Breaking: ‘NY Times,’ Hollywood Surprised To Learn Gay Men Like ‘Magic Mike’


The New York Times has cracked the story of the century: gay men enjoy a movie featuring hot men taking off their clothes.

From today's edition.

…Interviews around the country indicated that gay men have been flocking to “Magic Mike” in numbers not seen since the release of “Brokeback Mountain” in 2005. But unlike that film, about two cowboys in love, there’s nothing explicitly gay about “Magic Mike.” Unless you count muscled men thrusting their pelvises without pants. That was enough for Bill Venne and his friends.

“Let’s be honest: it’s men taking their clothes off,” said Mr. Venne, 49, who lives in Minneapolis and saw “Magic Mike” on Sunday with 16 gay men and one straight woman.

Sue Kroll, president for worldwide marketing for Warner Brothers Pictures, said the studio coordinated a “well-concentrated and tailored” campaign intended to capture gay moviegoers’ attention. The demographic wasn’t part of the studio’s initial marketing push, but that quickly changed, Ms. Kroll said, once it became clear there was interest among gay men.

"Once it became clear"? So, Hollywood was also caught off guard by the gay love? Maybe they don't understand what "gay" means?