1. Bill says

    Personally, I thought it was kinda lame. I mean the idea was interesting but the way it was edited to try to make it cute just ruined it for me.

  2. Tallulah says

    I wrote a series of letters to myself when I was 12 to be read at different intervals in my life. They were with my diary in a wooden box. My mother found them when I was in college, read them and threw them away. Guess she didn’t like the part where I asked myself if I still masturbated.

  3. Ricco says

    How @BRETT, and other naysayers, would one interview one’s self and not be self-aware?

    I found it to be a wonderfully self deprecating piece, humorous, with subtle wit and insight on how we become who we are today.

    The passing of time is so quick as to make our lives seem a blur, and we forget that our present position, where we are at, and who we are is a result of a lifetime of decisions, long forgotten, with a direct correlation to our twelve year old selves, which we would know and remember had we, like Jeremiah McDonald, taken the time to leave behind a little time capsule to remind ourselves.

    FYI: the film, and Jeremiah are waay cute! He reminded me a little of Joseph Gordon Levitt . . . who I LOVE!

  4. MDK says

    I know Jeremiah a little bit … we did some theater together. He’s definitely smart, odd and one of a kind. :) Check out his Church of Blow videos sometime. Funny stuff. Glad he’s gone viral — he deserves it. Always seemed a very good person, too.

  5. Holden says

    Very clever. :-)

    I am sure my folks have tossed all the videos that I made when I was 12. And certainly all the crazy cassette tapes that I would record.

    I am happy that Jeremiah shared this. This video is a lot of fun.

  6. Gordon says

    My family was poor & I was born before homevideo, we rented a tv till we had her several years then opted to buy weekly… Seriously I think this is an excellent idea but they’ve invented facebook & chatroulette, job done !

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