1. pb11 says

    as early as 1999 i knew lana has shacked up with her dominatrix, ilsa strix, this was a secret in the matrix era, my gf at the time was a hooker/dominatrix her worked for Strix and told me tidbits but not the whole story. I worked at a tabloid newsmagazine at the time and my ex thought i would blab but i didn’t…..maybe it was a mistake…….strix dumped a transgendered woman, a tatooed dude named roxy something who eventually went public in 2003??? but way before speed racer, way before that.

  2. Snownova says

    Good for Lana for being able to keep her transition from turning into a media circus and to complete it with dignity.

    As long as she’s happy and keeps making cool movies.

  3. V-8 says

    very cool, good for her, good for them! and it’s gonna be an awesome movie…. the 5 minute preview is awesome!

  4. says

    brava!! well met :)

    also, literally counting the days for this film. i’m a tykwer junkie, and the film looks full of his signature visuals and grace notes.

    one of the most glorious trailers ever made. here’s hoping the film matches the promise.

  5. mike128 says

    I know I’m probably reading too much into photos – but she appears happier in these photos, compared to before her transition. Good for her! I hope she keeps making great movies and finds satisfaction in her life.

  6. YoYeahYo says

    Good for her, happy at last. Etcetera. But that mess of a hair is a transition even harder to accept.

  7. Jim says

    Lana comes across as really comfortable in her skin – Brava diva! The three of them really seem to enjoy each other’s company – which is likely how a film with 3 directors can “woik”. đŸ˜‰

    And before too many people pick on her hair – she missed many years of experimenting while making her way from one gender to another so give the girl a little leeway, eh?