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Ooh Yeah: VIDEO


Director Evil Jeff offers some Moby and a few men you may or may not recognize as your wake up call.


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  1. Most of these guys are from Randy Blue's site.

    Posted by: Mike | Jul 25, 2012 7:42:34 AM

  2. Always wondered what type of life porn actors live. Do they move beyond it? Does it take them down? Anyone had insight into the typical life. Is it a crash and burn existance?

    Posted by: bart M | Jul 25, 2012 7:54:41 AM

  3. Ooh yeah? More like "Huh?" It's not a very interesting video...seems like a promo for a porn site before the titles are inserted.

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Jul 25, 2012 7:56:21 AM

  4. i just hope than in 10 years most of them are still alive because it seems that porn models have the tendency to pass quite young.

    Posted by: Luke | Jul 25, 2012 8:09:22 AM

  5. @Bart: I know a few ex and current stars casually and none are damaged by the experience. It's not like the old days when there really were name-above-the-title porn stars who survived on drugs and hustling. Not that that doesn't still exist for some, but I think most do it for fun and not a career. Check out Big Shoe Diaries and Conner Habib's blogs to get their personal insight into it. They are far different than the stereotype.

    Posted by: stranded | Jul 25, 2012 8:13:08 AM

  6. So much good-morning beauty. Would love to throw them all in a tub and jump in. Thanks!

    Posted by: Rick Roberts | Jul 25, 2012 9:18:32 AM

  7. Humans are such funny creatures. Everyone's reaction is to the eye candy (it is quite nice), and mine is to have a moment to realize what an underappreciated talent Moby is. This track is a frequent repeater on ipod playlists for me...

    Posted by: BillinSonoma | Jul 25, 2012 10:19:00 AM

  8. Don't you hate it when you see all your ex boyfriends in the same place at the same time? Damn you Moby!

    Posted by: Bob | Jul 25, 2012 10:36:53 AM

  9. Evil Jeff definitely has a "type" that he likes--a lot of these guys look like brothers or cousins, except for Chris Rockway and Colby Keller.

    Posted by: Dback | Jul 25, 2012 11:38:24 AM

  10. Anyone know what the name of the guy in the lower right hand corner of the post's pic is? I need to do um...some research.

    Posted by: CB | Jul 25, 2012 2:55:44 PM

  11. Well, there's testimony to how homogenous the gay porn world is. Remarkably boring.

    Posted by: CVP | Jul 25, 2012 4:47:19 PM

  12. Evil Jeff has a good taste for porn boys

    Posted by: jaragon | Jul 25, 2012 5:59:08 PM

  13. Not enough time with Chris Rockway...never enough time...but I notice they saved the best for last.

    Posted by: Kyle M. Sullivan | Jul 25, 2012 6:16:52 PM

  14. Sorry, who's Evil Jeff?

    Posted by: bravo | Jul 25, 2012 7:12:32 PM

  15. Meh!!

    Posted by: Robert | Jul 25, 2012 8:38:10 PM

  16. I still think Chris Bines is one of the sexiest men alive

    Posted by: william | Jul 25, 2012 8:42:46 PM

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