Illinois Republican Party Offers Chick-fil-A Gift Cards to Donors in Response to Pro-Gay Backlash


The Illinois Republican Party is fundraising off the Chick-fil-A controversy in response to Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno's attempts to block the restaurant from opening in his ward.

Writes the group on a special website set up for donations:

If the recent insults by Barack Obama against business owners and a 67% Illinois tax hike by Mike Madigan weren’t enough, Obama’s fellow Madigan-backed Chicago Democratic politicians have stooped to a new low in trying to silence a business owner, Chick-fil-A, by trying to block their business license simply for expressing a political opinion that they disagree with.

Whatever your opinion is on the issue itself, it’s a dangerous precedent for the government to deny a business license to a company simply for taking a political stance that a politician disagrees with.

But given the anti-entrepreneurial record of Barack Obama, Mike Madigan and most Democrats, we're really not surprised.

That’s why the Illinois Republican Party will give a $5 Chick-fil-A gift card to each person who donates $10 or more to the Illinois Republican Party between now and September 1.


  1. Strepsi says

    When people say “how can you compare gay civil rights struggle to African American civil rights struggle?” this is one way: 10 years from now these people will look as backwards and bigoted as people who would have rewarded discrimination against African Americans.

    Imagine the GOP in 1963 saying “Let’s give coupons to reward and support the lunch counters that bar black people!”

    Being anti-gay is part of the official party platform. Disgusting. At this point, you simply can NOT be gay and Republican.

  2. Bart says

    Anybody want to tae a guess what the Illinois Republican Party would do if the owner of a franchise buisness came out and said, “We support Islamic causes because we believe that Mohhamad is God that America would be better off if they accepted that too.” Anyone not think that they would be boycotting the place? That the Sarah Palins and the other harpies of the party wouldn’t be on every talk show beating their breast and calling for Americans to stay away from these places and for cities and states to stop allowing them to do business? They’d be calling for Michelle Bachmann investigations to see if the Muslim Brotherhood owned a part of these businesses.

    Hypocrites at best, anti-American at worst. And the Republicans keep scratching their heads why most of America finds them disgusting bigots.

  3. sparks says

    Assholes don’t want to admit they know the difference between a “political” issue and a “civil rights” issue.

    Declaring that you support smaller government would be a political statement. Declaring that you don’t think Blacks and Jews should be able to marry or have kids is quite a different statement, and one that I find just as outrageous as a restaurant chain taking a public stand against equal rights for gays.

  4. says

    it’s just so galling that the GOP’s bottom-feeders (redundant term, i know…) are now supporting Chick-Fil-A, visibly and vocally….and why? not because of anything about the “first amendment” but because it’s one more way to be Openly Anti-Gay – and as the anti-gay sector of the populace is the lowest common denominator, this is what shameless panderers aim for. when you can talk honestly about your fiscal politics you talk to your base to remind them how much you don’t like the gays.

    seriously. santorum, palin, huckabee, all out in support of a company distributing and promoting hatred with their waffle fries.

    what an embarrassing time in this great nation. the 2008-onward GOP will be written about in future generations as the time when the party officially became nothing more than the lever pulled by every inbred redneck bigot in the country.

  5. Simon says

    When the Christ said not to judge, ‘christians’ argue back it’s ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘freedom of religion’.

    When Christ gave the commandments to love God AND love thy neighbor as thyself as the greatest commandments of all biblical laws, Hate-Fill-AntiChrist organizations like Chick-Fil-A and other ‘christians’ support and vote for many discrimination laws like DOMA as the highest federal discrimination law set above all state laws.

    When REAL Christians and gays go against the antiChrist antigays, the latter call it ‘political’. AntiChrist antigay will do whatever it takes to lie and deceive to spread their evil agenda.

  6. shane says

    this story needs to keep happening because people need to put a name and face to bigotry. someone somewhere please interview the ceo of this company. it’s shocking that republicans want to show their “street cred” by photo-ops at chick-fil-a and tweeting in support of it. shocking. any smart politician of either party would stay away from the matter entirely.

  7. says

    but that’s the thing, Shane – those who are jumping on Team-Fil-A are not only not intelligent, but are pandering to people who they KNOW are even less intelligent than them.

    this is why the majority of the republican base are the stupidest scumbags in america. they vote against their own best financial and personal interests. why? because they cast votes against “gays” and “abortions” and “non-Christians who are also brown people” and then wonder why they’re broke, out of work, and can’t afford to pay for the medical needs of their gluttonously-obese family members.

    whenever a politician embraces an anti-gay platform it’s their way of saying “i don’t want to have to talk to you people about how my fiscal plans are actually gonna screw 99% of you over…”

    alas, this reality is lost on the toothless brigade….

  8. shane says

    of course you are correct, LK. if you look at it from one angle, you almost wonder why social progressives try so hard to uplift struggling minority groups when included among them is the “toothless brigade” you just mentioned…

  9. Onnyjay says

    It’s not the simple expressing of opinion but the donation of millions to Rethug hate groups that makes the Chic a bad neighbor. Follow the money you pay for those yummy waffle fries and you’ll find it going to the swell folks at AFA, NOM, etc. That’s why Domino’s and the Chic and others need to hear they’re unwelcome in the only way they can understand: quit giving them your money and quit allowing them to do business in your communities. Duh!

  10. GLAW2014 says

    Where are the gay republicans today defending this crap?? Hang your head in shame you self-loathers.

    Personally it is okay to have an opinion about gay marriage as a business owner, but it is another thing when you donate that money to anti-homosexual groups. That is the difference.

    Spending millions of dollars to these types of groups while serving the communities where you do business that includes members of the LGBT community, who not only work for this company, but patronize it on a daily basis is disgraceful.

    The owner of Chick-Fil-A does have a right to express his anti-homosexual views, but we the public have the constitutional right to oppose his views as well. Eat More Equality!

  11. james says

    i’m old enough (40) to remember a time when illinois republicans weren’t assholes. they were wealthy, ‘free-market’ supporters, but not a-holes. sad that even this state’s republican party is now playing to the lowest common denominators.

    and yeah, they’re only supporting chip-fil-a because its anti-gay. it if was a muslim business, for instance, or an atheist run one, i doubt they’d be so supportive.

  12. bobbyjoe says

    Oh, just wait until the Republican convention this year. They’re so intent on pandering to bigots half of them will probably be eating Chick-Fil-A at the podium during their speeches.

    And I don’t mean this a joke– watch and see–seriously, we should play a drinking game to take a swig every time some GOP a**wipe promotes Chick-Fil-A during the convention– we’ll all be drunk five minutes after it starts.

  13. stpetegreg says

    The drinking game sounds like fun…but I could never keep it down if I’m actually forced to watch the Republican Convention — it’s bad enough they’re meeting within two blocks of where I work next month. The stench will be nauseating and overwhelming…now where did I put my antiemetic?

  14. That Guy in DC says

    Why a $5 gift card for a $10 donation? Can’t the bigots just give a $5 donation and the spend the other $5 at S**t-Fil-A themselves without the gift card? Not sure what the point is except for the headline.

  15. Aiden Raccoon says

    Illinois has sexual orientation within their non-discrimination policy. A business who wants a license can be denied that license if there is evidence of discrimination. Dan Cathy is on record as outspokenly anti-gay and is legal reason enough for a licensee to deny them one.

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