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    “Unlike the vast majority of my fellow Republicans, I’m not stupid enough to believe that one day the “South Will Rise Again” and that somehow the world will spin in reverse and undo all the progress begun in the 20th century. I’m aware of how history will play out, and be remembered, and I’d really like to ensure that my future grandchildren won’t need to hang their heads in shame when their classmates google my name, and their name. Because for nearly all of my Republican contemporaries, that’s going to be the case; grandchildren having to live down the embarrassing shame of being related to some of the *proudest* ignorant bigots America has ever seen – Jesse Helms, anyone?

    So, I’d like to make a point to be on the right end of history. At least, when it comes to The Gays. The Poor Who Can’t Afford Healthcare, notsomuch.”

    *elegant curtsy*

  2. andrew says

    Steve, you are a good man. Unfortunately you won’t get much support from your fellow republicans or from the left wing ideologues who post on this site. Continue to do what you know to be right regardless of the idiots who oppose you.

  3. Brie Gyncild says

    Thanks for posting Litzow’s video. I’m concerned about the text introducing it, however. While we fought the efforts to get the referendum on the ballot, now that it’s going to be there, we must support it wholeheartedly. A vote to APPROVE Referendum 74 is a vote to keep the marriage equality law our legislature passed. Language like “fighting the referendum” makes it sound like we need to reject it — and there’s already way too much confusion about that.

    So again, can’t say it enough: APPROVE R74!!!!!

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