1. MattS says

    So sad. And to think it was humans that likely caused it.

    Reminds me of a night I saw three raccoon cubs in the middle of a busy highway intersection trying to help their sibling who had been struck by a car. Devastated me and there was nothing I could do. I could only hope that the other three made it to safety… I would have thought the sibs would have scattered for their own sake, but they stuck with their own.

  2. peterparker says

    Anyone who has any interest in the welfare of dolphins owes it to themselves to see “The Cove”, the documentary that chronicles the annual capture (and slaughter) of dolphins in Japan.

  3. PostalLipstick says

    Meanwhile, humans walk into schools, movie theatres, hospitals and shoot each other for amusement. Shame!

    To all those who bash animals and constantly boast how humans are the only thing living on this planet who are evolved…open up a book and educate yourself. Other species are far more advanced in compassion, conscience and respecting mother nature

  4. Drew says

    That was heart breaking and beautiful. Animals (far more so than people) have taught me important life lessons. I grew up on a farm and we had animals all around us that we treated like family (pets) and they showed me more uncditional love than many humans I knew.

  5. YoYeahYo says

    No, they are not aware. Chimp mothers and other animals do similar things. They simply have a big sense of empathy and won’t abandon their offspring if it is weak or doesn’t act normal. They usually go away when rot stinks. A great animal quality, but to use anthropocentrism to say “hey, look, they are like humans” is ignorant and misleading.

  6. says

    Animals are profoundly more evolved (emotionally) than humans. From elephants and their mourning rituals, turtles and their interactions, even our dogs and their understanding of loyalty. We humans think we’re perfect because we know how to work an Ipad. Because that’s what life is all about for most of us..gadgets, money, things, things, more things, Kardashians, buying things.

  7. Beachbreeze says

    Dolphins are an AMAZING animal. I’ve personally interacted with many and they truly have a spark, and complete awareness packed with emotion. That anyone would go out of their way to harm these animals minding their own business, and in such brutal manners, IS heart breaking. But I don’t expect much from the human creature. Look how we treat one another.

  8. Bobby says

    YoYeahYo, you have no idea what you’re talking about unless you are a dolphin or one of those other animals that grieve their dead. You’re simply trying to make yourself feel better for not caring.

  9. says

    @YoYeahYo – actually, you’re mistaken. Dolphins are VERY self-aware. You can place a mirror in front of them and they will recognize themselves. (That’s more than I can say for a lot of humans!) What’s more… we have been able to map their language of almost 200 different whistles to the point where scientists believe we will be able to decode their language and communicate WITH them (maybe within the next decade.)

  10. jamal49 says

    @PETERPARKER I have seen The Cove and it left me in tears, very angry and despairing of the human capacity for cruelty to other sentient species.

    Yes, dolphins FEEL. They feel joy. They feel sorrow. They are aware of their mortality. They mourn. Dolphins are incredibly intelligent.

    The same can be said for whales and elephants.

    The above comment about seeing three raccoon siblings trying to help the fourth after it was struck and injured by a vehicle is wrenching to think about.

    The human race is a scourge to the natural world. We need to be wiped out of existence on this earth.

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