1. torentprime says

    This is why I’m gay. Right here.

    Kidding of course, but – I remember seeing these guys in the 84 Olympics as a kid and having feelings I didn’t know what to do with.

  2. terry says

    torentprime, I know what you mean. I remember seeing the 1984 mens team with Gaylord, Vidmar, Conner, and Daggett (I forget the other two but maybe it’s because these guys medaled individually). I hope the 2012 team is able to medal!

  3. TampaZeke says

    I watch that and for the life of me I can’t understand how any man could be straight or any woman could be gay. Kidding of course but just barely!

    It sure makes it clear to me where I stand on the Kinsey scale!

  4. Kevin says

    I remember as a 13 year old watching Alexei Nemov showboating on the floor in the post-competition “exhibition” night they usually do. This was Atlanta, I believe. He pulled the top of his unitard down and did his floor routine topless, the whole time smiling and posturing for the crowd. There was no question at that moment that I loved men. Such hotness. I do prefer women’s gymnastics as a sport, though.

  5. gr8guya says

    The only problem: they are all tiny. Very short. Sort of mini-perfection. Or, one could say, great things in a small package.

  6. DRoseDARs says

    They may be tiny, but I’d let them pommel my horse any day of the week. Eh? Eh? Anyone…?

    I’m sorry, I’ll stop now.

  7. Solomon says

    Is it just mee or are promotional music choices getting better? Rustie makes proper bangers and it’s good to see him getting attention.

  8. Calvin says

    Shamelessly, I admit that I enjoy watching Men’s Gymnastics in Olympics because of these boys. Who could possibly resist the breattaking show of these men flexing their muscles to the max? Once every 4 years, it is worth waiting. Good luck to these hunky athletes. I hope they win big.

  9. bandanajack says

    they are all gorgeous of course, but leyva is smoldering hot and he knows it. there are iphone self pics circulating topless to the pubes, and in one he’s doing the porn lip lick, i swear on my mothers grave. if he isn’t family, i’ll be VERY surprised.

  10. says

    The Summer Olympics are finally here!… and sales of lube will be skyrocketing. Now if only somebody other than NBC were doing the U.S. coverage. GAWDS! If their utter FAILure covering the opening ceremonies is an example of what we’re in for I’ll skip the whole damned televised broadcast and wait for the print news to cover it.
    As for this “tribute”, the video was a middling creation and the music… let’s just say that Mommie Dammit is very happy there’s a MUTE button. Bad enough when you start off with ripping off Lord of the Rings soundtrack, but then follow up with some nasty, boring, repetitive, computer-generated loop? How long did this take to put together? 5 minutes?

  11. jaragon says

    Has anybody else notice that the very sexy Leyva and porn star Damien Crosse look alike? They both share the hot cubano gene…

  12. andrew says

    Jake Dalton should get a gold medal just for looking so perfect. If Narcissus looked half that good, no wonder he couldn’t get away from that pond.

  13. MrRoboto says

    Do I get to be the one who adds the fact that Danell Leyva’s dad is hot as hell too? Watching that burly silver fox rooting on his son was almost as fun as watching the athletes compete.

  14. andrew says

    What does Jake Dalton see when he looks in the mirror? Seriously. He can’t possibly see what we see when we look at him or he would never leave the mirror. He is perfection. I think even straight guys, if they are being honest, will admit that.