1. Yup says

    Who taught her how a vibrator works? Any one person’s opinion on this subject means nothing. It’s all up to “The Supreme Court” Venture outside this acceptance bubble, and you’ll find that there is still too much radiation to sustain gay life.

  2. Jim says

    The election in Washington state will be decided in a handful of precincts in a few counties. It all comes down to getting the vote out–especially among 18-25 year olds. There needs to be a huge vote pro-SSM in Seattle, Tacoma, etc to offset the hate vote in central and eastern counties. There’s no argument left to make; nobody is truly undecided. Use that $2.5 mil from Bezos to work to get the pro-SSM supporter to vote. Pro-SSM ads should now emphasize voting: everybody who has a gay relative or friend has a moral obligation to vote for gay marriage. That’s the campaign for the last 100 days. Nothing else will win. We’re gonna win this or lose it by a hair’s breadth. I say win it!

  3. says

    Jim: I respectfully disagree. Don’t write off Eastern WA just yet: there are people there who can be swayed by the message of “freedom” and “fairness”. Many less-politically-minded people haven’t thought this through yet.

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