1. endo says

    No mention of gun control legislation, I presume?

    The sad thing is if he even hinted at tougher gun laws, he’d lose in November.

  2. Rick says

    I would like to apologize in advance for any comment I may make in this thread containing attacks and bigotry against women, effeminate gay men, black people, left wingers, poor people and/or comments containing victim-blaming.

    The list above is not meant to exclude any other group I might find something hateful to write about.

  3. says

    What disgusts me most about American Gun Culture are the legions of complete idiots who care more about their “right” to have and carry a gun, and less about helping creating a culture where people dont’ feel a need to ACT UPON THAT RIGHT.

  4. Matt26 says

    I think Obama said what was needed and expected and he did it well. He did what the president should.

    Surely I don’t understand US gun laws, ordinary people don’t need guns at home. Yet the laws don’t answer the main question: why? Why would a person kill another person, people?

  5. says

    Gotta love how GOP pig Louie Gohmert is now specifically stating that this attack is an “attack on Judeo-Christian values”, or something. and goes on to suggest that there should have been other armed people there to shoot the shooter. because the solution to gunviolence, as the GOP likes to insist, is more people wih guns firing aimlessly into chaotic crowds.


  6. Alex says

    Andy, this is the only news or media outlet I can find at the moment referring to this incident as “The Dark Knight Rises” shooting. AP and all other major news sources are calling it the Aurora CO movie theatre shooting or variations thereof. Your headline(s) is/are making an unfair implication. Just a thought.

  7. Nat says

    “because the solution to gunviolence, as the GOP likes to insist, is more people wih guns firing aimlessly into chaotic crowds.”

    If you’re looking to hit one target, you’re not firing aimlessly.

    However, it can be extremely difficult to hit a target, even when you are aiming for one. The additional factors apparently involved here – the darkness, the smoke, the dark-clothed figure, the noise from the crowds – would make it extremely difficult here, and I would be strongly skeptical of the gunman being shot in time to prevent all or most of the violence.

  8. Randy says

    So tired of presidents, governors, prime ministers, and premiers, jumping in to blather on about the tragedy of the month.

    But what do they actually do about it? Usually nothing.

    God bless you? Where was this god when people were people mowed down?

  9. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Hey, Ratbastard!

    I know you were expressing interest in this story on the previous thread, although I thought your hypothesis about an LGBT angle was a little odd. It’s difficult to get much information since the killer is remaining tight-lipped with the authorities, but I got something for you! You’ll be so proud of me, Ratbastard. It’s not an LGBT angle, it’s a racist angle. This quote is from the following article in the Sentinel Newspaper in Aurora, Colorado:

    Now what would you do without friends like me, Ratbastard? Here’s the quote:

    Reed recalled putting a Lil’ Wayne song on the jukebox at the bar, and being chastised for it by Holmes.

    “He was talking trash because he liked rock music and country and he made a slightly racial comment about people listening to rap music,” she said.

  10. Jeff says

    Obama can give those speeches in his sleep. He a master of these grieving together speeches. He should wake up and realize that Americans are done with the speeches. He’ll be giving another kind of speech in November.

  11. andrew says

    I love Mr Obama. I hope that in the off chance that he gets re-elected that he is able to do something about gun control. The last presidential candidate to speak about gun control was Al Gore. We all remember what a wonderful president he was.

  12. BONNIE says

    To JEFF: isn’t he supposed to give those speeches? This is part of his job…he is the leader of our country. Every President does it, it’s what a leader does in times of national tragedy. Of course, had he not given one of “those speeches” you would be up in arms about that. So really it doesn’t matter what he does, you don’t like him and were probably going to vote for Romney regardless.

  13. andrew says

    If you want to guarantee Obama’s defeat just push him to endorse any kind of gun control legislation. There is no way that Obama can win the 270 electoral votes needed to win, if he endorses any kind of gun control. That is just the sad reality of America today. Just ask President Gore.