Kellan Lutz to Play a Bullied Straight Person in a World Dominated by Gay People


Kellan Lutz and Camilla Belle have been cast as a secretive straight couple living in a world where gays are in the majority, in a new film called Love Is All You Need?, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

The film is set in a world where homosexuality is the norm and follows several storylines. Belle, who is in final negotiations, will play a star quarterback (yes, you read that right) adored by a large fan base while Lutz, whose deal is closed, is an aspiring journalist. The two fall in love, with their relationship growing in secret, but when the romance becomes public, the two find themselves being bullied.

The film was co-written by and will be directed by Kim Rocco Shields.


  1. PJ says

    Wasn’t there a race-themed movie like this? Where blacks were the majority and whites were the minority? I don’t think movies like this make the impact that the writers/directors intend on. The far right will use it at as a means to say “this is what will happen if we become complacent and let them take over and give them the freedom to marry.” Making a real splash would’ve been to just have Lutz (who is one of the biggest sex symbols and teen idols out there) play a gay football quarterback. You then even bring up the issue of a gay out football player and if done right, Lutz gets an insane career boost. Which he could use after those awful Twilight flicks. JMO

  2. QJ201 says

    This was the set up of another novel from a guy who wrote A Clockwork Orange (over 40 years ago).

    The set up was that it was about population control and then population control was no longer needed because….

  3. Keith says

    Not sure how i feel about this. At best it has all the potential of a dated Twilight Zone episode. At worst, who is going to pay $10+ in a theater to watch it anyway? What’s their target market? Unless he’s taking his shirt off through most of the film, I can’t see a lot of reason to watch it.)

  4. Mike Naz says

    Wait this movie was already made, basically, but with a “nobody”. It’s called “Almost Normal”…. Oh so Kellan Lutz is going to play a straight guy in an “almost-all-gay-movie” whoa way to show some depth of character.

  5. Butch says

    It took me a while to react to the plot, and now that I’ve thought about it I’m having a problem with it. Gays become the majority so of course we automatically become bullies?

  6. New-new says

    The problem with movies like this is that at the end of the day they’re still centering the focus on straight people. At the end of the day the movie will end up being about the poor straight (most likely white) couple. Thus the entire point is missed. Why can’t they just make a movie about the various struggles and hardships faced by LGBT people? Oh because Hollywood doesn’t think that it would “sell.”

  7. Fenrox says

    The main problem with this kind of story is it will only highlight stereotypes. Gay culture was created in contrast to straight culture, more so it was all figured out over a long time. Many cultural influences makes it relateable to other people.

    So when did humanity decide to procreate intentionally instead of haphazardly? because that would be the time that the minority of straight people would begin. How does masculinity change when the majority now have a lesser interaction with femininity?

    That is why I assume this movie will suck. It will probably be a campy major populace, that is extremely violent still (to make it relate to “real” men), and I will wager a guess that everyone is extremely close minded. Too hyperbolic, this is only enough plot for a porno, and I would watch that over this any day.

  8. Andrew says

    Does no one understand that this movie isn’t meant to make the gay community look bad. It’s a direct representation of what the straight community has done and when it’s flipped, it is meant for the straight people watching to identify with the main characters and therefore see the problems in the current society. It’s really not rocket science. Give it a chance. The concept is sound, and if you watch the short film this is based on (it has the same name), you’ll understand.

  9. Bill says

    As long as gay people are seen as bad and heterosexuals as good Hollywood will make the movie. The director will say something about this story making heterosexuals understand what gay people go through when in reality they won’t.

  10. says

    “You’d do it to us if you were in our position” is an old and tiresome rationale for hateful speech and behavior. At its core, the premise of this film serves as a justification for actual hateful speech and behavior which makes it the opposite of gay-affirming, IMHO.

  11. Sargon Bighorn says

    EVIL Mean Gay people. Finally the truth. Evil mean Gay people. All those str8 kids being bullied. Hetero-folk just want equality. What’s next, witches burning Catholics at the stake?

  12. Sam says

    1. This move has been already made. It’s called Almost Normal and it is BAD! Not Camp bad but bad-bad.

    2. This will just give fodder to the anti-gay crowd that all gay men are predators.

    3. Kellan does not have the star power or acting talent to make this movie work.

  13. CVP says

    Well, there’s a good rationalization for the subject matter, Andrew. Under the presumption that Joe Six-Pack has the cognitive wherewithal to make that willing suspension of disbelief? Naive: Party of One.

  14. George says

    A huge mistake – even if well done it’s going to play right into the hands of the straight bigots to believe that they would be treated that way if gays had the chance. No matter how well meaning, the generalization of all gays as bullies is a negative portrayal that will be a disaster.

  15. Ray Ivey says

    I liked this movie the first time they made it, when it was called “White Man’s Burden” starring John Travolta and Harry Belafonte. Underrated movie.

  16. jexer says

    Tyranny of the majority is never pretty. Playing a ‘closetted straight boy journalist’, I doubt he’s going to have his shirt off enough to make this train-wreck worth the effort. 😉

  17. Icebloo says

    This movie will not happen. It will either fail to get funding or movie theaters will refuse to show it.

    Money talks here in the US &, unfortunately, those right wing crazies have most of it !

    America is not a democracy.

  18. andrew says

    It is hard to believe that anyone would bully Kellan Lutz. The guy looks like he could take out most MMA cage fighters. Believe me, I have looked at him a lot. WOW!

  19. Bryan says

    Terrible, sophomoric, ridiculous idea for a movie…and kind of insulting, too. I trust the executive producers don’t plan on spending more than $500 to make this crap, because merely the concept has flop written all over it.

  20. Dback says

    OK, I’ve seen “Almost Normal” (which was just OK), “Zanna, Don’t!” (which is a fluffy delight, as long as you don’t think too hard about the “alternate world”), and the original short this movie will be based on, “Love Is All You Need?” which was well-done but heavy as plutonium. This is really going to have to be brilliant to overcome the hurdles mentioned by other posters. (Why didn’t they just film “Zanna, Don’t?)

  21. Nadine says

    I agree with Andrew, I think this movie is a great idea and overdue, imo. It’s the premise I’ve always thought of when people are being made to feel wrong because they’re drawn to someone of the same gender. So I’m a woman that feels romantic with men, what if that were deemed wrong by society? This isn’t about gay people being mean, it’s about a mirror universe. I’m sure quite a few gay people in the movie will be supportive of hetero relationships.

  22. Craig says

    Funny how the gays get all bunched up when they want to turn against something. I thought this was going to be a movie version of the Off-Broadway musical Zanna, Don’t! that starred Jay Rodriguez, pre-Queer Eye fame. Let the movie actually play out first before giving it a final judgment as you usually do.

  23. Francis says

    I’m personally not insulted by the idea of this movie, the intention is good, but the question is whether or not the execution will be good. With that being said, I’ll take a wait and see approach and be hopeful. I HOPE straight folk take something from this movie and can see life from the other side, so to speak, but I don’t really expect it.

  24. Van Highs says

    Either the films mission is to plant seeds of paranoia in the heads of straight people..creating MORE violence against gays. Or the films creators are completely deluded. A film like this is like giving a drug addict a needle. It will fuel the homophobes to the point of more violence.

  25. JP says

    I agree with others. This film has a potentially dangerous outcome, regardless of it’s intentions. We give the average American viewer way too much credit, especially those who are homophobic. They use any outlet as an excuse to hate on gays, and are an extremely impressionable bunch.

  26. Ames says

    ….because the REALITY of sharing the crime, hate, and prejudice gay people face in a world full of straights is not a more suitable story to tell?

  27. Toto says

    Yeah, what??? What if pies could fly and dogs could build rocket ships? This is a dumb ass idea. Not because it doesn’t have some good intentions but because they will be address in the most superficial and probably non-threatening way possible

    1. You have to account for the fact the major obstacle for sexuality and gender is the Bible and the pack of lies it has helped build societies on for centuries. Otherwise sexuality would be like any other taste, we dont beat people for hating bologna, for not being sexually attracted to redheads or other races for that matter. I’m guessing religion (as it stands) wont be challenged.

    2. This is STILL focused on the straight couple. I wouldn’t be surprised if the gays in this film aren’t boiled down to “perfectly” adjusted versions of hetero normal ideals. Meaning a MAJOR lack gay sex scenes or intimacy. Hey, the film industry still understands LGBT is a minority market, even if it is a progressive film.

    I hope I’m completely wrong about the film and it overcomes my expectations but I realize Hollywood is a business and they have to sell a film. At the end of the day getting the most people to see a film matters more now than ever before.

  28. EchtKultig says

    Agree with most of the posters here. This film sounds horribly moronic and offensive.

    “Either the films mission is to plant seeds of paranoia in the heads of straight people..creating MORE violence against gays. Or the films creators are completely deluded.”

    Very true. A substantial chunk of the so-called creative classes live in a little bubble of either NYC or Hollywood. They can’t even conceive that their work might not be the ‘teachable moment’ they think it will be in middle America. I wish I could say I’m not worried and that this POS will die on the vine. Unfortunately, as has been proven time and again, the financiers who have the power to green light or “red light” a project often find potential controversy to be too irresistible to pass up. Compare to google who have removed videos from youtube depicted mock anti-homosexual violence…even though such videos might get many views and generate ad revenue.
    We can only hope someone convinces Kellan that this will do nothing for his career; losing an announced star has a way of dampening the enthusiasm for a film. (and in some cases is a genuine sign the writer/director should just give up, like Aronofsky’s abysmal “The Fountain”)

  29. Stefan says

    I guess I sorta get the “point” this is trying to make, but there are a couple problems: (1) no one to whom “the point” is being targeted will go see this film, because they’re uncomfortable with homosexuality already; (2) even if those people did see the film, they would never identify with the gay people but would rather identify with the persecuted straight couple, and this would further the idea they already have that they are somehow persecuted.

    We’re left with a film that mostly pro-gay people will see, and we don’t need them to be taught a lesson. And the Fox news types will run with it and have a field day, using it as a cautionary tale about the “gay agenda” and “gay-stapo.” How lovely.

  30. jamal49 says

    One hopes this will be done as a satire. Otherwise one wonders what the whole purpose of such a film might be. Kellan Lutz should know better, considering he has a gay fan base.

  31. milou says

    this sounds like every “planet of the women” scifi story. those have been invariably terrible, and somehow always end up with the women looking like jerks, except for one of them, who discovers that what her life was missing was being dominated by an earthman, and they escape together.

  32. milou says

    this might have worked better 20 years ago. but it’s being made right at the time when the cries of poor straight people being bullied by gays are reaching a crescendo. i presume (hope) they are trying to open eyes with a “see how you like it” story, but i think the right will welcome this as a dystopian story of the horror of what will happen if the gays win.

  33. ratbastard says

    Interesting comments. Why are some scornful of the basic premise of the movie? I understand similar plots have been done, but so what. This is updated to circa 2012, and could be interesting. I hope some aren’t implying gays would never bully others or are above all that. Because that’s completely untrue. Gays even ‘progressive’ gays are capable of bullying and other bad behavior just like anyone else.

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