1. says

    Regarding the Oxford Uni article, your take is quite off, and the result of the decision is almost the complete opposite..!

    From a better article:

    “In future there will be no need for transgender students to cross-dress to avoid being confronted by invigilators or disciplined during their exam,” [LGBTQ Society’s Executive Director] told the Oxford Student newspaper.

    Try selecting your UK sources as thoroughly as your US ones.

  2. Shawn says

    Scalia loves to come himself an ‘originalist’ when it comes to the Constitution. Meaning whatever the framers had with original intent is the ruling of the land (unless of course he feels like pandering or just making up new law.)

    He also likes to call himself a states rights dude (unless it comes to California unions or Montana trying to strike down Citizens United…then he has other things in mind)

    This dude should have been removed the MINUTE he went on Air Force Two with Cheney to go hunting and then refused to remove himself from ANY case that involved the Bush/Cheney administration.

  3. sue says

    Why is towleroad using the term “lesbian murders”? I think it’s homophobic. Do you gay guys ever think of your own homophobia in connecting the word “lesbian” to “murder”?

    While I don’t doubt that these alleged murderers might be lesbians, your use of sensationalist, homophobic headlines proves that you are no different from Right Wing homophobies.

  4. Patrick Henry says

    If Scalia were a true originalist, the only arms that citizens would be constitutionally entitled to keep would be those that were in existence at the time the Constitution was written. All the muskets you can bear, gun nuts, but automatic assault weapons are not provided for constitutionally.

  5. Hugh says

    I don’t think “Lesbian Murders” connotes homophobia. I took it to mean a lesbian was murdered; I didn’t initially know the perpetrators were also lesbian.

    That said, definitely watch the posts on this thread. Hopefully the first comment will be the only homophobic ‘dyke’ comment. We gays love our witticisms, but can be rather obtuse when it comes to lesbians.

  6. robert says

    Re: Oxford Uni article. This was lifted from the British broadsheet, the Daily Telegraph. I wouldn’t use them again, if I were you.

    They clearly don’t have a clue…either that, or they are just being plain offensive.

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