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Barbara Walters Discusses George Zimmerman Interview That Never Was: VIDEO


While Sean Hannity always had exclusive rights to George Zimmerman's first television interview, Barbara Walters was also supposed to have an interview with the man accused of shooting and killing 17-year old Trayvon Martin. That interview never happened.

According to Walters, she and her producers flew down to Florida to chat with Zimmerman, but the 28-year old had a demand they couldn't grant. Walters wouldn't say what that demand was — "It was a condition that, being a member of ABC News, I was unable to grant.” — but many speculate cash-strapped Zimmerman wanted ABC News to put him up in a hotel for a month.

Though she didn't get to conduct an official interview with Zimmerman, Walters did spend about an hour with him and describes him as "polite, soft-spoken and stubborn."

Watch Walters discuss the aborted interview mission AFTER THE JUMP.

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  1. Utopia, I love it that you think writing "period" after your post means anything. In the eyes of the courts he's innocent until proven guilty. I can judge all I want. He followed an unarmed man and shot him. Period.

    Posted by: Daniel | Jul 20, 2012 11:57:53 AM

  2. Not only that, Daniel, but Zimmerman himself acted as judge and jury. It's clear from the audio tapes. He'd already decided that Trayvon was "guilty" - that's why he took his gun and went against the orders of the police and pursued and shot him.

    Every non-racist non-@sshole on here knows that Zimmerman wanted to be a hero - be the local man who nabbed The Evil Black - local vigilante makes good, that sorta deal. It's clear from all the released information about him and his own sordid police histories.

    The man is scum.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Jul 20, 2012 12:07:42 PM

  3. Hell,if Trayvon had been WHITE, this wouldn't even be a story. Or if Trayvon had been the shooter, it would never had made the news.

    Posted by: Jim | Jul 20, 2012 3:53:03 PM

  4. "Hell,if Trayvon had been WHITE, this wouldn't even be a story."

    And George Zimmerman wouldn't have been sent home by the police the night of the killing--with his gun.

    "Or if Trayvon had been the shooter, it would never had made the news."

    Obviously, Trayvon didn't carry guns. He used his fists to protect himself.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jul 20, 2012 4:10:29 PM

  5. As soon as Zimmerman got out of his car, He, alone, is responsible for what happened.

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Jul 20, 2012 7:52:49 PM

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