1. ColonialMines says

    Thomas Roberts always strikes me as so logical, well spoken and heartfelt. I watch his show daily and feel a sense of calm watching him.

  2. J.P says

    In all honestly, while I LIKE our other gay news anchors- don lemon, Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper- I’ve always connected far more with Roberts. He seems to get us, understand our community and report our struggles in a more focused manner. I’ve always respected his body of work and find him very … Real.

  3. Amber says


    I agree. I hate comparing gay people, because we should be supportive of all of our own, but of the four broadcast journalists, I take Thomas roberts most seriously. Don Lemon is sometimes too cynical in his style of reporting (rolling his eyes often in segments) Anderson Cooper sometimes too silly and Rachel is great but obviously a different niche. I too really respect what Roberts has done for issues that effect us

  4. TigerSanFran says

    I’m sorry, was he saying something? He’s so handsome that I was completely lost in his eyes.

  5. DatCat says

    They play his show in our place of work and when not busy, I listen to him. He seems grounded and nice. Wish there werent sooo many commercial breaks, but oh well

  6. ConstanceStance says

    Great segment on super PAC.

    I too admire Thomas Roberts for consistently sticking his neck out and sharing our LGBT stories. Shedding light on our lives, matters and injustices. He truly lends his voice to the heart of the community, and in a climate where we’re not afforded many voices, it’s greatly refreshing to see someone with a platform willing to use it for the greater good of a community.

  7. says

    Roberts truly does have a sense of professionalism I see lacking in many other journalist and of course I too admire how he willingly speaks out about stories concerning gay Americans

  8. Otkon says

    Thomas Roberts can talk to a potted plant as long as he’s sporting a smart suit and flashing those baby blues.