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Colorado Baker Says He'll Close Shop Before Being Forced to Bake a Gay Wedding Cake: VIDEO


I've mentioned the controversy over the Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colorado before, but FOX29 went and spoke with the shop's owner Jack Philip who vows to close his bakery before being forced by protesters to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

 "If it came to that point, we would close down the bakery before we would compromise our beliefs so that may be what it comes to. We'll see."


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  1. It may be from 2010, but this response is relevant. Also, what a hypocrite; he will serve gay patrons, and hire gay employees, but won't make a cake for a same-sex wedding. If you're baking a cake for a wedding they're a customer.

    Posted by: CD | Jul 30, 2012 3:08:55 PM

  2. I agree with Jason. Find a gay-friendly bakery. You wouldn't want a wedding cake from religious homophobes anyway. It would ruin your perfect day knowing the cake was made by people that hate you.

    Posted by: David in Houston | Jul 30, 2012 3:11:22 PM

  3. Why would any gay couple want to buy their wedding cake from him? Surely he isn't the only baker in the area. Give the business to someone who wants it. I imagine that eating the cake he could be forced to make would somehow diminish its tastiness.

    Posted by: Sam | Jul 30, 2012 3:16:15 PM

  4. You are going to just throw away a boat load of business because of your bigoted view.

    It is like he is saying. I am not going to bake no cake for those coloreds.

    Dude, you show your true colors by being a racist, bigot and downright moron. Trust me, if you close down it would be a good thing. What can we do to help you close up your business.

    Posted by: Guest | Jul 30, 2012 3:17:28 PM

  5. Looking at his age, I don't think that anyway he would be baking for long.

    Posted by: Alejo | Jul 30, 2012 3:19:22 PM

  6. OK, so watch this a second time and look at this fools hands. If he were going to repair my "hog", I might pursue him. But who wants this a-hole handling their food anyway?
    I get the point of the debate, but just think we should move on once we've had a chance to think about it. Disgusting hands=disgusting heart=disgusting wedding cake...YUCK!
    Get a nice gay cake maker and move on already.

    Posted by: Paul B. | Jul 30, 2012 3:29:54 PM

  7. I've seen Cake Boss. We can do better.

    Posted by: Ryan | Jul 30, 2012 3:33:14 PM

  8. Colorado's public accommodations law covers sexual orientation. A bake shop is a place of public accommodation. It is unlawful to discriminate based on sexual orientation in a place of public accommodation. Refusing to sell a wedding cake based on the sexual orientation of the fiances is discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    Posted by: Matt | Jul 30, 2012 3:40:20 PM

  9. I'm more than OK with him closing his shop. I'll even volunteer to turn the key for him.

    He's another big mouth who is ALL TALK and no action - just like the people who said they would leave the US if Obama won the last election yet they are all still here. It's just immature, pathetic attention-seeking from people with the brains of a gerbil. YAWN !

    PLEASE stop giving this morons free publicity.

    Posted by: Icebloo | Jul 30, 2012 3:43:44 PM

  10. Who cares? I'd be worried about fast and furious, or the release of classified national security information to the press...

    Posted by: ted baldwin | Jul 30, 2012 3:47:55 PM

  11. If you own a public business you can't discriminate in Colorado. Period. A bakery is by law a place of public accommodation. He sells to the PUBLIC or he's not in business. He can no more turn away a "gay cake" order than a restaurant can refuse to serve a gay customer.

    That said, who wants to order a cake from someone who hates you? Why give him the business? Is it going to be a good cake? I'm not eating it.

    Posted by: Bingo | Jul 30, 2012 4:00:13 PM

  12. He bakes pretty cakes for a living. Someone is over-compensating I'd say.

    Posted by: ChristopherM | Jul 30, 2012 4:01:09 PM

  13. This seems to me be exactly like the lunch counter sit-ins by African-Americans at Woolworths in the south in the 1960s. Woolworths was a private business, too. Here is the Wikipedia page:
    Thinking about the amount of personal bravery those protesters showed makes me tear up. Thank god they didn't say, "Oh, well -- I'll just eat elsewhere." This is what fighting discrimination for the good of all society looks like. It means not letting the bigots get away with it.

    Posted by: kit | Jul 30, 2012 4:04:23 PM

  14. Uh--a professional pastry chef who has a problem with--gay people? Huh?? He must have been miserable in cooking school.

    Posted by: Danny in the East Village | Jul 30, 2012 4:20:14 PM

  15. I am happy not to spend any money at his absurdly named shop. But I hope the bastard is sued and put out of business.

    Posted by: Jay | Jul 30, 2012 4:33:21 PM

  16. @Kit: There is an important difference between the lunch counter protests and this one.

    Segregation by race and skin color was the law in many states and communities. It was illegal for Woolworth's to serve white and black people at the same counter in those places. There was no "elsewhere" as the segregation laws applied to all establishments. It was illegal for a black-owned restaurant to serve white people, too, although many of them had no reluctance to break that law. The protesters were protesting the law, not just the company that complied with it.

    This baker is saying he will not obey Colorado's nondiscrimination law.

    Three ways to disapprove of his policy: (1) attempt to purchase from him, disclose your sexual orientation, be denied on that basis, and sue him. (2) Go to any number of bakeries that will follow the law. (3) launch a protest effort involving picketing, letters to the editor, public demonstrations, etc.

    I'd favor finding just the right couple to file the lawsuit because a court ruling would reinforce the law.

    Posted by: jpeckjr | Jul 30, 2012 4:34:29 PM

  17. While I'm not, generally, a proponent of the "free market" I think this baker is short-sighted. Let Masterbate Bakery compete with another shop that will not discriminate; guess who will have more sales?

    Posted by: Chuck Mielke | Jul 30, 2012 4:57:35 PM

  18. He says he will give up his business before he bakes a "gay cake;" but would he, really?

    If enough people, enough straight people, took their business elsewhere because they did not want to patronize a business of a bigot, I am willing to bet he would adapt.

    He does not mind being divisive, of playing the bigot card because he thinks there are enough bigots, or people who are indifferent altogether, that it won't actually hurt his business.

    Not only is he a bigot, but he is disingenuous.

    A part of me wants to agree with some here who have said that he should not have to bake a cake for gay people, that people can go elsewhere, and broadcast his bigotry if they like to others . . . but then ask yourself: what would the cultural environment be like in a nation where people can refuse service to people based on race, gender, age, or if someone has a physical disability?

    It would be utter chaos, which is why there are laws to protect people from that kind of discrimination.

    So MICHAEL, and sundry, if we were to step on the slippery slope you suggest, what? You would be fine with airlines refusing service to gays. You would be fine with hotels refusing service to gays? You would be fine with gas station owners refusing to sell gasoline to gay people . . . or supermarkets stores who won't sell food or water . . . realtors who won't sell a house to gays?

    Perhaps you are thinking that there is a difference between a wedding cake and the other services I mention, because you have, by yourself, have made designations of what services are and are not crucial, what one needs to survive.

    But the majority of trips people take on planes are not a matter of life and death, so by your (assumed) rationale there should not be a problem in not allowing gay people to fly . . . or deny them gasoline for anything but a life and death situation, or hotel room, etc. etc. etc.

    If you allow one business owner to discriminate then you have to allow others to do the same.

    Here is a question: why is it there are so many self-hating gay people who get squeamish about asserting their civil rights?

    Posted by: Ricco | Jul 30, 2012 4:59:08 PM

  19. I "believe" he won't be in business very long. ECON 101 should have taught him more than he appears to know about running a business.

    Posted by: DiatribesAndOvations | Jul 30, 2012 5:03:11 PM

  20. What a maroon!

    Anyway, the law here is probably not particularly helpful. He's stating that he does not produce a product of a particular class, not that he refuses to serve patrons of a particular class, so public accommodation laws don't apply directly, though I could see the ACLU trying to make a case here. He's not obligated to make a cake displaying pornography, for example, so no problem if he refuses the order from a stripper. The main issue is if patrons are aware of the restrictions he places on wedding cakes in general before they make their order. If so, then he's probably in the clear. That is, he can't change his mind after the order was put in. However, feel free to contact the ACLU for a different opinion.

    Posted by: anon | Jul 30, 2012 5:09:30 PM

  21. His profession is making pint flowers out of sugar and he's anti-gay?

    Closet Case #1,739,446

    Posted by: Michael | Jul 30, 2012 5:09:40 PM

  22. Support a gay owned bakery! Just find someone else.

    Posted by: BS | Jul 30, 2012 5:11:45 PM

  23. Why would anyone force him to bake a gay wedding cake? Just bake a cake, make money and don't worry who is eating it. What a moron!

    Posted by: jaragon | Jul 30, 2012 5:34:26 PM

  24. The man is what, in Scotland, we would call a Master Baker!

    Posted by: John Hein | Jul 30, 2012 5:43:43 PM

  25. Thank you, Chris. You said it all so well.

    Those who think this is a "private" business are wrong. Those who think it's about whether gay people would want to buy from a bigot are also wrong. This is only about whether his public business is in compliance with the non-discrimination laws of Colorado. If not, time for him to shut his doors and find a "private" living.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jul 30, 2012 5:52:11 PM

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