‘Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen’ in NYC to Offer Pro-Gay Marriage Chicken Sandwich

Those of you in NYC looking to get engaged in the chicken sandwich culture wars may want to stop into Schnipper's Quality Kitchen on 8th Avenue in midtown or East 23rd street during August.

SchnippersEater NY reports:

Throughout the month of August, the restaurant will donate $1 from every chicken filet sandwich to Marriage Equality USA, a non-profit that works to secure legally recognized civil marriages. Those chicken patties are fried to order, and they're damn tasty. Owner Andrew Schnipper notes: "A truly good Chicken Filet Sandwich would always be in favor of Marriage Equality."

If you're looking for an alternative form of protest, GLAAD has a list going.


  1. Rick says

    Could we please stop playing into the hands of KFC, McDonalds, and restaurants like this one trying to exploit our issues with Chick-fil-a?

    I just read that some group organized an “Eat at KFC” day….KFC, one of the absolute worst offenders in terms of animal welfare of all the fast-food chains.

    Boycott Chick-fil-a; fine. Just don’t use it as a reason to support other meat-promoting organizations that, in their own way, are just as bad as Chick-fil-a is, from an overall social responsibility perspective, even if they are not attacking us directly.

  2. dave says

    Yea Schnipper’s! I live a few blocks from the 23rd Street location and eat there all the time. They have great fresh food and friendly service. Now I can feel even better about eating there!

  3. says

    I live close to them and just notified my friends on facebook. I hope they are prepared for the massive amount of business they will be getting from me and a dozen of my friends soon, and (if it’s good) on a regular basis too.

  4. FanofDance says

    Guys, please be sure to tell them that you’re thankful of their compassion and support…and just speaking out for marriage equality (the more people/companies/politicians do..THE BETTER) and let them know you appreciate it.

  5. JustIn77 says

    I don’t care if it’s for profit (good for them! who couldn’t use money) or whatever…in a climate where homophobes mobilize to attack us and our allies, and strip us of our rights, ANY establishment that shows support from us gets support from me.

  6. says

    I think we should leave positive reviews on their yelp page. For those of us not near the store, that’s how you can contribute to leaveing a positive mark for a company that endorses our rights.

    Yelp them.

  7. Rick says

    “A truly good Chicken Filet Sandwich would always be in favor of Marriage Equality.”

    What a stupid statement. A better one would be that anyone who is in favor of gay rights also should be in favor of animal rights, since the principles are the same.

    How pathetic that any of you are allowing yourselves to be manipulated by a business that makes profits off of (in all likelihood) factory-farmed animals, which are stuffed into cages so small that they cannot even turn around and have to stand in their own excrement their entire lives.

    People who run such businesses are as despicable in their own way as the owners of Chick-fil-a are in their disregard for basic rights and common decency.

  8. anon says

    I remember when Andrew Schnipper founded Hale and Hearty soups with his brother many many years ago. My parents are friends with their parents. Good for them.

  9. berdbrayn says

    Thank you Rick. I vow not to eat at another fast food franchise until chickens can get married.

    I’ll skip all fast food until all the small baby goats are no longer beat up by the bigger bully bulls on the school bus.

    I won’t have fast food until all cats and dogs have visitation rights in animal hospitals.

    Until lovebirds can adopt. When penguins get tax breaks from the government.

    I won’t have a fast food fest until teen-aged lesbian ducks are no longer shot to death execution style for hanging around in the park.

    I’ll just live on carrots unti–oh damn. Carrots are buried in dirt all their lives until they’re pulled out, scalped and shoved in boiling water.

    This is not about fair treatment of chickens. It’s about people, specifically LGBTQI people. It’s about putting our money, our voices and our politics into places that will support us through visibility and inclusive action, so that we will be allowed to live the lives that we deserve to live without being beaten, forgotton, arrested, left out of wills, off insurance, out of hospital rooms, or being shot or beaten to death because we’re holding hands in a park.

    Animal rights & the fair treatment of animals is an important conversation for everyone to continue having, just not with this issue.

  10. CKNJ says

    Good for Schnippers! And Rick… give it a rest, you sound shrill and hysterical! They are donating money to a gay cause, that count for nothing in your miserable book? Ugh, you don’t do animal rights causes any favors coming across like that!

  11. Sandwich Wars. Really? says

    It’s so depressing that people think this is awesome; it reads like a parody of itself. (Haters get ready: I’m Very Shrill also.)

    Supporting any company that decides to hop on the “gay is cool” bandwagon is just foolish — these companies are giving only a symbolic amount to help our causes because they’ve calculated that they’ll gain much more for themselves in return. When it’s a mom-and-pop store, that’s not necessarily a problem. But it’s most often a pattern we see playing out with large corporations (e.g. Kraft, General Mills…), and that’s when we need to acknowledge the harm that’s being done in our names as we blithely stuff our faces with Oreos, participate in a lame ad war between chicken sandwich companies, and praise a list of corporations on HRC’s website without looking into what else they’re up to.

    No, we can’t fix every problem in the world through individual consumer choices — but it’s also possible to advocate for political change in ways that don’t involve purchasing products!

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