Chilean President Signs Hate Crime Bill into Law Three Months After Gay Man’s Brutal Death at Hands of Neo-Nazis

A little more than three months after the death of Daniel Zamudio, who was beaten, stabbed, burned, and branded with a Swastika by a gang of neo-Nazis in March and died days later in a hospital, Chile's President Sebastian Pinera signed a hate crimes bill into law which had languished in the country's legislature for seven years, the AP reports:

Daniel_zamudio"Without a doubt, Daniel's death was painful but it was not in vain," Pinera said at a press conference joined by Zamudio's parents.

"His passing not only unified wills to finally approve this anti-discrimination law but it also helped us examine our conscience and ask ourselves: have we ever discriminated someone? … After his death we'll think twice, thrice or four times before we fall prey to that behavior."

Four suspects, some with criminal records for attacks on homosexuals, have been jailed in Zamudio's killing. Prosecutors are seeking murder charges.

Said Gay Liberation and Integration Movement President Rolando Jimenez to the AP: "This law is a giant leap toward creating tools that can prevent and punish discrimination. There's still a lot to be done and we need the institutions to enforce it."


  1. I hate gays says

    How is it that so-called third world countries can do the right thing and ban discrimination yet in the United States, the so-called bastion of freedom and liberty and diversity, all of our republican candidates and presidents go around hating on gays, oppose hate crime laws, and call homosexuality a disease?

  2. topher says

    To the guy above: it’s not like we have a monolithic government. The president is right wing here, but only in economic issues. In everything else, this guy is non-ideological, and by doing this he’s shown to care for minorities, which is great. You should read the stuff the right wing congressmen say here, it’s simply appalling!

  3. Mike says

    Some countries are rational about protecting their people and they are not controlled by rich Christian groups like the Catholics and Mormons and Evangelical Christians who are not rational about protecting minorities like Chile. In fact the above religions are spending millions on a regularly to stop gay marriage and equal rights for LGBT people in America.

  4. Lance says

    Maybe because the definition of “third world” is a ridiculous U.S.-centric ideology that was carried over from the cold war.