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Model Renato Seabra, Accused Of Murdering Celebrity Boyfriend, Claims God Made Him Do It


Lawyers for Renato Seabra, the Portuguese model accused of murdering, mutilating and then castrating his television personality boyfriend Carlos Castro in early 2011, claim the now 22-year old was suffering from delusions at the time of the crime and believed God was telling him to kill 65-year old Castro.

From Gay City News:

"Mr. Seabra developed a manic episode and became fulminantly psychotic," David Touger, the attorney for Renato Seabra, wrote in a court filing last year. "He acted on his delusional ideas when he attacked and killed Mr. Castro. He did not appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions, as he was acting as a conduit for God."

This mental disease or defect defense, or insanity defense as it is more commonly known, asserts that because the now 22-year-old Seabra could not tell right from wrong when he killed Castro, he cannot be held criminally liable. If a jury agrees, Seabra will be institutionalized until doctors decide he is no longer a threat. His trial may start as soon as September.

Seabra, who allegedly showered and dressed in a suit after the murder, may head to trial as soon as September.

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  1. With such a big age difference between them it was obvious this relationship was not a healthy one !

    Posted by: Icebloo | Jul 5, 2012 2:42:22 PM

  2. With such a big age difference between them it was obvious this relationship was not a healthy one !

    Posted by: Icebloo | Jul 5, 2012 2:42:32 PM

  3. "He did not appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions, as he was acting as a conduit for God."

    Wow! That statement is almost as f***ed up as the murder itself.

    Posted by: Jack M | Jul 5, 2012 2:50:37 PM

  4. Religion kills...pass it on!

    Posted by: Albert-Pamona,CA | Jul 5, 2012 2:55:18 PM

  5. Not the first time someone killed another human in the name of God. And it won't be the last sadly

    Posted by: JJ | Jul 5, 2012 2:56:38 PM

  6. Can't the 'Godly' people keep their hate to themselves? It seems more evil is commited in the name of God than good. Be it stripping citizens of their rights, judging, hating, throwing your child out of your home, to killing or starting wars. I should be surprised, but it never amzes me.

    Posted by: IonMusic | Jul 5, 2012 2:58:05 PM

  7. If you were a good looking 22 year old "model" who had to sleep with that creepy crawly, I'm sure you'd have "episodes"'s skeevy just to think about what that relationship really was....

    Posted by: Marlee | Jul 5, 2012 3:01:35 PM

  8. Nothing excuses the murder, but older gay men need to THINK before they strike up relationships with unstable young men. How many times have we seen a variation of this story in the last year? Three times? More? At best these relationships are mutually parasitic, with the younger feeding off the power or influence and the older feeding off youth.

    Posted by: Caliban | Jul 5, 2012 3:17:04 PM

  9. I'd believe it.
    The death alone is sad enough, but if the killer really is that mentally ill, it makes me sad for him too. I've seen people go through these manic episodes - they are NOT themselves when it happens.
    I'm sure there will be more details to come.

    Posted by: Lucas H | Jul 5, 2012 3:24:22 PM

  10. The young mans actions were truly horrific.

    But...older men having relations with younger sex partners (male or female) is nothing new. If true love is not the motivating factor then healthy arrangements can be made to make everyone happy.
    Nothing unusual or strange about that.

    Open your minds people, we are all going to be old one day. And the worst part is looking old on the outside and feeling young on the inside. I often think that age discrimination in the gay community is deplorable.

    Posted by: Max F Grump | Jul 5, 2012 3:24:49 PM

  11. Straight people CONSTANTLY have relationships where one is older and one is younger. Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rarely is that spoken ill of, and in most cases it's celebrated as "age being nothing but a number" but when gay people have relations with younger or older, people go on all sorts of defense and are very opinionated. Homophobia is homophobia, no matter how much you want to dress it up.

    Posted by: J.J | Jul 5, 2012 3:25:08 PM

  12. The "God" defense doesn't hold up in court.
    The model may have mental issues but proving insanity in court is harder than proving innocence.

    Posted by: Sam | Jul 5, 2012 3:26:14 PM

  13. @ J.J

    Well said, my friend.

    And worse, when these stories of one killing the other in gay relationships come to light, there's almost a sense of "glad it happened" in the sentiments expressed. Definitely a level of homophobia at play, without the person even realizing so.

    Posted by: USC Trojan Fan | Jul 5, 2012 3:26:31 PM

  14. @ JJ- not to mention, heterosexuals get deemed cougars and sexy for being with younger men. Heterosexual men like Hugh Heffner are seen as hereos and Gods. 68% of straight men said they'd want to be Hugh Heffner in their next life. His last girlfriend was 60 years younger than him. When an older gay man falls in love with a much younger (but adult) gay man, it's seen as gross and creepy by society. Sad double standard

    Posted by: IonMusic | Jul 5, 2012 3:28:47 PM

  15. I agree with others that our mindset that any age gap between two men in a relationship is unsettling derives from homophobia. I think a major factor in that is because gays constantly have to deflect from the bigoted view that we're linked to pedophilia. We have to fight that, yet some people, without their knowing, seem to subscribe to the ignorant correlation. When they see an older man with a younger man, it reinforces in their narrow minds that gays are pedophiles. It's their own ignorance at play.

    Posted by: Sam Jonasen | Jul 5, 2012 3:31:32 PM

  16. WOW! His pretty little ass is going to get quite a pounding in prison.

    Posted by: True That | Jul 5, 2012 3:32:52 PM

  17. 22 years old with a 65-year-old boyfriend? That is absolutely sick!

    Posted by: ? | Jul 5, 2012 3:32:55 PM

  18. There are plenty of people in relationships with people significantly younger or older than them, and their relationships are thriving and healthy and no one gets murdered. To excuse this horrible murder on anything other than what it was (a crazed religious nut job killing someone) is giving the crazed religious nut job a free pass.

    The narrative for me here isn't that an older gay man is with a younger gay man, but that an unhealthy obsession with a make belief higher power will make you do all things with no boundaries, further proving you don't need faith for morality, and in most often cases, one works much better without the other.

    Posted by: CaliCouple | Jul 5, 2012 3:34:31 PM

  19. I instantly thought of Hugh Hefner as another poster mentioned. Funny how in the hetero community AND gay community, I've seen that man praised as a symbol of authority and being a pimp, but an older gay man with an attractive younger gay man is instantly belittled. Let's start calling a spade a spade.

    Posted by: Kingston | Jul 5, 2012 3:38:15 PM

  20. There's a much older famous actress who has a boyfriend who is 34 years younger than her. I can't remember her name now. She was in famous 80s shows, big brunette hair. Anyways, on The View they were celebrating the relationship as some 'womans rights' victory that proved women only improve with age. Interesting that we gay men can only strictly date our own age without an enslaught of ignorant ridicule.

    Posted by: Art Smith | Jul 5, 2012 3:40:17 PM

  21. There was a considerable age gap between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy yet they lived and loved together quite happily for three decades until Isherwood's death (of natural causes.)

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jul 5, 2012 4:03:46 PM

  22. I want people to be aware of something important. Carlos Castro was an important figure of the LGBT community in Portugal. He organized drag events for AIDS charities. He was one of the very few public figures who was openly gay, during a time when being gay wasn't okay.
    Some people act as if he got what he deserve because he was old and that I find to be deplorable. Ageism remains a prejudice that isn't tackled enough, and I don't care if I'm 18 or 80. Nobody will tell me how to act according to how old I am, when I get to my 60s or 70s.

    Posted by: Sarina | Jul 5, 2012 4:14:36 PM

  23. I think Hugh Hefners relationships are fu#king disgusting, same as this sideshow. No internalized homophobia required.

    Posted by: Munro | Jul 5, 2012 4:21:55 PM

  24. "sideshow"? Nice attitude. Way not to belittle the people in your community. If I said interracial relationships are disgusting to me, that wouldn't be nice. Why do people always feel the need to 5h1t all over everyone else??

    Posted by: screech | Jul 5, 2012 4:46:08 PM

  25. "MUNRO" talks a lot of sh-t on here with his many different handles. Rarely has anything positive to contribute. You'll begin to notice the 'issues' of various posters, and which healthy minded posters to follow. Like David Ehernstient (amazing posts, to the point, respectful and an ally to the community)

    Posted by: Cali-Couple | Jul 5, 2012 4:55:41 PM

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