1. Caliban says

    I’m not a big hip-hop fan but I really like Macklemore’s “Same Love” and what he has to say in it. For me it’s Mary Lambert’s vocals that really make it palatable, but the overall message is a good one.

  2. Red Velvet says

    There’s no such thing as hip hop “music” it’s just noise. Noise from a bunch of entitled, gold chain wearing thugs. I don’t believe this guy is one of those people, he seems grounded, and I hope he uses his talents to broaden his appeal in other musical genres. Hip hop will make a caricature out of him (think Eminem) if he sticks around it too long.

  3. Dynex says

    I always bust out laughing when rappers are called artists. No disrespect to this cat, as he seems less hip-hop and more soul, but rappers are no artists, unless you consider shouting, complaining about the same melodramatic things, strippers in strip clubs laced with a crap load of vilgarity “artistic”
    It’s not. Never will be.

  4. IonMusic says

    I’m also not a fan of hip hop due to what it represents (sexism, violence, lack of class and most of all..homophobia) but I definitely applaud this artist for speaking out for what is right and wish him all the best

  5. Caliban says

    Christ. As I said before I’m not a big Hip-hop or Rap fan, though there has been the occasional song I liked. Yes, some of it is homophobic, misogynist, and glorifies violence and crime. But not all of it does and some rap works as spoken-word poetry, capable of sharp word-play that expresses real life experiences and meaningful ideas. Layered with music and singing (as Mary Lambert does here) even a non-fan like me can enjoy some of it.

    Dismissing an entire musical genre out of hand doesn’t make you an aesthete with superior taste, just someone unwilling to try the unfamiliar, no different than someone who won’t try unfamiliar food.

  6. James says

    Can we take a break from bashing a musical genre (that is significantly more diverse than most people give it credit for) and give this guy some credit for speaking up for the issue?

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