1. gary says

    wow. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner sure earned the first 5 letters of his last name … he makes perfect SENSE. i applaud this man for standing up for what is right.

  2. Mike8787 says

    Not to rain on this parade, but why do you think he disagrees with Bachmann? Because he knows Abedin. This story is a testament to the value of diversity in our neighborhoods — he knows this Muslim woman, so she is humanized and mistreatment of her is wrong. I wonder how he would feel on other issues if he “knew” a gay person, or an undocumented immigrant.

  3. SoLeftImRight says

    @Mike8787, definitely agree with your point. I had to reread that quote several times to make sure I wasn’t missing some knee-jerk, jerk-off, right wingnuttery, but he just stated perfectly the separation of church and state, just as it is in this country. Full stop. If only every “conservative” would read and understand this, we would be a long way toward a healthier nation.

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