1. jk says

    We know the description. Its DC afterall. I checked the FB site of the guy that was attacked. His quote is about how he doesn’t want a dime of government money and wants to keep his guns. blah blah. I think he has cost the government a lot more than a dime so far from this incident

  2. says

    “he has no health insurance”

    lines like this read as primitively barbaric to us non-Americans.

    it’s still mindblowing to me that millions of Americans have no problem whatsoever with having a humanity-insulting system of “healthcare” that is about filling the bank accounts of execs, not helping those who need medical care.

    “hey, sorry you got attacked, we’re gonna need to stitch you up and set a cast and blah blah blah, oh, what’s that? no insurance? hope you have a few thousand dollars to spare, because making you pay lots of money after this violent attack isn’t adding insult to injury or anything”…..


  3. Rick says

    @JK So why not reveal the description? Why the avoidance on the part of all the media outlets, including this one?…..who did the same thing with the Louisville attack recently. Why, when releasing physical descriptions of perpetrators or such crimes is routine procedure in an attempt tp identify them?

    We all know why, don’t we?

    And are you seriously going the extra PC mile and trying to attack the victim?


  4. ratbastard says

    Little Canadian,

    PLEASE STFU about stuff you really don’t understand. And yes, we all know Canada and Canadians are superior to Americans. We get it.


    D.C. is indeed a dangerous city. At one point it was averaging 500[!] murders a year, in a city slightly smaller than Boston, which peaked in 1990 at around 175 murders. I’ll leave it at that, to say more will only get some people’s panties in a bunch.


    So he owns guns. Bug deal. Too bad he didn’t have one on him and use it, he and his B.F. might be OK. The police didn’t stop their assault, did they? No, they didn’t. I guess some people have no problem being poor little victims and they want everyone else to be likewise as passive.

    If anything, gay people of all people, should be armed. I know, I know, I’m making ‘progressives’ cringe and sneer.

  5. Rick says

    @Danswon 90% of attacks like this on gays are perpetrated by blacks. But the politically correct media, including the politically correct gay media, try to cover it up because they don’t want to acknowledge the pervasive homophobia(and racism) of blacks, as it interferes with their mythological notion that all minorities are “on the same side” and that one should never blame anybody who is not white for perpetrating any crime on someone who is.

    Just as they try to cover up the fact that blacks vote in overwhelming numbers to defeat any gay rights initiative and are usually in the front lines of the opposition when such measures are being considered by any legislative body…and are basically the most homophobic group in society, by far.

    It’s all about perpetuating a lie.

    Note that Kiwi, the biggest PC hack on this board, who normally would be all over this as a “hate crime” instead tries to divert attention from it (which would entail acknowledging the race of the perpetrators) by talking about health insurance coverage.

    What a joke.

  6. Disgusted American says

    Maybe i don’t understand because I live in England but what are you two implying?

    Posted by: DanSwon | Jul 24, 2012 11:42:12 AM

    I think he’s Implying THEY were Black….cause, DC is majority black….funny how No mention at all of the pwerpetrators???>

  7. says

    Dear Trolls, it’s not my fault you’re such cowards that you need to live vicariously though an anonymous internet handle. Keep it up, you’ll eventually die in your closets and nobody will care.

  8. ratbastard says

    @Little Canadian,

    Can’t you answer any legitimate question without resorting to personal insults? We aren’t talking about closeted gays and only tangentially about healthcare, for which your knowledge of how the U.S. heathcare system works is lacking.

  9. AJ says

    Does anyone else want one of these attacks to get turned on the attackers for once? WHEN are these jerks gonna pick the wrong gay people to mess with and get their a55es handed to them? We’ve all seen those huge muscle dudes at the gym. Try messing with one of them.

  10. says

    Hey Rick, are you ready to provide the URL to show us all what a strong manly empowered masculine Out gay male role model you are, or are you still just here to anonymously comment because you never got over the fact that your father was ashamed to call you his son?

    😀 just curious.

    and yeah, as a Canadian, what struck me most about this was the insulting reality that a victim of violence is expected to pay massive hospital bills if they’re “not covered”

    what sort of barbaric nation of selfish @ssholes supports a system like this?

  11. ratbastard says

    Once again Little Canadian, you’re making numerous ignorant assumptions based on things you’ve read posted online, some of which are false or half truths.



    Many of those muscle dudes are really big p*ssies. I’m serious. The toughest guys I’ve ever dealt with in my life have been often physically small and/or thin-skinny.

  12. says

    prove it, troll(s). stop using the internet as a burqa. stop being upset that you’re not man enough to put a face to your comments. it’s not the fault of anyone but yourselves that you’re such cowards.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    I hope both young men recover quickly and completely.

    Rick and Ratbastard thrive on stories of black on white crime in America. They love it. It reaffirms their belief in their racial superiority.

    If I can be the victim of violent crime in a big city then why the hell shouldn’t Rick and Ratbastard? What’s so special about them that they should be immuned to big city violent crime?

    You reap what you sow.

    Our country has allowed generational poverty to go on decade after decade. And that generational poverty affects a larger percentage of Black Americans than White Americans. And poor people living in poor circumstances are more prone to resort to violence. Liberals have been saying this for 150 years. It was true with poor Whites of American big cities in the past, and it’s true for inner city poor Blacks today.

    You reap what you sow.

  14. endo says

    LMAO at Ratbastard chastising one commenter for making assumptions. And then directly following it with assumptions.

    Are the little equal marks supposed to represent where you turn into a hypocrite?

  15. Rick says

    “Does anyone else want one of these attacks to get turned on the attackers for once? WHEN are these jerks gonna pick the wrong gay people to mess with and get their a55es handed to them?”

    Trust me, if the victims, who are white, had shot their black attackers in self-defense, the NAACP would completely ignore the facts and would jump on it immediately as a white-on-black “hate crime” (a la Travyvon Martin)…..and some of these twisted Far Left gay ideologues like Kiwi would no doubt find some twisted means of agreeing with them….and would turn on the gay men who had been attacked.

    That is how sick some of these people are.

    I just hope that justice is done some day and they find themselves victims in an attack like this and the rest of us have an opportunity to turn a cold shoulder to them. That is about the only way they are ever going to learn their lessons, obviously.

  16. WHAT? says

    Waiting for PAULR to say this couple should move to a bigger city where these things are less likely to happen….err, wait a minute! You mean these things happen in major cities too?

    RICK: Quit your race baiting. At this point, you don’t know anything.

  17. says

    Rick, it’s not my fault nor the fault of liberals or members of the black community that the only time your father ever touched you was when he felt like some good old-fashioned molestin’.

  18. Rick says

    Typical Leftist Ideologue effeminates who defend blacks because they resent being real men. And my father never molested me, it was entirely consensual and I loved every minute of it. Except for the fact that he made me dress up in drag when we’d have sex, which is entirely the fault of you stereotypical effeminate feminist sissies.

  19. Jack says

    @Derrick: so what’s the solution? Give away everyone else’s money so nobody is poor? Not exactly a workable game plan.

    @Kiwi: Have your little troll wars all you want with Rick. But to make ANY joke about child abuse is beyond any bounds of human decency. I knew you were obnoxious, but I still never expected that from you. You are a disgrace, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for that.

  20. Rick says

    @Derrick Then why don’t you move to Haiti or Nigeria or some other such thriving place where you can enjoy the benefits of affluence and social tranquility that results when such high-potential people are freed from the constraints put on them and can rule themselves?

    By the way, this was a HATE CRIME, not motivated by “poverty”, as the attackers did not take anything of value from the victims. Pure unadulterated hate, undoubtedly motivated as much by race as by homophobia, as much black homophobia is.

  21. says

    Well, the reality is that gunviolence is not because of “lack of morals” – it’s about desperation, and the realities of socioeconomic divide.

    this, of course, is ignored by people who cling to their guns from the safety of their (white) gated communities, and those who profit from privatized-prisons.

    we have a culture where one cannot live and provide on a minimum-wage paying job. we have people working multiple crappy jobs to barely make ends meet who are then not around to take care of their own children.

    you can’t support a system that keeps people poor and destitute and then wonder why there’s still crime

  22. jk says

    i dont know how this descended into a racial rant. as l posted earlier, his FB side (check it out), said he didnt want a dime of govt money. He is self sufficient. So why give him money? the majority of gay bashed victims get no media attention. If they have no insurance, no one is going to be Pay Paying them donations.

  23. PaulR2 says

    “you can’t support a system that keeps people poor and destitute and then wonder why there’s still crime” Why not? Societies that go far out of the way to make sure people aren’t poor and destitute (Norway, for example) still have crime, some of which is quite horrific.

    You go on and on about the wonders of Canada, but exactly how many life changing medicines or surgical procedures have been developed by the Canadian healthcare system? Can you name one off the top of your head? Can you even name one after 20 minutes on google and wikipedia? This guy who was attacked was exercising his freedom of choice to take a risk and not pay for health insurance, when he clearly could have. The American healthcare system has issues, but your smug sneering is completely unwarranted.

  24. Francis says

    The DC/Baltimore area is very, very dangerous in general, and especially for LGBT individuals. DC has, I believe, the highest hate crime rate in America, with no signs of slowing down. I know gay men who have moved from the area to Richmond (my city) to get away from the crime. High gay populated big cities like San Fran, Austin, or Seattle, for example, tend to have lower hate crime percentages but that isn’t true for DC. Remember DC is the place where there was an anti-gay shooting at an IHOP and a stabbing of a 16 year old child.

    The place where this couple walked is an AWFUL area. The cabbie getting completely lost is sort of inexcusable, he should know his routes and where to be in the city. The cabbie is partially responsible for putting Michael and Michael in harms way.

    Very cute couple; very tragic attack. Hopefully the savages are caught and taken off the streets, and everyone should give a little donation to help Michael and Michael with their medical bills. They’re going through a lot with their house also recently having burned down, and it would be good for them to see that there are a lot of people out there who care for them.

  25. Derrick from Philly says

    ‘Derrick: so what’s the solution? Give away everyone else’s money so nobody is poor? Not exactly a workable game plan.”

    They said the same thing to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He made it “exactly workable” and brought millions of White Americans out of poverty and into the middle class through government intervention. And Democrats should never back away from that legacy.


    let me ask you something: do you honestly believe that some drunken White fraternity brothers couldn’t commit the same type of attack on a Gay couple?

    And your figure of “90% of attacks on Gays come from Blacks” is more than questionable. Where’d you get that figure?

    I was watching MSNBC’s “Lock Up” a few weeks ago. I thought of Rick and Ratbastard (aint that a damn shame–thinking of those two on a Saturday night).

    There was a young White guy from West Virginia being featured. He was talking about how he, his father, his uncles, his grandfather had all been through the state prison system. And it occured to me that Ratbastard and Rick NEVER speak about White criminals–it’s as though they don’t exist. Only Black criminals excite them to what seems to be orgasmic levels. Oh, they come alive!!!

    What this young West Virginia offender seemed to have in common with Black offenders is generational poverty. You have poverty and no hope of overcoming it– you’re going to have to deal with violent crime.

  26. says

    it’s “unwarranted” to sneer at a system that says “Hey, sorry about your daughter’s leukemia, but hey, it’s your own fault for not being able to pay for her treatments”?

    you’re disgusting.

    healthcare should not be a system run for profit.

  27. John M says

    Cat fight between Kiwi and Rick aside… (seriously guys, get a life)

    This attack happened just blocks from my house and I’m sending positive thoughts and vibes to the victims of this attack. DC has made lots of progress over the years in terms of crime, but this goes to show that gays can’t be too careful in the city.

    These kinds of attacks seem to be happening in “up-and-coming” areas like Eckington, Truxton Circle, and Columbia Heights where gentrification is changing the neighborhood demographics drastically.

  28. ratbastard says


    I’m not a racist and don’t believe I’m superior to other so-called races. So spare me the usual race card. It’s BS.

    And no, I don’t ‘thrive’ on stories about black violence in the inner city, or racially motivated or hate crimes committed by black defendants. What does p me off is how even in 2012, some still try to cover up or defend the shear scope of this ‘problem’. It’s a very real ‘problem’, Derrick, and MANY people get hurt and are even murdered by this ‘problem’ that our society refuses to address because it involves race.

    The crazy guy in Colorado murdered what 11-12 people and shot others, correct? Does this kind of incident happen daily/ No, it doesn’t, in fact so-called spree killings, mass killings, even serial killings are statistically pretty rare, not unusual but rare, which is why they get so much publicity. How many people have been shot, stabbed, beaten, murdered in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, D.C., Philly, Baltimore, Oakland/S.F., Miami, etc. over the past 6 months, Derrick? MANY, hundreds, and it will end up at the end of the year being THOUSANDS with all ‘urban’ areas combined. And I’m sorry, but young black males commit a hugely disproportionate amount of murders and violent crimes, way out of proportion to their actually percentage of the population. This is just a simple fact which has been true my entire life. Some people seem to think it’s off limits to mention or discuss, and accuse those who of being ‘racist’. Using the race card is one of the last refuges of a scoundrel.

  29. CANUCK says

    PAULR2: while Little Kiwi does come across as smug, your smugness is just as obvious. If you think Canada doesn’t have world class hospitals doing medical advancements and research, you are wrong! Check out some medical journals. Not everything is done in the USA. Believe it or not, other countries are just as cutting edge.

    Just a quick google search of Canadian contribtions to medicine over the past 100 years:

    Electric Wheelchair
    T-cell receptor
    AIDS drug 3TC

  30. Francis says

    Oh, and Derrick is, as usual, completely right. Some of the usual suspects always want to turn these incidents into race wars. It’s a cultural issue, all. Poverty is one of the several factors.

    AJ, these thugs tend to go after non-threatening types, men (and women) who they view as weaker and thus, won’t do anything to them in a fight. That’s why you don’t see muscle guys, bears, etc. attacked. But it wouldn’t matter since these attacks are usually like 4 or more thugs vs 1 or 2 gay men. It’s not a fair fight.

    The two Michael’s are in quite high spirits given what has happened to them, it makes me feel a bit better myself to see them not giving in or allowing this to destroy their lives. The response they’ve gotten from friends and others in DC is nice but there has to be a way to at the very least slow down the horrible hate crime rate in DC. Can’t believe in 2012 that a large metropolitan like DC, where marriage equality is legal, still has such a problem with hate crimes against gay people.

  31. Rick says

    “exactly how many life changing medicines or surgical procedures have been developed by the Canadian healthcare system?”

    And while you are at it, name a great Canadian novel or a great Canadian play or a great Canadian painting or a great Canadian poem or a great Canadian opera or symphony.

    How about a great Canadian movie or TV show, even?

    Stumped? LOL.

    And while we are on the subject, is there no such thing as a Canadian gay blog? LOL

  32. ratbastard says


    Am I one of the ‘usual suspects’? I certainly don’t want to turn this incident in to a ‘race war’, but that doesn’t mean we must p*ssyfoot around ‘race’ and the role it plays. And it does play a role, Francis. My life span parallels 35 years of the past 5o year ‘war on poverty’ and LBJ’s ‘Great Society’, i.e. our welfare state. TRILLIONS have been spent on our so-called war on poverty, huge sums have been spent on schools and education. We’ve also had a half century of legal discrimination better known as affirmative action, federal subsidies, quotas, and tax credits for hiring ‘oppressed’ minorities. WHY in 2012 are we still confronted with this problem, i.e. inner-city, black instigated violence, black on black violence, black on everyone else violence? Why are women still being enabled when they make bad choices like multiple pregnancies, usually with different ‘daddies’, who of course can’t care for the children they made? It’s the #1 reason the U.S. has a big murder rate, violent crime rate, and high rate of ‘gun’ crime, bar none.

    Why are some OBVIOUS issues off-limits with ‘progressives’ who love pontificating about how open they are and how insular others are? You can say ANYTHING about some demographics, ANYTHING about some groups, and rest assured if this problem was primarily a problem with whites, especially white males, it would be if nit the number one topic of discussion, it would be near the very top. EVERYBODY knows what I’m writing is true.

    And I’m not even referring to just ‘race’ issues. Look what happened on this site with the circumcision post.

    Lesson learned:

    All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others. And this topic is taboo.

  33. Brian says

    I usually get involved in these race debates but it’s completely pointless as Rick, ratbastard and the other usual suspects are never going to change their obsession with race, except of course in the many instances where the attackers are white, and then silence.

    What interests me more is that a few weeks ago there were a couple of similar attacks, the details of which escape me, but the site was flooded with dozens of new commenters who had never appeared on towleroad before, all playing up the “blacks hate gays and we’re sick of it” angle. They swarmed the site for a couple of weeks, but looks like they disappeared as this is exactly the sort of story they would have been all over. I wish someone would really investigate the source of all these comments and tie the money trail back to its obvious source, NOM. I think it would be incredibly embarrassing for them.

  34. says

    If it was a group of black men, why not mention that in the reporting? Since the suspects are not yet in custody, it seems wholly appropriate to report their descriptions, which must include their race.

  35. CANUCK says

    Rick: I am not going to fall for your baiting. (Insert eye roll) Yes, Canada is nothing more than a backwards country that only exports oil, hockey and Tim Hortons. You are a know-nothing troll just picking a fight. Not interested.

  36. Rick says

    @Canuck I have actually enjoyed my time in Canada, where I have spent much more time than Americans typically do…..and for the most part, have found Canadians to be agreeable people.

    I do, however, get rather heartily sick of the self-righteous, holier-than-thou, self-congratulatory BS that is forever being propagated by so many of the Canadians that visit this site (one in particular)…..particularly when it comes to race or other issues that are distinctly American and that you just are not in a position to really understand.

    So consider my comment fair warning–you can very easily be shot down off your self-constructed pedestals, when any of us decide we wish to do so.

  37. Caliban says

    You know, the arguments being used here are very similar to arguments used against gay people. Every time a gay person does something wrong it’s used to support the premise that ALL gay people are bad, while the same crime (or whatever) committed by a straight person is just a “bad apple.”

    Why is it that a gay couple being attacked by (you assume) a group of young black men is a confirmation of some general tendency of ALL black people but an attack perpetrated by whites, Asians, or any other race is a random event that ONLY reflects on those attackers and no one else?

    For one thing it’s complete and utter horsesh!t that 90% of homophobic violence is perpetrated by black people. Is it true that homophobia in the black community is a problem? Yes. Does that need to be addressed? Yes again. But so does homophobia in ALL communities. Most of the legislative attacks on gay people, the limiting or stripping away of our legal rights, are perpetrated by white Christian conservatives and that has a far more negative effect on my life and the lives of other gay people than some random attack does, regardless of the race of the attacker(s).

    The tendency of some white gay men and women to support politicians who are ACTIVELY opposed to gay rights, apparently view them as sub-human, has a more negative effect.

    There are many indications that things ARE changing in the black community like they are in every other community. Personally I believe that the real “engine” of change in that community will be the same one it has been in others, that people NEED TO COME OUT because that has been shown to be the greatest factor in the lessening of homophobia, knowing people who are gay.

  38. leesus says

    you see, here in the US we find the idea of being dependent on the government repugnant. So we have health insurance, retirement accounts,and firearms.

    we understand our nanny state neighbors see it differently, but seriously… who cares what Canada thinks.

  39. says

    at least i’m not rambling from a place of cowardly anonymity.

    it sure is easy for some folks to talk themselves up then they treat the internet like a burqa.

    i guess it’s one of those “you have the be brought up in the culture” things. the idea of a healthcare system run for PROFIT and not actual care for citizens is incredibly offensive to humanity, to those of us who’ve grown up in cultures where we all help each other with our medical needs.

    and no anonymous troll can easily shoot anyone down from anything. when your words can only bet typed while you hide your prove yourself wrong. because you know you’re wrong. that’s why you hide. keep it up.

  40. Rick says

    @Caliban Another lovely politically-correct speech.

    Look, I am going to lay it on the line here for you and all the other apologists.

    The attacks by young black males on gay people is rapidly becoming an epidemic. If you and other Far Left apologists continue to send the message to them that you will make excuses for them and allow them to get away with their violence, then the trend will accelerate to crisis levels. And people just like yourselves, “good liberals” living in liberal urban enclaves on the East and West coasts (like DC) will be the ones being victimized. And frankly, you will deserve the consequences, having brought them on yourselves.

    So you can make your choices accordingly.


  41. CANUCK says

    Rick: get off your high horse and get over yourself.

    Little Kiwi: quit with the holier-than-though Canada crap. You make us look bad. No country is perfect. Let it go.

  42. says

    How about the attacks on LGBT Youth for not being “manly enough” in the eyes of cowardly closet case adults?

    it’s the thing with internet trolls – they spew their hate anonymously, because doing so is the only thing they have left in life.

    it’s annoying. but they’ll die. alone. so it’s ok, in the end.

  43. says

    it’s not holier-than-anything. holy has nothing to do with it.

    it wasn’t “holier than thou” attitudes that inspired the Underground Railroad, either.

    it was about being a decent human being.

    i’m not making anyone look bad. and if you think i am you can put a face to who you are in your comments so you can negate the apparently-bad image you think i’m giving.

    it’s not about being perfect. it’s about doing the right thing.

  44. Rick says

    “Rick, at 52, will hopefully die sooner than the rest. He could go die of cancer and no one would care”

    And there you have it, folks. Wishing cancer and death on somebody. That is what the low self-esteem associated with the culture of effeminacy does to some people.

  45. says

    right. because those with low self-esteem are the ones who are Out, and the ones who are totally well-adjusted are the ones who anonymously comment online and refuse to stand up to be counted.

    oh, that horrible culture of effeminacy resulting in such low self-esteem that those heinous “femmes” are out there leading visible lives, while those who hate femmes can only express it through their online Closets.

    yeah. exactly.

    *elegant curtsy*

    want to actually address crime? go to the root- the inability of people to make a decent living.

  46. endo says

    You’re not a somebody, Rick. You’re a nobody.

    And you’re such a simpleton you think the reason I rail against you is because I take personal offence to your ongoing crusade against effeminate men. Hah. I ain’t offended in the slightest, just standing up for the people you constantly come on here to bash.

    I guarantee you I’m more masculine than you are, you sniveling swine.

    About that cancer? I hope it’s painful.

  47. ratbastard says


    Like I’ve said; some subjects are simply taboo. Thank you for clarifying this for me. ANY discussion about the *EXTREMELY* high rates of violence and violent crime among black males in the U.S. MUST NOT BE DISCUSSED OR ACKNOWLEDGED. ANYBODY who does mention it, IS A RACIST. Now to TR’s credit, my posts and others aren’t being removed or censored on this subject, unlike another hot topic discussion a few weeks ago. That involved another no-no topic.

    Brian, IT IS NOT ‘racist’ to simply point out the fact that young black males in America are STATISTICALLY, FACTUALLY [and anyone of any ‘race’ would know this if they’ve lived in ‘urban’ areas] responsible for a VERY DISPROPORTIONATE level of violent crime, gun crime, and homicides. I DIDN’T SAY ALL BLACK MALES OR ALL YOUNG BLACK MALES, that of course, would be a retarded and genuinely bigoted and racist thing to say. But of course posters like you will simply bury your head up your a** and use the race and troll card.


    And what did I say aboot Canada? Did I say something really mean spirited aboot Canada? No, I didn’t. I’ve been to Canada MANY times. I have Canadian relatives in Ottawa, Toronto and Alberta, and Canadian friends.

    But I also agree with others who say some Canadians do have the obnoxious habit of being sanctimonious and holier than thou when comparing Canada and the U.S. Actually, it’s fairly common.

  48. Caliban says

    It’s not “politically correct” for me to say that every time I have been the victim of homophobia in my work environment, that every time I’ve been verbally attacked and felt physically unsafe, that the aggressor was white. It’s merely the truth.

    It’s not political correctness to say that when my legal rights have been attacked through a concerted political effort that the leaders of that effort were white, “Christian,” and 90+% of the time members of the Republican party. Once again it’s merely the truth.

    If it were true that gay people only need fear violence from black people then it would follow that gay people who live in areas of the country without a substantial black population should live fearless, carefree lives yet we KNOW that isn’t true. So what exactly is the goal of all this fearmongering?

  49. ratbastard says


    I’m well aware there are white criminals. That’s silly. BUT, and this is a big ‘but': I hate to be pedantic, statistically whites, including white males, are under-represented by a considerable margin in committing violent crime including murders in the U.S., and especially regarding so-called gun crime. Unless we all think the police, various state D.A.s, federal DOJ, and the FBI are all lying and conspiring against black males. Asian males are even less likely to commit violent crime. So-called Hispanics are higher than whites and Asians, but still considerably lower than blacks.

    Black folks Derrick make up 12-13% of the U.S. population over-all, males a little less than half that at 5-6%, young males even less. It’s obscene and un-natural a single identifiable demographic, young black males, are responsible for so much havoc. And it’s not ‘racist’ to acknowledge the problem.

  50. Brian says

    I didn’t call you a troll, ratbastard, just a racist. If a white guy beats up a gay guy, then hate is directed at the attacker. But if the perpetrator is a person of color, then immediately anti-black posts flood the site. I’m not hiding the fact that there’s more violence in the black community, I’m questioning why it’s relevant. You’ve even moved one step beyond the crime in the post to go into general complaints about blacks being violent generally. Why is this important? Nobody’s hiding from it, I just don’t see what you want us to do with this information.

    Most antigay violence is perpetrated by whites, but we don’t make sweeping generalizations about them. It would be honestly helpful if someone could focus on other attributes that violent bigots share apart from race, like family stability, incomes, education levels etc. Then maybe some policy prescriptions could follow. But just obsessing about skin color, which you do every single time this comes up, is completely unhelpful. And yes, racist.

  51. says

    caliban, you’re asking for facts, logic and reason from anonymous closeted trolls who come on here because they can’t say, or do, anything in the real world.

    the “i hate femmes, i’m a real man” men who can’t put a face to their claims.
    the “i hate blacks” racists who can’t do it, either.

    why? anonymous venting is all they have in life.

    giving them facts and logic and expecting it to work is like expecting the Concerned Women for America to accept the theory of evolution.

    you can’t put weight on facts and logic whose beliefs hinge on willfully ignoring facts and logic.

  52. ratbastard says


    I personally don’t think all assaults and crimes by black males where the victim is non-black are racially motivated. That’s silly. Does racial animosity play a role in many instances? Yes, I think so, although it may not be the prime motivator. Just being a violent sociopath seems to be the main motivator.

    MOST victims of crimes committed by black perps are themselves black or another ‘minority’. Likewise, most victims of crimes committed by white perps are themselves white, ditto Hispanics, Asians, etc. There is actually VERY little white on black crime. VERY little. There’s A LOT of black on white crime.

  53. RoadWaryur says

    Regardless of the racial (not “racist” always, just racial) cnversation here, I have to give RatBastard credit for reminding us that we should become armed AND dangerous to attackers. Gay people are simply more targeted and it’s bullsh*t.

    I cannot understand the shock so many gay people experience when I recommend they become armed, and dangerous to attackers. Is it because we are supposed to buy into the Democratic political platform without question? I am a democrat, but will choose my politics like a cafeteria plan. “I’ll have a side of Constitutionally-Protected Gun Rights along with my Gay Marriage please.”

    I am asserting that we should become legal owners and users of our firearms if, and only if, our lives or the lives of our loved ones are in danger. Buff, skinny, fem, or butch, arm yourself gentlemen and use extreme discretion before ever pulling that gun out of your pocket.

  54. LARRY says

    Typical Ratbastard, he says “I didn’t say that or mean to say that” in one sentence, then goes on and says it in the next sentence. Good grief.

  55. ratbastard says


    BECAUSE there is SO MUCH violent crime in D.C. and other areas with a high black population which is why I mention it, what many people [at least Americans] IMMEDIATELY think, but most are afraid to say for fear of being called ‘racist’.

  56. Francis says

    Spot on, Caliban. But those who want to turn this into a race riot (aka Rick), their agenda is actually to throw black people under the bus. It really isn’t about homophobia. They’re just racist. However, obviously, a homophobic attack by someone who is black isn’t any different than a homophobic attack by someone who is white.

    You’re also right, Caliban, that coming out and being seen and becoming known is the best way to affect change but until inner-cities become more accepting towards the gay community, the gays in these communities are going to keep a low profile. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break, unfortunately.

    As for you, Rat, if you could realize that there is a difference between a CULTURAL issue and a RACIAL issue, you would see different responses. Anti-gay hate crimes are a cultural phenomenon. Black-on-black crimes are a cultural phenomenon. Poverty is still obviously an issue in inner-city communities because people in inner-city communities generally don’t have high paying jobs, for starters. Lack of work, lack of opportunity. Lack of parental figures is a major issue. Lack of funding for schools is a major issue, which leads to public schools having too many kids to keep control of, mediocre teachers, rundown textbooks, among other dilemmas. Just throwing money at these problems certainly doesn’t solve them long-term.

    It’s not race. There are black people who are not anti-gay and white teens who commit hate crimes. It’s 100% culture, specifically street culture, which glorifies violence, where the men (and even women too) extremely hyper-masculine, hyper-aggressive bravado, people tend to have a chip on their shoulder and a lot of resentment towards greater society (and their reasons for which are pretty valid), high-poverty, high drug-sale/usage rates, and we can go on. The way to end hate crimes and all crime in these areas is to fix the symptoms that lead to crime being more likely in these areas in the first place. “They’re black” is not the answer.

  57. ratbastard says

    Lil’ Canadian said:

    ‘caliban, you’re asking for facts, logic and reason from anonymous closeted trolls who come on here because they can’t say, or do, anything in the real world.’


    Lil’ Canadian,

    Facts? Are you effing serious,boss? I’ve given plenty of facts in my posts, you’re the one who uses emotion and propaganda.

  58. Brian says

    You don’t mention it, ratbastard, you repeat it ad nauseum. And I still don’t see how that furthers any sort of conversation or thinking on this crime. When I read about this (and I’m an American) I get angry at the jerks that did this, and wish we lived in a more sane world where this sort of stuff didn’t happen. If I find out the skin color of the attackers, I feel no more or less angry with them. You obviously feel differently, so I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree as usual.

  59. ratbastard says


    How do you know I can’t tell the difference between a ‘cultural’ problem and a ‘racial’? I never commented on that. OF COURSE it’s culture-based. That doesn’t make it any less real or a problem. I NEVER said black people are inferior or prone to violence because of their race, and I NEVER said ALL black people fit this description, I SAID a grossly disproportionate level of especially young black males are responsible for a great deal of violent crime, gun crime in this country. The FBI most recently said 52% of all homicides in the U.S. were committed by black perps. And of course simply google a homicide map of your city or any decent sized city.

    WTF. This is like banging a head against a wall.

  60. angryblackman says


    im a black man.. and It is obvious to me and everybody else that wants to say it.. or doesn’t want to say it.. but it was a gang of black kids. in dc, you don’t hear about a gang of white kids or asians or indians attacking anybody. Dc is a city full of low income people… im definitely not saying all of us are bad. Majority of black people are working and have real goals ambitions and are God fearing, but there are enough of us that create a bad picture of us to the rest of the world. The media does sensationalize it but put the spotlight where the crime fits. Stop pandering by not giving us the description. Why are you leaving it up to us to guess who it was. Give us the description so we as the public can give some answers.. it may be my brother , friend, friend of a friend. What were they wearing, approx age.. something!!

  61. endo says

    “If I find out the skin color of the attackers, I feel no more or less angry with them. You obviously feel differently”

    That about sums up this entire thread.

  62. ratbastard says


    I wouldn’t feel less angry if the perps where white! That’s retarded. WTF is wrong with some of the posters on here? Are you mentally retarded? It explains a lot if this is the case.

    Americans and non-Americans:

    We in the U.S. [ALL people, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, bi, heterosexual, transgendered, etc] have a very serious and very real [not something from the imagination of a bigot or racist] problem with VERY, VERY high rates of violent [assaults, murder, rapes, etc. I’m not talking bar room fights, shop lifters, auto theft, larcenies, misdemeanors, or even white collar crime] among a specific demographic which way out of proportion compared to comparable demograhics. You can argue ’til the cows come home why this is the case, but you can’t argue the facts.

  63. Francis says

    Just FYI, I know this statement will get run with by some posters here, but since many posters here have asked, the attackers were three teenage/young adult black males.

  64. ratbastard says

    Lil’ Canadian said:

    ‘that’s why you hide. keep it up.’


    WTF does ‘hiding’ or being anonymous have to with if something is true, factual or not? It has NOTHING to do with it. You like being an internet diva with little or no attempt at anonymity [which is actually quite foolish for a variety of commonsense reasons], yet you still post much cr*p and falsehoods. The fact I read a general and allegedly accurate bio of you means nada.

  65. Brian says

    !. Endo was just quoting my post, so I guess I’m the “retarded” one.

    2. You call many people retarded, which is very 1970’s.

    3. Nothing in your last paragraph is news to anyone. Nobody here is arguing with that. You can repeat it until the cows come home and nobody except racists will care.

    4. Every time I ask you why this matters, you just repeat your irrelevant statistic. When I ask you why you don’t feel the same outrage when a white person is the perpetrator you go silent. You’re confusing our lack of interest in your crusade with political correctness and cowardice. It’s neither, we’re just on a gay blog making comments on an awful hate crime. I don’t think the anti-black stuff is relevant here, (nor are the pros and cons of Canadians for that matter).

  66. ratbastard says


    I can’t help what the facts [reality] is. I can’t help that males commit by far the most violent crime, and I’m a male. But in the case of males, biology is the main component, while in the case of violent criminals in general, and especially where a very disproportionate number of a specific demographic are over represented, it would seem culture [that doesn’t teach respect for others, respecting other people’s space, lack of self control, etc.] along with biology and other factors play the dominant roles.

  67. ratbastard says


    FOR THE LAST TIME BRIAN, I DO CARE WHEN A WHITE OR ANYONE ELSE COMMITS DOES SOMETHING BAD like committed a violent crime and victimizing others. Where the F did I ever post I didn’t, Brian? And yes, it a RETARDED thing to say, Brian.


    BTW, Brian:

    I’m DELIBERATELY using the word ‘retarded’ because:

    A) It pee’s off the P.C. crowd

    B) It’s a very common slang in Boston, where I live. We all know it’s politically incorrect, Brian.

  68. ratbastard says


    I said there MIGHT be a gay link. MIGHT, Larry.

    In fact, Holmes posted on a sex site that he was looking for ‘couples’ and ‘group’ sex, so that could easily be interpreted as him being bisexual. Not at all far fetched.

  69. endo says

    “@RATBASTARD: did you find the gay link yet in the Colorado case that you were so sure about?”

    LOL!!! Pretty much lawyered him right there.

  70. Brian says

    You don’t post it, you just don’t usually comment when the perpetrator is white. Which in all honesty is fine with me, because your comrade in arms Rick is at his most disgusting when he uses antigay violence as his platform for launching his I hate fems drivel.

    But if the attackers are black, we get the usual diatribe from you. I’m equally outraged at both kinds of attacks, so I’m just trying to see why you react so differently based on the color of the attackers.

    And if your objective is to piss off the PC crowd, why not start spewing the N word, that’ll really get ’em!

  71. Rick says

    For anybody who actually cares about FACTS, as opposed to the bold-faced LIES that Brian and Caliban and others are trying to spread, here is a link to an article which exposes the New York Times for trying to mislead the public in this area, as well (surprise, surprise):

    Here is the key paragraph, which pertains to New York, but would apply to any big city.

    “Here are the crime data that the Times doesn’t want its readers to know: blacks committed 66 percent of all violent crimes in the first half of 2009 (though they were only 55 percent of all stops and only 23 percent of the city’s population). Blacks committed 80 percent of all shootings in the first half of 2009. Together, blacks and Hispanics committed 98 percent of all shootings. Blacks committed nearly 70 percent of all robberies. Whites, by contrast, committed 5 percent of all violent crimes in the first half of 2009, though they are 35 percent of the city’s population (and were 10 percent of all stops). They committed 1.8 percent of all shootings and less than 5 percent of all robberies.


    Any given violent crime is 13 times more likely to be committed by a black than by a white perpetrator—a fact that would have been useful to include in the Times’s lead, which stated that “Blacks and Latinos were nine times as likely as whites to be stopped.” These crime data are not some artifact that the police devise out of their skewed racial mindset. They are what the victims of those crimes—the vast majority of whom are minority themselves—report to the police.

  72. Francis says

    Rat, if the problems are culture based, then you should have said that originally. But Rick immediately started with race, and then you brought up race. There are racial factors, no denying it, but those racial factors are simply factors to the entire story. I didn’t say that you said black people were inferior or that all black people are violent, but you are making it racial by continuing to focus on BLACK this, BLACK that, instead of concrete things that actually drive the high crime rates.

  73. Brian says

    Rick, do me a favor and point out the bold face lie I’m telling please? As I said several times here, nobody disputes the fact that crimes are disproportionately committed by people of color. I just don’t think it’s relevant. What’s relevant is a gay couple were attacked just for being gay. You and ratbastard are most interested in the color of the attackers for reasons I can’t understand. I’m most interested in finding the attackers and preventing future attacks. Just screaming “they’re black, they’re black!” is a waste of time.

  74. Chitown Kev says

    I wouldn’t feel less angry if the perps where white!

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jul 24, 2012 4:02:15 PM

    I can’t tell from your postings on the Lincoln, Nebraska thread, Ratbastard.

  75. Brian says

    @Chitown Kev,

    Your comment probably wasn’t directed at me, but I agree with your observation on how predictable this is. I’ve tried to take an active part in the various race related posts, but I’ve been completely ineffectual. Nobody ever changes their position, people argue around points rather than address them directly and just make stuff up as a last resort. So I am officially withdrawing from the Towleroad race wars, and won’t comment on anything race related. I’ve said all I can on the subject, I’m disturbed by how persistent racism is in the gay community and how many racists are incapable of self-awareness. But it’s clear this isn’t going to change anytime soon, so it’s time to move on for me…

  76. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I don’t blame you, Brian. Still I want to thank you for your contribution to these discussions.

    Rick and Ratbastard: I don’t think any Black American will argue with you two about the rates of violent crime in some Black American communities. My point is that those communities are impoverished communities. Poverty is STILL at the main cause of violent crime. Poverty is what creates that “culture of violence” that Ratbastard has spoken about before–NOT race.

    As Brian pointed out, “they’re black, they’re black” is your war cry on this topic all the time. And I ask, beside telling us “they’re black, they’re black”–what point are you trying to make?

    When people give explanations you call them excuses.

    Oh, and Ratbastard, those Great Society programs of LBJ were destroyed by Richard Nixon only a few years after their creation. Remember the term “revenue sharing”?

  77. AERES says

    Read from start to finish, these comments paint a dismal picture of pettiness and selfish soap boxing.

    I hope the victims recover – and never visit this post.

  78. Ray Sager says

    I’m still waiting for some of the trolls to come out of the woodwork and say that this was all “staged and fake” since the couple didn’t know who their attackers were or wouldn’t name them….Hmmmm, I think Rick made a comment to that effect about the woman who was sliced up in her own home. I guess this couple had friends who beat them up just so that “they could get attention” didn’t you say that about this woman?

  79. Rick says

    “I’m most interested in finding the attackers and preventing future attacks”

    No, Brian, you and Francis and Caliban and Derrick and others are most interested in trying to convince people that this is a general problem for society and that no one group is culpable, when in fact it is almost entirely a black problem and is driven as much by the racism of the attackers as it is by their homophobia.

    This whole thread started with me asking why no physical description of the suspects was provided…….which is routine in most cases of this sort……and pointing out the fact that the media outlets, including this one, were deliberately withholding that information speaks volumes.

    Why does it matter? Go back to the story the other day about the teenage lesbian that was similarly attacked in Louisville and look at the first ten comments in the thread/ What did you see? The Far Left automatons immediately started chiming in on those “Southern hillbillies,” “rednecks,” “Christians” and “Republicans”, trying to make political hay out of it……and then I pointed out that the perpetrator was in all likelihood black (which proved to be the case) and the whole discussion shifted.

    So please, don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that the Far Left has any interest in just sorting out the facts about anti-gay violence…..and that is as evident in their deliberate exclusion of physical descriptions of the perps when they are black as it was in the kneejerk reaction I just described.

    They–and you–have an agenda….and your agenda is not just about discovering the truth and dealing with it accordingly….

  80. grego says

    Horrible senseless brutal chilling. My sympathy to these guys. When thugs don’t fear getting caught or fear going to prison, this is the result. I’d love to live in history rich DC, but Crime is the major reason i live just over the river in Arlington where police and the courts slam criminals hard. Smart crooks don’t want to get caught in Virginia.

  81. Rick says

    “Poverty is STILL at the main cause of violent crime.”

    Excuse me, Derrick, but that is BS. There are poor whites in New York; there are poor Asians in New York–but, as the statistics show, they commit almost no violent crime.

    There are plenty more poor (and homophobic) white kids in small towns and rural areas, but they commit almost no violent crime, against gays or anyone else. Yes, you have the occasional Matthew Shepard case, but the reason cases like that get so much attention is that they are so exceedingly rare.

    So please, face the issue: it effects people like you and Kevin more than it effects most of us, so just stop with the excuses… does not solve any problems…..and continuing with the excuses is going to cause this problem to escalate and get out of hand and I am sure that you don’t want to see that happen, for a lot of reasons….

  82. elg/edwin says

    @Rick said:
    “Go back to the story the other day about the teenage lesbian that was similarly attacked in Louisville and look at the first ten comments in the thread/ What did you see? The Far Left automatons immediately started chiming in on those “Southern hillbillies,” “rednecks,” “Christians” and “Republicans”, trying to make political hay out of it……and then I pointed out that the perpetrator was in all likelihood black (which proved to be the case) and the whole discussion shifted.”

    I thought that it was reported (or maybe someone said) that it was one black person AND two white people who attacked the teenaged white girl in Louisville.

    Question: So why (and how) did the two white people allegedly involved in the attack on the Louisville lesbian just disappear from the conversation both here AND at the other thread?

    How does one black person and two white people equal one black person?


  83. WHAT? says

    Don’t bother even having a discussion with Rick. He knows everything and we can’t possibly bathe in his fountain of knowledge. If you try to challenge one of his points he’ll just pull out more ridiculous facts. Or, he’ll just threaten you.

  84. ratbastard says


    Maybe because I think the Nebraska incident was faked by the ‘victim’. OF COURSE I condemn white criminals and just plain bad people. And when was the last time you saw white people riot, and white ‘advocates’ protest when a white scumbag was arrested or even killed by cops? Know why, because 99% of white folks are happy when white criminals and scumbags get what’s coming to them. Can’t say the same for the black community and black scumbags, unfortunately.

  85. WHAT? says

    White people riot too. Just a few I could gather after a quick google search:

    This year in Montreal (students)
    This year in London, ON (student riot)
    Last year in Vancouver (Stanley cup hockey game)
    2010 – student riots in London, UK
    2010 – G20 riots in Toronto
    2009 – Los Angeles after a Laker’s game
    2006 – San Bernadino punk riot
    2004 – UK -soccer riots
    2002 – Ohio State U – twice – football games
    1999 – Michigan State riot after loss
    1999 – WTO riot Seattle
    1994 – Montreal – hockey
    1993 – Vancouver – hockey
    1992 – Montreal – cancellation of a Guns n Roses concerts
    1991 Washington D.C. riot

  86. WHAT? says

    BTW in those “black riots” you are eluding to , please tell me you don’t think “non-blacks” didn’t join in? Nah, they were all home drinking milk and reading the bible…good wholesome activities.

  87. Francis says

    The couple is in very high spirits taking into account what has happened to them. They’ve gotten a whole lot of support from friends and family. Hopefully they never see this thread, as they have done a better job dealing with what has happened to them, than many of the men on this page, who were not actually attacked.

  88. blue adidas says

    DC is a disgusting corrupt city that I moved away from and will never return. There are some nice areas, but they are within close proximity to some of the most hellish urban areas imaginable. They didn’t mention the race of the attackers, because it’s assumed that they’re black. It’s embarrassing and frustrating to the large african american population in DC to constantly be mentioned on the local news, so they just don’t do it anymore. On the very rare occasion that they aren’t black, they describe them clearly as being caucasian or latin-american. But the default criminal in DC is a young black man.




  90. EchtKultig says

    “WHEN are these jerks gonna pick the wrong gay people to mess with and get their a55es handed to them? We’ve all seen those huge muscle dudes at the gym.”

    As was so perfectly demonstrated in the film “Kids”, with a certain ratio of attackers to attacked, size and strength doesn’t matter anymore.

    To broadly paint ALL African-Americans as having the homophobic attitudes of the attackers is completely idiotic. It’s like saying all white Americans are homophobic because most evangelical Christians are homophobic. The black leadership (NAACP, Al Sharpton) etc., are going out on a limb to support gay marriage. That being said, call me a wimp but when I lived in DC years ago you wouldn’t in your right mind be anywhere near a “NE” address at certain times of day. Friends who still live there say it’s a night and day improvement versus 10+ years ago, but I’ve always had my doubts.

  91. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    Uh, Jack, have you ever been to 5th and Kennedy, NW? It can be dangerous, as can Mt. Pleasant.

    As a native Washingtonian who is black, these things happen. And yes, a majority of the are committed by black men. But the entire city is not a breeding ground for all gays (of which I am one as well) to be attacked.

  92. Mark says

    Towleroad should do a permaban of the IP addresses of “Rick” and “Rat Bastard.” A gentrification would immediately occur here as they, and all of the aliases they post under (I’ve spotted a handful in this thread), would be ex-ed out.

    Something to consider Andy.

    I know ad-based blogs like this depend on clicks and comments for revenue, but types like those two mental midgets will eventually destroy it. People will eventually tire of arguing with racist, attention-seeking cowards such as they and having to sift through their manure in the comments section in order to come across some that doesn’t smell like stool, and will gravitate to other news sources that aren’t contaminated with their ringworm.

    Something to consider. Not all traffic is good traffic; rotten apple trolls like these add nothing useful to any conversation they burden with their B.S.

  93. says

    Do you expect anything more from black people? THEY RUIN NEIGHBORHOODS, and yes, they ARE more homophobic than other demographics. If you’re black and that offends you..tough. Change the ignorance within your community

  94. PeterChicago says

    It’s terrible that these guys went through this ordeal…
    Also terrible: the absurd racism that springs up whenever something like this happens…Also these bogus crime stats that are pulled out of nowhere – we’ll never know the true number of hate crimes, because many go unreported – what I would like to point out though is that most crime experts agree that hate crimes are usually committed by white men (I myself was jumped once by a group of homophobe teens – all white)…
    And even if this was racially-motiviated or an anti-gay hate crime (which it looks like to be), that doesn’t indict a whole community as a result…

  95. snowisfun says

    This news story gives only the gays side of the story. It could’ve been a hate crime but it can also be gang related. But it’s possible the 2 gays aren’t innocent victims as media portrays them as. It’s possible the 2 gays could’ve been harassing the underage boys who reacted by hitting them. Yes, it’s possible the 2 gays committed a crime such as harassment & the teens reacted by doing assault&battery. Not concluding this is what happened & you know my view that gay/lesbian activities are comparable to drug junkyism but it’s possible the 2 gays committed harassment or indecent exposure & got bashed in reaction by the teens.

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