1. Graphicjack says

    I thought this was common knowledge if not already confirmed. The movie “Velvet Goldmine” was clearly based a but on this relationship and the one Bowie had with Iggy Pop.

  2. Bayjo says

    I actually just finished reading a pretty fantastic Bowie biography by Paul Trynka called “Starman” that addresses — and puts the kibosh on — this rumor. It also calls into question Angie’s claim, as the book demonstrates a history of Angie making untrue and disparaging claims about Bowie after their relationship began falling apart.
    I’m not saying that just because one book said it wasn’t true that that’s the end of that story, its just that there’s another version of the facts out there that contradicts this one.

  3. The Polar Beast says

    This isn’t big news. The story I heard 30 years ago was that Mick’s wife at the time caught them heading up to the bedroom.

    People have to be reminded that in the early 70s, before Anita Bryant, was a time when it was acceptable for men to experiment with homosexuality. They could cross the line and cross back and it was OK.

    An example of this (call it supporting documentation) can be found in the book “Whatever Happened to the Class of 65.”

  4. MarkUs says

    “In a 1983 interview with Rolling Stone, Bowie said his public declaration of bisexuality was “the biggest mistake I ever made” and “I was always a closet heterosexual”.”

  5. Ken/ Chicago says

    I remember watching the Joan Rivers show on May 4th 1990 (I remember this because it was my boyfriends birthday and I was 17) She interviewed Angie Bowie who claimed she walked in on David and Mick and that she had some legal gag order for 10 years not to talk about it. I was so turned on by this story that ever since I bought everything I could that had to do with David Bowie. I still to this day would do anything for a chance meeting with David Bowie. And know every single song, cameo or feature he has done with film, music, and videos. I also remember an interview later with Micks ex wife Jerry Hall who has always denied this rumor to be true and said Angie was just trying grab on the curtails of everyone elses fame… also i think a few years later she was interviewed (can’t remember what show) and claimed that that she was just walking in to 2 naked men sleeping next to each other and that there wasn’t really a relationship between the 2 of them at all, just friendship. I also remember Mick being asked this question in an interview for a magazine (rolling stone maybe?)about wether or not it was true if Angie walked in on them. He said something like it was “complete rubbish.” The story of Ava Cherry walking in on them I never heard, BUT I do know she was a great back up singer for Bowie, and did live with them for a short time. I remember Bowie coming out as bisexual in Rolling Stone magazine in the late 90’s but the question of him and Mick never came up.I think what is happening here is that someone else in these rock stars pasts wants to cash in on an old rumor that has been debunked already.Shame on them. But if I’m wrong and this story of them having a sexual affair together are true then HOT DAMN! How amazing! I have always wished this to be true… Oh if only…

  6. Paul R says

    Yes, not exactly news because everyone heard this story 30 years ago. Angela Bowie is more than a bit nuts, though quite sweet. But she still goes by Bowie almost 40 years after their divorce, so she clearly has aspirations of grandeur.

  7. Ken/ Chicago says

    Real quick I’d like to make a correction of my statement in my post about David Bowies bisexuality in the 90’s I believe Markus is correct because I read that story too. But I did not read all of these stories until the late 90’s and had a friend with a Rolling Stone magazine collection of 20 years that I would spend days reading.

  8. Icebloo says

    How many times can this old news be brought out again and presented to the public as new news ? This is OLD.

    I have absolutely NO respect for David Bowie. He pretended to be bisexual just to create attention for himself and he used it for self promotion. Then, when he was famous he said he was not bisexual any more. This is the type of stupidity that damages our community. This is what makes people think we CHOOSE to be gay. He has damaged our community with his selfishness.

    Then I hear he is a big supporter of the new, right wing government in the UK which is not gay friendly and has introduced steps to take away healthcare, jobs, welfare benefits, pensions, halve some people’s wages and also tripled tuition fees.

    David Bowie has been famous and rich for too long. He’s out of touch with reality. He’s obviously only concerned about not paying any tax.

  9. Mike says

    Bowie has lived in NYC with Iman since the nineties, and when offered knighthood, he declined; I doubt he’s been very close to any English government.

    As for him playing around with gender and sexuality in the seventies, it hurt no one, looked cool… and was a lot of fun.

  10. Icebloo says

    @Mike Just because Bowie has lived in NYC it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have houses/financial interests back in the UK. You are very naive. These people have homes & investments everywhere.

    He has no morals. He’s all about money. This is the same person who sold shares in himself on the stock market.

  11. mike flower says

    “….and jet, i thought the major was a lady, suffragette , jet…”

    I was expecting the big bomb to have been the tryst ‘tween Paul McCartney & Bowie that inspired Paul’s song “Jet”.

  12. JimmyD says

    It’s pretty clear that ICEBLOO has some insight that he, or she, is not prepared to share. He, or she, writes so factual… without supplying any facts.

  13. Henry Holland says

    Mike (and others) maybe Icebloo is mis-remembering the incident when, during his “snort all of the cocaine in Peru” period, Bowie would busted out a “Sieg! Heil!” salute at a train station, plus he was quoted as saying that Britain would benefit from a fascist government.

    The moral: don’t snort a lot of cocaine.

  14. MichaelJ says

    @Markt: LOL
    @Iceblood et al.: While Bowie has made some great music, I tend to agree that most of his career has been about marketting himself without much affinity to any particular kind of music or performance. He’d probably be an opera singer at this point if he thought it would maximize the return on his investment and better satisfy his bondholders. (If I remember correctly, he sold bonds backed by his future earnings, not stocks in himself.)
    I do like the video, though I think Bowie’s singing and dancing come off as somewhat lame next to Jagger’s.

  15. jamal49 says

    Uh, this is so not news. Some of us knew about this decades ago. And, uh, it was met with the same reaction: So What? Followed by: eeeeewwwww!!

  16. anon says

    I was hoping the book had fresh insights, but they are not on display here.

    Bowie now calls gay sex “icky”, so he’s clearly trying to remake himself from the bi-brand of the 1970’s. Admittedly, androgyny works better when you are young.

  17. ratbastard says

    I think there’s a big difference between the Thin White Duke CHARACTER and the real David Bowie, always has been. I wouldn’t doubt that in addition to being a closet heterosexual Bowie is also a closet conservative. Ian Curtis of Joy Division was openly conservative/tory and bragged about voting for Margaret Thatcher. To people like Bowie and Jagger, it’s really all about the $. They didn’t become the icons they are today by accident or quirk, they both were and are driven human beings, who I’m sure had a vision of themselves and their future, and how to reach their goals before they became famous and successful in their fields. People I think have a habit of romanticizing and falling for the PR BS of the entertainment industry too much. Even more recently, Kurt Cobain was in reality not at all like the person the industry PR machine portrayed him as, and a lot of his past was was fictionalized. Even his physically small statute was exaggerated and he was in reality average height.

  18. Dback says

    Mick Jagger is a talented vocalist, but I’ve never understood anyone finding him remotely sexy. Quoth Joan Rivers: “He could French kiss a moose!”

    There are also rumors that Jagger had a brief fling with Eric Clapton in the late 60’s-early 70’s; too bad it wasn’t Clapton and Bowie, THAT would be hot. Still, if you watch the video for “The Sunshine Of Your Love,” there doesn’t seem to be a woman that the two male vocalists are singing to…

  19. Rog in L.A. says

    @Icebloo – I doubt you can come up with any facts to support your claims and you come off as sounding bitter. Bowie is a wonderful and talented musician that has given much to music. I had a close personal gay Bowie friend who recently died in a hospice of AIDS. Bowie personally sent him a couple of letters and cards to cheer him up during his last few days. That is NOT someone with no morals. So it’s you that is naive.

  20. Joe says

    What’s with all the dumb people writing “just shocking”,”really, who cares,” or “old news”. If you thought that, you wouldn’t have clicked on this article and then spent more time writing a snarky response. Stop, you’re lame. It’s just good gossip and leave it at that.

  21. Travis says

    This is old news…years ago on the Phil Donahue Jerry Hall (one of Micks ex wives and supermodel from Texas) told Mr Donahue she (Jerry Hall) walked in on Mick and David in bed together.

  22. DD says

    Bowie claiming to be gay in the early 70s was groundbreaking, and his willingness to be identified as a gay man did more for liberation and acceptance in the UK at least than anything else up to that point (he said he was gay before he said he was bisexual). So what if he lied about it? He was fluid with his sexuality in the late 60s and early 70s, and did sleep with men and women. It seems he stopped experimenting with his sexuality quite early on in the 70s – certainly by the time Ziggy was killed off in 1973. He is not on record as ever saying anything disparaging about gay people. His later comment about it being a mistake was in reference to how it hurt his commerciality in the US – not any moral standpoint.

    And aside from a cocaine induced identification with Nazim in the mid-70s (which is a pretty big exception to the rule, I grant you), Bowie has resolutely been apolitical, but with a tendency towards liberalism. Unlike Bono, he doesn’t wear his affiliations on his sleeve but that doesn’t mean he’s right-wing. He declined a knighthood because he doesn’t believe in those kind of honours – hardly the actions of a British conservative, at any rate.

    Oh, and it’s highly unlikely he slept with Jagger. This was doing the rounds when I first discovered Bowie, it got rehashed with Angie had her autobiography published, and I suspect the Mayans have plotted out all future points in which it will be mentioned.

  23. DD says

    @Ratbastard – I never said it did, I said Bowie said it did. I guess that was just his view on it, and perhaps he feels he has good reason.

    The US Ziggy tour often played in half-empty (or half-full) theatres. Post-Ziggy, Bowie felt he had to deal with the ‘issue’ of his sexuality in a lot of interviews with American journalists. Maybe those things contributed to his perception his claims made it harder to crack America.

  24. Isadora says

    Il n’y avait rien de plus terriblement beau et d’aussi merveilleusement sexy que Mick et Bowie…et j’espère bien mon dieu qu’il en ont profité autant qu’ils l’ont pu, qu’ils se sont mélangés dans un tourbillon d’étoiles aveuglantes …et j’espère qu’aujourd’hui ce souvenir les trouble encore, qu’ils s’enflamment quand il y pensent et sourient avec beaucoup de mélancolie en se remémorant ces moments enivrants….Love affair between BOWIE and Jagger…oh! thousand million times Yesssssssssssssssssss…Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. says

    Neither Jagger nor Bowie were porn material in the prime of their youth, so this neither adds nor subtract from their capital as individual rock legends. I’m ok with this story not being true even if it is.

  26. veggiedude says

    I think its a load of rubbish. It dates back to the early 70’s when Jagger was on a 40ft billboard with the words “I’d do it with Bowie” or something to that effect. Just nonsense, but even if it were true – so what?

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