Breaking: ‘NY Times,’ Hollywood Surprised To Learn Gay Men Like ‘Magic Mike’


The New York Times has cracked the story of the century: gay men enjoy a movie featuring hot men taking off their clothes.

From today's edition.

…Interviews around the country indicated that gay men have been flocking to “Magic Mike” in numbers not seen since the release of “Brokeback Mountain” in 2005. But unlike that film, about two cowboys in love, there’s nothing explicitly gay about “Magic Mike.” Unless you count muscled men thrusting their pelvises without pants. That was enough for Bill Venne and his friends.

“Let’s be honest: it’s men taking their clothes off,” said Mr. Venne, 49, who lives in Minneapolis and saw “Magic Mike” on Sunday with 16 gay men and one straight woman.

Sue Kroll, president for worldwide marketing for Warner Brothers Pictures, said the studio coordinated a “well-concentrated and tailored” campaign intended to capture gay moviegoers’ attention. The demographic wasn’t part of the studio’s initial marketing push, but that quickly changed, Ms. Kroll said, once it became clear there was interest among gay men.

"Once it became clear"? So, Hollywood was also caught off guard by the gay love? Maybe they don't understand what "gay" means?


  1. patrick says

    It’s not exactly a feather in the cap of the gay male community that it would still want to attend a movie that is explicity and totally geared toward heterosexual women in both its storyline and extremely tame stripping scenes. The “attention” that was paid by the movie studio to the community was basically an afterthought toward gullible people apparently so lacking in visual stimulation that they would subject themselves such humiliation.

  2. George F says

    If a movie about male strippers is de-gayed like I understand this one is: I am not paying a ticket for it!

  3. QJ201 says

    Must be too many straight execs at WB…and hollywood has a short term memory.

    30 plus years ago, women and gay men flocked to “american gigalo” because Richard Gere had a full frontal nude scene.

  4. Chad says

    Having had a lot of experience with marketing departments, this doesn’t surprise me.

  5. Chadd says

    @Patrick: Given your review of the “storyline and extremely lame stripping scenes” it sounds as though you too were amongst the “gullible people” you are passing judgement on. But if you didn’t see the movie, then you aren’t really qualified to provide a review or critique of the people who saw it.

  6. Blake says

    I must be one of the “weird” gay men who is not going to see Magic Mike.

    When I read about the lack of “gay content” and the “tame” stripping scenes, I lost all desire to see this movie.

    Plus Matt Bomer has barely any screen time apparently, so I will not even go to see it in support of him.

    It is unfortunate that so many gay men felt the need to watch this movie, because it allows Hollywood to continue excluding us and avoid alienating some straight viewers, since we will watch for scraps anyway.

  7. kevin says

    Matt had a lot of Screen TIme…not as much as Channing or the younger guy but he had significant time. Joe had less to do than Matt.

    Just love that “oh i wouldn’t see such a movie” yeah…kinda like i wouldn’t watch porn type right?

  8. MrJ says

    What a bunch of self righteous sissies you all are. Commenting about a movie you didnt see and acting like you know something about it. I saw it with my partner and it was surprisingly good. There isnt as much strippng as you think there will be and its paced pretty well. Its not brilliant, but Soderbergh is an awesome director and he doesnt do much wrong. Channin Tatum’s nakedness is not a detractor, either. Since when does every movie need a gay storyline in order to be watchable? Seeing the very openly gay Matt Bomer costarring in it was good enough for me. Plus, it DID have an LGBT storyline, and if any of you had watched it you would know that…and then youd qualify to review this. You guys need to take a Midol for you lady cramps and stop the attidtude.

  9. Fenrox says

    Is this like a new trend? A huffington post thing? I keep noticing that bloggers “report” these stories half read, or half comprehended. It is not news to Hollywood, they very specifically targeted gay men, how did that not come across? The article’s tone could suggest, to someone not really reading it, that they didn’t know it would be a hit with gays, BUT YOU QUOTED THE PART WHERE THEY MENTION THAT THEY TARGETED GAY PEOPLE.

    Maybe I am the only one annoyed by reading an article only to find that it was a total waste of time. I don’t like this sensationalist twist where you infuse some sort of humor or drama into the headline for page clicks. Try bringing on a blogger who can write classy opinionated columns from some point authority to fill space when you need clicks. This is just the equivalent of spam.

  10. Alex says

    I thought the movie was garbage. I was disappointed by the lack of Bomer in the film and the terrible acting done by the “love interest.” I felt it was filled with cliches.

  11. gregory brown says

    Does this confirm the Right contention that Hollywood is “out of touch with America”?

  12. Josh says

    I watched it. The story had some problems (they cut some of Pettyfer’s scenes because he was a diva on set). He was the main co-star but towards the end his story fizzles.

    The ass scenes were great though. I think the DVD is suppose to contain extended versions of the stripping scenes.

  13. jason says

    This was a nonsense piece from the New York Times – absolute nonsense. It’s pure political pandering to suggest that “the gays” like Magic Mike. It’s also arrogant of the New York Times to claim to know what “the gays” like. Flush the New York Times – it’s garbage.

    As for Magic Mike, it was basically about men stripping for women. There were no men in the audience watching the male performers strip. There were no gay male relationships. I suspect the producers didn’t want it to look “too gay” to Johnny Jock and his twit cheerleader girlfriend.

  14. says

    In Pittsburgh, I was the one and only man — gay or otherwise — in the sold out theater.

    In response to the haters: It was a fun movie! It was awful in many parts, the plot was weak, but man…when those clothes came off, the whole theater went wild with cheering. I haven’t had that much fun at the movies since opening night of Snakes on a Plane.

    Lighten up.

  15. says

    Kind of a diary-like reality approach to the story, Tatum is charming and funny, Matthew McC is dynamic and sleazy. They downplayed the apparently gay nature of McC’s character, but it feels like he has more than a business interest in his strippers.

    Some bisexuality (lesbian)

    watchable. funny. fellini-esque by way of construction and visualization

    and some stupid characters, like the gay, puffy, latino DJ who seems to be there to remind everyone at home that the real men in the story, the good looking ones, all like girls. Because you know, this is what gay guys look and act like. Except maybe the boss, and except maybe the guy that wants to share his wife…

    Feels tampered with, and soderberg may have been experimenting with using actors script-free, meaning you take the starting and ending points of a scene and let them make up the middle to get a more realistic interaction. Works sometimes. If that is what he was doing here, or had to do, then it did not quite work. Whilke the kid’s sister is good as a controlling freak, she is not so good at chemistry with Tatum, who is so adorable you’d have to work at it to not fall into synch with him. Maybe there is a lack of respect for him since he actually was a stripper…

  16. mikeflower says

    Wait a homo-mo. Didn’t John Travolta, allegedly, claim that Hollywood was run by “the gayz” How could they not have initially marketed this film to its #1 fan base?

  17. Will says

    Channings “team” has always focused on two groups…the young girls and the gays. The strategy is clear…If you have them you have success. Nuf said.

    The pandering to “the gays” is evident.

  18. Rob says

    Of course they market to the gays- it was marketed on this site! And you know what? I’m fine with that. This movie was too uber gay. There was plenty of male affection, sweat, muscles, music, drama. No same gender affair / coming out memes (which bore me) but still much to interest us. I thought Tatum was brilliant. Plot was fine by me and not as clunky as people describe it here. (MAN, we’re a bitchy bunch!)

    A fun night at the movies and a welcome break from the usual hollywood drivel. If every gay / bi /questioning man in America sees this, there will be more geared toward us- you watch.

  19. anon says

    Is there not enough porn online? Going to the movie seems like a lot of extra work.

  20. FunMe says

    My 2 sisters in San Antonio went to see the movie last week and said there were only about 3 men in the theater.

    For me, I’m not interested in the seeing the movie in the big screen. I’ll wait until it streams on Netflix or is available for $1 at Redbox. Maybe. Only to see Joe. 😉

  21. stevenelliot says

    my partner wants to go see this vapid piece of artistry. I said only if they show everyones butt and I want to see real bulges. outlines, stiffies, glans stretching fabric…..not mounds that may have been airbrushed to be palatable to mainstream females

  22. jakeinlove says

    For so many gay men here the ‘serious’ discussion about Magic Mike is a little embarrassing.

    Magic Mike should be taken at face value for a fun romp with some hot looking bodies. If you were looking for more than that you probably take yourself too seriously.

  23. Zeke says

    Anyone who says that there isn’t any gay content in Magic Mike must have been asleep when Matthew McConaughey teaches Alex Pettifer how to strip in front of the mirror. It doesn’t get any gayer than that. Was this great cinema? No. Was it fun? YES!

  24. Hollywood, CA says

    LIES – lol – They knew, they just didn’t want to say that it was for gay guys as well, so they didn’t piss off the religious right. The end. Thanks WB!

  25. Hollywood, CA says

    PS – That movie rocked! Saw it opening night with a theater filled with gay guys and girls, and everyone had a great time! People were clapping along with the movie, which was fun and beautifully shot. Go see it with your friends, it’s a good time!

  26. says

    havent’ seen it, will check it out on dvd.

    but for what’s it worth, i used to get the same “thrill” this article is talking about from old gene kelly musicals.

    who needs porno when you’ve got Anchors Aweigh, eh? 😉

  27. jamal49 says

    I’m a fan of Channing Tatum and I like male strippers and I like that Mr. Tatum does not deny how he got his “start” in show business and that he made a movie based on that and so far three women friends have seen it and they enjoyed it even if there were some lame story parts but I never felt I’d go see this and maybe I’ll wait until it’s on cable or something.

    But, at least Channing Tatum was able to make a film and several hunk actors got parts in it and dozens of people were employed for however long it took to film so that’s a good thing.

    The bad thing is that here on Towleroad everyone’s a critic because of course they’re out there sticking their necks out and doing great things instead of just sitting on their dumb gay asses at their computers writing about sh*t they know nothing about but feel compelled to let everybody know that THEY won’t go see ‘Magic Mike’ and yet give an opinion about the film anyway.

    A huge collection of d*cks here today. Or, as my beloved, earthy, vulgar Grandma used to say: “opinions are like @$$holes, everybody’s got one and only @$$holes think that people really care what their g*ddam opinion is anyway.”

    Ease up, girls. It’s just a movie. Now, get back to work.

  28. Charcus says

    goddamn this film is the most overhyped crap in years, to me it looks like a very boring, dreary movie. I never like Tatum, never have and probably never will either and the rest of them i don’t know. Who’s the guy on the far left of that picture, that passes for hot these days, he looks like he should be on his Harley yelling profanity to women.
    Thanks but i will wait until the torrent comes out, at least then i can simply fastfoward to the stripping scenes.

  29. Don says

    I said to my husband after seeing it 2 nights ago that the *primary* reason Bomer was cast is because he is openly gay, and that will help attract a gay audience. I never thought it would have gay content (and in my opinion, it doesn’t) – so I wasn’t expecting much. Some hot scenes, some funny scenes, but mostly it is a mess. I don’t think it is worth seeing without an audience (so if you are going to see it, try and see it soon while there are still a reasonable number of people in the seats). If you are just going to wait for a DVD, there are far better soft-core things to watch.

    I am quite honestly shocked at the rather high ratings critics are giving it. It just didn’t work for me.

  30. Blake says

    I just said that I would not watch it because of the minimal stripping scenes, the lack of screen time for Matt Bomer and the absence of gay content.
    No opinion was made about the movie in general.
    It just seems like something better watched on blu-ray to avoid the “story line”.

  31. jaragon says

    It’s a movie about good looking young men taking off their clothes…what kind of gay man would ever want to see that?!

  32. jmg says

    I agree with Jake. It is embarrassing that gay men are talking so seriously about this movie.

  33. andrew says

    Just to look at the beauty of Channing Tatum, it was worth the admission price