News: Ryan Guzman, Chewbacca, Hunger Strike, 'Stupid Girls'

RoadMichigan LGBT activists launch hunger strike for equality.

RoadCNN "regrets" playing P!nk's "Stupid Girls" before story on Sarah Palin.

Ryan_guzmanRoadStep Up Revolution's Ryan Guzman shows off outtakes from Cosmopolitan.

RoadVIDEO: Lynn and Nick Raisman win London Olympics gold medal for 'most expressive parents'.

RoadThe Shining to get a big-screen prequel? "The film would focus on what happened before Jack Torrance (of course played memorably onscreen by Jack Nicholson), his wife and their psychic son arrived at the haunted retreat where Torrance soon descends into violent madness...King himself has been penning a sequel to 'The Shining;' there's no word yet on whether there will be a movie adaptation of the new novel."

RoadBeckham's Olympic weekend.

RoadMadonna responds to the heckling she got in Paris.

RoadSignorile: Amazon vs. Chick-fil-A, Who Wins? "'s important to take note that we have global giants with massive reach and influence pushing for LGBT rights across the entire planet vs. an antigay fast-food franchise whose outlets are predominantly centered in red state America (under 1,700 locations in 39 states) and which is out-numbered by pro-gay Starbucks (over 19,000 locations worldwide) even in those red states probably by 7-to-1."

RoadKellan Lutz bares the beef in Saint-Tropez.

ChewbaccaRoadOriginal Wookie head goes for $172,000.

RoadAustralian MP John Alexander dodges gay marriage question: "As we talked we had this flippant conversation, maybe we should institute a gay marriage for women and call it a Navratilova and as the conversation went on possibly an Alexander for gay men, not after me but for Alexander the Great. Just joking about it, maybe it had some some credibility, that there is three different types of marriage and maybe that could make everybody happy."

RoadMale model fix: Devin Paisley.

RoadSt. Petersburg, Florida domestic partner registry begins August 1: "The domestic partnership registry ordinance was unanimously passed by City Council June 7. The registry gives committed couples, gay or straight, most of the same rights as heterosexual married couples in Florida."

Road"Drunken lout" targets gay couple.

RoadVIDEO: Meredith Vieira speaks to the third femaie athlete ever to compete for Afghanistan in the Olympics.

BaptistRoadStraight Black couple told they can't have wedding at Mississippi Baptist church. "The church congregation had decided no black could be married at that church, and that if he went on to marry her, then they would vote [the pastor] out the church."

RoadTrain objects to use of song on anti-gay marriage website in New Zealand: "Lobby group Family First today launched the 'Protect Marriage' site, in response to Labour MP Louisa Wall's Marriage Equality Bill. It features news articles and resources about marriage and has a clip of the Train song 'Marry Me' on it." The website, incidentally, was attacked in a DoS onslaught within hours of it going online.

RoadThe L.A. Times on the London Olympics' new approach to gender: "For the London Games, officials are going by a new set of rules that shifts the focus from DNA to testosterone, a hormone that aids muscle development, endurance and speed. To a group of increasingly vocal skeptics, the very notion of gender testing is flawed and efforts to measure it biologically are doomed to fail. But some experts said they had to try anyway."

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  1. Madonna has always been arrogant. Her ego has always been larger than her IQ and her "talent". She is suffering under the delusion that she is some kind of God. She is not. She deserved to be booed for performing a show of just 45 minutes. Her fans have made her rich beyond her wildest expectations. She needs to remember that without fans she is NOBODY. Her fans deserved a better show from her. She should be ashamed and should apologize.

    Great news for all you gays in St Petersburg Florida - this is what you get when you USE YOUR BRAINS and vote for the right politicians ! Good for you ! Hopefully progress can now grow to other parts of your state.

    Sorry but I don't get the big fuss you are constantly making about Kellan Lutz. He's not ugly but he is not anything special. Those shirtless pics just make him look very average. I have seen many, many, many hotter men in the past week just walking on the street.

    Finally, why are Australian politicians STILL so scared of gay marriage/gay rights ? What is happening down there ? When will the Labor Party grow a pair and stand up ?! Gay Australians deserve better than the pathetic, weak, wishy-washy Labor Party they currently have to suffer !

    Posted by: Icebloo | Jul 30, 2012 4:19:29 PM

  2. she for real? Are we? F*ck no. Are we? F*ck no. What has she gone to?

    Posted by: Alejo | Jul 30, 2012 4:54:19 PM

  3. It's time for Vadgedonna's old azz to step out of the spotlight before she makes herself look anymore pathetic and desperate than she's been doing lately. She's losing fans left and right because of her antics (crappy music lately, flashing audinences for desperate attention, concerts filled with preachy political speeches, and now not giving people their money's worth), and she has nobody to blame but herself.

    Posted by: Diana | Jul 30, 2012 5:20:22 PM

  4. Mr Guzman is very sexy- he should star in the "Magic Mike" 3-D sequel

    Posted by: jaragon | Jul 30, 2012 5:32:51 PM

  5. I don't understand why any gay couple, black couple OR decent straight, white couple would want to be married in a church whose very foundation was to support slavery.
    The Southern Baptists have been on the wrong side of history through ALL civil rights movements, whether it was for women to vote or blacks to go to school or gay and interracial couples' civil marriage rights.
    I would love to see this couple take the opportunity to challenge that church to overcome its ostraciziation of gay couples as well, but if their personal experience was any surprise to them, they probably aren't paying much attention to what's really going on.

    Posted by: GregV | Jul 30, 2012 5:44:37 PM

  6. While a domestic partner registry in St Petersburg is nice, it's probably illegal. Our marriage inequality ballot measure is worse than most other states because it defined marriage as male/female and included the odious clause that "no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized".

    Posted by: alex | Jul 30, 2012 5:56:04 PM

  7. Is Guzman gay? If not, I don't care about him.

    Posted by: Jack | Jul 30, 2012 6:50:46 PM

  8. $172,000 for Wookie head? What a ripoff. C3PO will suck you off for free as long as you let R2D2 watch.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Jul 30, 2012 7:36:15 PM

  9. I'd like to see a lot less segregation in Olympic sport. It shouldn't matter what you have between your legs, or in your genes. And it shouldn't matter where you were born, where you live, or who is paying. You should be able to compete in any event, on any team that will have you.

    Posted by: Randy | Jul 30, 2012 11:40:46 PM

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  12. Is Guzman gay? If not, I don't care about him.

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