1. Brian in Texas says

    Elizabeth Warren is speaking later in the week before former President Clinton and President Obama. More people will be watching on that night.

  2. yikes says

    Villaragosa, ick!!! What a huge disappointment.

    Looking forward to finding out more about this guy. Even if it is bumper sticker ready I’m digging on the close with “Estamos unidos.” – Estados Unidos. Kinda cool

  3. RBearSAT says

    Mayor Castro is very much supportive of LGBT rights. He signed the Freedom to Mary Pledge and pushed for San Antonio to include domestic partner benefits for city employees.

    He keynoted the Texas Democratic Convention this year ( and it’s quite the honor to keynote the National Convention. With Hispanic voters key to the election, having him as the first Hispanic to keynote the Convention is great.

    One of my favorite videos, though, was when he poked fun at Charles Barclay during the NBA playoffs. Yes, he also has a sense of humor (

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