1. Dback says

    Now, this is an original screenplay, but loosely based on Baum’s books and backstory, correct? I wonder how they’ll sort out all the Good Witch of the North-South confusion. (In the book, they’re separate characters, and Glinda is the Witch of the South; the MGM version and Gregory Maguire made her the witch of the North and never mentioned the South.) There was also a “master fairy” named Queen Lurline in both Baum and Maguire who originally enchanted Oz and made it a fairyland.

    With this much talent involved and the gorgeous production design, it sure looks promising, but a lot of numbskulls (I’m looking at you Siskel and Ebert) hated Disney’s “Return to Oz” and considered it a “ripoff” of the MGM film. And with “Wicked” in the pipeline as well, this movie has its work cut out for it. Still, that trailer gave me goosebumps.

  2. Icebloo says

    I was all excited to hear about this but then I saw it was Disney making it so it’s going to disappoint ! Why couldn’t a better company make it ?

  3. Mark says

    Looks like Gremlins in Oz.. I hate when they put those stupid little flying characters in movies..They are nothing more then merchandising gimmicks.

  4. Matt26 says

    Looks wonderful!
    James Franco suits well and looks gorgeus.
    @Bob, I disagree, why do boring “normal” films, when have opportunities like this? JF is too good to have a regular acting career.

  5. AJ says

    They are keeping the Wicked Witch of the West a secret. I think this looks great, but trailers can be deceiving. Personally I love the MGM original but it strayed so far from Baum’s brilliant work which is much darker. I would love to see more faithful adaptations someday. People are so terrified of stepping on the toes of the 39 version and I wish they would get over it. Plenty of fantastic material yet to be mined.

  6. Dave J says

    Why do all trailers have the exact same cadence and rhythm? Not to mention, the same overblown choral music.

    And always, the final tagline “Are you the great man etc.” And then the “surprise” green hand when you think it’s over.

    It’s mind numbing, especially in a theater when you are forced to watch ten in row…

    My morning grumble…

  7. says

    I want to be excited about this, but it’s hard to imagine they’ll do an amazing job. Their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ remake was horrible.

    The original Wizard of Oz film was so bright and cheery that darker and bleaker would be the only way to go. And as someone above mentioned… everyone’s already waiting for WICKED instead.

    BTW, Return to Oz was great!

  8. enough already says

    Mirror, Mirror comes to mind when reading the negative comments here and elsewhere today.
    We decided to see the film primarily because the oh-so-jaded critics despised it.

    It was very good.

    This film will be, too. It can’t be otherwise, with all the nastiness already being dumped on it. Disney a bad studio? Sure, but, sugah, it’s 2012, Mickey is back in charge, not the bean-counters.
    James Franco should do boring everyday films? Because there aren’t enough dark, pretty, smart, competent actors around these days?

    I never liked the Oz books as a child, they scared me. As an adult, I am looking forward to seeing how they cope with pure evil.

    Will this film be measured against the 1939 film? Of course. There’s a multitude of reasons it’s still one of the absolute must-see’s after 73 years. And that’s a good thing – better to strive for the stars and fail than for Disney to return to the junk of the 80s and 90s.

  9. anon says

    The original Wizard of Oz is actually less dark and scary than the movie. The wicked witch is barely a character at all in the book. A bizarre problem with the book is that the original map was printed backwards, with E reversed with W, making things hard to follow as you read along. The good thing about the Baum books is that they break from European–Brothers Grimm traditions and establish an American Idiom that sadly, Hollywood ignored.

  10. Redebbm says

    @Elias Barton, Alice in Wonderland was NOT a remake of the original Disney version. Though i will agree much was left to be desired from that film, and i find a lot of similarities between that trailer and this one so I’ll keep my Fingers crossed as a big Disney fan.

    I am one of those waiting for Wicked. Wasn’t that film that suppose to be releasing a trailer soon?

  11. Mario says

    Too choppy. I was not impressed.. and wasn’t poor dorothy’s house completely smashed up in the twister? Ha, ha. That little flying thing was cute.

    In the original movie, the Wizard and all other main characters come over when Dorothy does, that is why Ms. Gultch turns into the witch.

    Does Sam need help? I could offer my assistance at a price.

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