1. matt says

    wasn’t there already a tv remake starring lynn redgrave and vanessa redgrave? in the early 90s? didn’t see it but if i recall…

  2. Joey Y says

    I’m changing my vote. Rather than Helen Mirren as Jane, give me Angela Lansbury

  3. Steve D. says

    Madonna and Lady Gaga.
    The acting would be horrible, but the subtext delicious.

  4. Steven says

    Now that I think about it, the reason the original had such tension was the long-time feud between David & Crawford. So maybe the remake should cast Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie?

  5. ChristopherM says

    Just leave the film alone! There are seriously no new ideas left in Hollywood.

  6. K in VA says

    Remaking this movie is heresy! Leave it along, Hollywood, and just make yet another movie for adolescent males instead.

  7. Strepsi says

    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Of course it should not be touched or remade, and of course the remake will suck, but for the sake of argument who will make the best, most thrilling hot mess?

    Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn <– Death Becomes Her rematch Glenn Close and Anjelica Houston <– intense Alfre Woodard and Angela Bassett <— hot Sally Field and Jessica Lange <– revenge of the 70’s Oscar winners Cher and Barbra <– head-explodingly gay

  8. Joey Y says

    Thinking about it, Madonna might be a good choice as Jane to keep production costs down. She can bring in her old wigs from Truth or Dare…

  9. dc20008 says

    Meryl and Glenn

    Bacall and Lansbury

    Barbra and Meryl

    Fonda and Barbra

    Elaine Stritch and Angela Lansbury

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I can understand wanting to see the story played with different stars, but why rewrite it?

  11. Daniel says

    Agree with Daniel: VERY bad idea. Some works of art (and this is one of them) should be left alone.

  12. Paul R says

    Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. They’d likely enjoy a few fights.

    Agree that this is a terrible idea.

  13. kenn says

    The question is not “who”? The question is “How to stop it from happening”?

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    None of y’all could be casting directors.

    The obvious choice is RICK as Blanche Hudson and RATBASTARD as Baby Jane.

    It’s so obvious. RATBASTARD would love hitting a Black woman in the head with a hammer…or better yet, a Black queen. But I’m unavailable for the part of Elvira.

  15. dommy says

    Meryl Streep as Jane and Sigourney Weaver as Blanche. And please keep it set in the early ’60s. Oh, and to the person who suggested Vanessa Redgrave, wasn’t there a TV remake made during the ’80s that starred both Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave?

  16. Jeff Kurtti says

    The remake with Vanessa and Lynn Redgrave was rather good, and oddly forgotten.

    I had an acquaintence who had an absolute cow about the Jeff Bridges remake of “True Grit.” It seemed odd to have to explain to him that because they decide to remake a film does not mean they go out and burn the original. You can still watch the classic whenever you want to.

  17. VDUFFORD says

    I got it…
    Shirley MacLaine as…Jane
    Barbra Streisand as…Blanch
    They both have great old film footage needed for both roles. They could use corny dance footage for Shirley from ‘What a Way to Go’. As for Barbra ‘On a Clear Day’ white Cecil Beaton costume seduction scene with the rotating camera. Any thing in ‘Funny Girl’ gets my vote!

  18. Michael in Toronto says

    Unnecessary! A classic. And BD is perfection.

    The Redgrave sisters version was … disappointing — except for the worm sandwich.

    That being said: Faye Dunaway, baby Jane; Jane Fonda, Blanche. Which would never happen. Dunaway: no box office, Fonda: Blanche is a thankless role.

  19. Andreas says

    I was going to say Streep and Close but now I think Streep and Fonda would be AMAZING!

  20. FixItAgainTony says

    How about “Whatever Happened to Baby James?” Oh, the pairing possibilities are incredible.
    Tom “Blanche” Cruise/John “Jane” Travolta,
    John Glover/Tom Selleck,
    Scott Thompson/Rupert Everett,…

  21. says

    Matt’s right. There was a TV movie remake with the Redgrave sisters. It was not as bad as it may sound. They went back to the novel to write a new screenplay and it was on more of the thriller-y end of the spectrum than the campy one.

  22. AJ says

    I think this is a terrible idea. TERRIBLE. The one good thing remakes do is bring attention to the original and 99% of the time they are superior. For the sake of argument I tried to think of two actresses who have both the talent and the bitter hatred of each other that these two had. There is no one alive today that could fill either of their shoes. Though Judi Dench and Helen Mirren would be fun to watch.

  23. says

    There was a made-for-TV remake that starred Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave in the 1990’s. It’s hard to find but ocasionally pops up on amazon.

    That said, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench would be kind of brilliant.

  24. Jerry says

    Well, the Redgraves did have the “real-life sisters” vibe going on in their version. I think we need to veer more in the direction of “batshit crazy former child star.”

    Britney Spears, anyone? Or Lilo?

  25. Bianca says

    Um…this was already remade with the Redgrave sisters. Terrible, by the way, if you haven’t seen it.

  26. says

    It’s a shame Rue McClanahan died. Betty White could have been Jane and Rue… well, you get the idea.

  27. tominsf says

    Agreed: DO NOT REMAKE THIS MOVIE! I repeat: DO NOT REMAKE THIS MOVIE! The original cannot be bettered! Yes, there was a made-for-TV version starring the Redgraves, Lynn & Vanessa, and it was a DOG! Just continue making stupid movies for stupid adolescent boys! If you aren’t creative enough to come up with something NEW or something that hasn’t been filmed before, then GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS!

  28. Seattle Mike says

    You need a pair with some history of rivalry. How about Glenn Close and Faye Dunaway. Remember the Sunset Boulevard fiasco?

    Although to get the ages right, I like the Judi Densch/Maggie Smith pairing.

  29. Ricco says

    @JEFF KURTTI . . . While I think the remaking of iconic films is a tenuous business, when I heard that the Coen Brothers were remaking it with Jeff Bridges, I was elated.

    There is a Frasier episode where Frasier and Niles decide to stage a comeback for a Shakespearean actor they saw as young boys, but seeing the beloved actor through mature eyes realized what a terrible actor he was.

    That describes my memory of John Wayne. It was not until I became a man that I realized what a truly terrible actor he is, that the weight of his version of True Grit rested solely on his off camera persona. And that is why it worked.

    That he received an Oscar for the film particularly when pitted against a true acting talent like Peter O’Toole (or Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight in Midnight cowboy for that matter), was and is a travesty.

    Even Glen Campbell, an unseasoned actor, did a better job in his role as LaBoeuf than Wayne in his role as himself; so I knew that an actor’s actor like Jeff Bridges would vastly improve Wayne’s iconic portrayal.

    What I did not count on was the amazing Haille Steinfeld who held her own, not only with Matt Damon, but Jeff Bridges and Josh Brolin . . . nor the screenplay that was adapted, not from the earlier film, but the novel, and the incredible supporting talent assembled by the Coen brothers, with the mish-mash of accents and culture that was the Old west all acted to make a film that was so superior to the original that forever more when I think of the movie “True Grit” I will talking about Jeff Bridges.

    Sometimes, howbeit rarely, a remake is a gift.

  30. jaragon says

    The movie is not that good only the leading ladies make it memorable- Meryl Streep is an obvious choice he co-star Jessica Lange or Glenn Close.

  31. antisaint says

    Count me among the “BAD IDEA” crowd. The Redgrave version wasn’t *that* bad, but it was something I would never watch more than once, unlike the original, and it lacked the magic of the original. You can view the original as campy, but it was made with a straight face and it shows in the talent of Bette and Joan. Any remake could only be caricature.

    There is a drag version of this movie, however, called “Baby Jane?” starring Matthew Martin and J. Conrad Frank, which is an homage/parody and is much funnier than I expected it to be. It’s on Netflix Instant.

  32. Randy* says

    First, yes, there was a made-for-tv version in the 90’s with Lynn Redgrave as Jane.

    Second, you can’t improve upon perfection. Part of what made this movie work was the real-life rivalry of the two dames. This movie pitted the two of them against each other in a way that audiences had already imagined in their heads. However, it would appear that the script writers were in Bette’s corner seeing as how Blanche died on the beach, just moment away from an ice cream cone.

    I don’t know of any actresses we have today who are in this same situation, who are such rivals in the public eye. The tension between Davis and Crawford came from the era of studio players, when the studios “owned” you

    If they must do a remake, it has to be in black and white or in subdued color at least.

  33. Lady HaHa says

    Let’s see…
    – Madonna and Courtney Love
    – Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera
    – Cyndi Lauper and Nina Hagen
    – Lady GaGa and Katy Perry
    РBeyonc̩ and Rihanna
    – Cher and Tina Turner

  34. flypsyde says

    Jessica Lange as Jane.

    Tilda Swinton as Blanche.

    After her performance in “American Horror Story,” Lange has to be the front runner to play Jane.

  35. Tom says

    Dreadful idea, indicative of the paucity of true storytellers in a business built on deals, egos, and focus group marketing. That said, just for shits and giggles:

    Nancy Reagan as Blanche?
    Barbara Bush as Jane?
    Karl Rove as Edmund?
    Clarence Thomas as the maid?
    Randi Rhodes as the neighbor?
    with Jenna Bush in the BD Hyman role.

  36. Gray LeBlanc says

    This should DEFINITELY go to Jessica Lange as Baby Jane (because nobody can play crazy like her, evidence from Frances) & Meryl Streep as Blanche because these 2 ladies have been at each other’s throats their entire career. This would make for a GREAT culmination. I would also even prefer a Joan VS Bette adaptation with the 2 depicting their lives and hatred towards each other :-)

  37. Gray LeBlanc says

    This should DEFINITELY go to Jessica Lange as Baby Jane (because nobody can play crazy like her, evidence from Frances & American Horror Story) & Meryl Streep or Faye Dunaway (depending on how she still looks on camera but still drawing in her Cult Classic Appeal) as Blanche because these 2 ladies have been at each other’s throats their entire career. This would make for a GREAT culmination. I would also even prefer a Joan VS Bette adaptation with the 2 depicting their lives and hatred towards each other :-)