit the one near your trailer park residence to find out.

    Dodson has no knowledge of the Gay Civil Rights Movement and no knowledge of the Black Civil Rights Movement. He knows no Movements accept the kind he does in the bathroom.

  11. kit says

    “Lots of states”? Hmmm. We HAVE made some strides in gaining some civil rights, no thanks to people like this. We have fought so long and so hard to achieve what we have — and this fool just brushes that work aside as if it didn’t mean anything and as if he wasn’t beholden to everyone who worked (and continues to work) on his behalf. He needs to read some of our history, I would say.

  12. andrew says

    He is a total moron, however this is a free country, so he has the right to be a moron. We have freedom of speech and that gives other morons, like Rick, the right to post his racist remarks on this site.

  13. reality says

    people are paying attention to him, why? He made a fool of himself on TV and now he’s a “star” or something? I don’t get it. His words are meaningless.

  14. JJ says

    @Jerry, if you ridicule everyone’s accents, that’s one thing. If you reserve that treatment for people of particular races, then you’re following a double-standard based on eace. That’s racist. If you don’t want to be called out for racism, then don’t do racist things. What do you _me_ to do about it? I work with what people give me.

    “you race baiting moron”

    The word you’re looking for is uppity.

  15. Hylas says

    god, i’m getting old…what the hell was that? who the hell is he? why does anyone care what such an cretinous character thinks? all of these years of fighting the good fight and this is what we get?

  16. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Another victim of the public school system: that child never learned how to add 2 + 2.

    Here, Chick-Fil-A: lemme give you some of my money to help you keep me in my place.


  17. Kevin says

    He has provided me with countless hours of entertainment. He is truly one of the shining stars in the YouTube firmament. I am crushed by his gastronomical choices.

  18. Francis says

    Absolutely no self-respect. Not because he’s black, his accent, or “ghetto” or anything else, but because he has absolutely no care in the world who is out there doing direct harm to his livelihood. Unfortunately there are a lot of LGBT citizens out there, who are completely apathetic. As long as they got theirs, they don’t care about the battle. Luckily, he’s completely irrelevant, so his words are ultimately completely meaningless.

  19. johnny says

    This kind of story sets up a very tricky paradigm for everyone involved.

    Antoine represents the ignorance that comes from living in a very small bubble and therefore being perhaps oblivious to larger issues (education, gay rights, corporate gay bashing, etc.) and that’s probably fine for his neighborhood and himself.

    But then he’s thrown out to a larger world media stage and the trouble begins. If white people say ANYTHING that could be misconstrued or is actually derogatory (yet not racial) or even perhaps truthful, they’re racist. If black people say anything over-sensitive, they’re race bating. If he defends himself, simply more ignorance. If anyone defends him, they’re taking sides with Chick-fil-a. About the only people that can comment negatively without harm are other black people, which closes the conversation off to anyone else.

    It is a big mess, and I don’t mean Antoine. I’m not sure this planet is getting any better at all and the internet is not helping.

  20. Kelter says

    You would think a triple minority: FEMININE as hell, black AND gay would realize the hard efforts of our LGBT pioneers that enabled a society where he can be so…visible in being a triple minority, would fuel a passion within him to be involved in fighting for others civil rights. Instead, he chose to be a rather rancid Uncle Tom.

  21. YogurtCream says

    Guys, I don’t think he has a second grade education. I wouldn’t be surprised if he never even walked in a school. Let’s consider our source here…

  22. Yo Yo says

    This is why I HATE ghetto people. All of them think they are being sooo cute, but that act is gross. Stop speaking so loudly. Stop being so obnoxious. It’s NOT funny and it’s not cute.

    Oh, and it’s ASKED not AKSED.

  23. Yo Yo says

    This is why I HATE ghetto people. All of them think they are being sooo cute, but that act is gross. Stop speaking so loudly. Stop being so obnoxious. It’s NOT funny and it’s not cute.

    Oh, and it’s ASKED not AKSED.

  24. says

    I’m going to agree that generally speaking, ghetto “hood” culture just annoys me. I don’t find it nearly as entertaining or amusing as others seem to. I just see it as annoying. Save the ‘cultural characteristic’ it’s not. It’s an act you picked up from the street, and not everyone has to like it.

  25. IndieMusicFan says

    If you’re going to be an ignorant ghetto mess…be prepared to be called an ignorant ghetto mess.

    Put your race card away and look in the mirror. You wouldn’t be called an ignorant ghetto mess if you didn’t act like one!

  26. JoeSchmo says

    A gay guy who eats at Chik Fil A is like a chicken eating at Chik Fil A.

    “antoine Dodson” or whatever the heck your name is…you don’t deserve any of the rights our LGBT leaders in yesteryear worked so hard for. You deserve to live in Iran or Kenya and get a wake up call on the realities of what is wrong with being an ignorant gay man.

  27. Rita says

    He’s a self serving gay man who is a product of probably lots of homophobia around him, and to be “cool” and “accepted” he marches with the homophobes, instead of challenging them. In other words, a waste of space on our planet and annoying as hell!

  28. Julez says

    I wouldn’t expect anything different from a black man. Most black straight men are the most homophobic you will ever encounter. And most black gay men could not care less about gay rights, some actually rooting against it. They see gays attaining equality as a threat to them. That’s what happens when a demographic -like black people- becomes soooo insular that they ONLY care about their well being.

  29. Markt says

    He has developed notoriety and made some cash by being different. I think this was just a short-sighted and immature attempt at sustaining his cred as one who thinks for himself. Most of these comments could be made without the racist add-ons. It behooves us as victims of stereotypes to make that effort in solidarity.

  30. Caliban says

    Looking to Antoine Dobson for comment on current issues isn’t scraping the bottom of the barrel, it’s breaking through the barrel bottom into what’s underneath it.

    Has anyone asked the kid who got high on dental anesthetic what his thoughts about it are? What about that that girl who fell on the table while she was singing? Has she been consulted?

    I mean c’mon!

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