1. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I’ll say this for you, Ratbastard: while you don’t seem to hate gay men as much as Rick does, you share his penchant for moving a discussion thread in an ill direction.

  2. Paul R says

    Maybe they should have chosen a different name from Google’s campaign. (Yes, I realize the word International isn’t there.) It probably doesn’t matter much, but it will confuse people, and I suspect that Google isn’t eager to be confused with a political campaign.

  3. Paul R says

    @Where’s the Money: Thank you for the information. That charlatan was a jackass in DC 20 years ago and got driven out of town. Then SF. He’s insane and simply likes attention. I wouldn’t support this project. I guess he stopped using his old name—Luke Sissyfag.

  4. Aqui Estoy says

    I hate to think what would happen to gay marriage rights if Mitt Romney became president. If this campaign doesn’t do it, someone else should…

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