1. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I don’t understand how this can happen. Colorado is a God-fearing, Jesus-loving, Queer-hating, comformity-demanding, rugged-individualism-preaching conservative state.

    Having vented my spleen about American religion, this is just heart-breaking. One doesn’t know what to do with this. SO very sorry.

  2. Matt26 says

    The youngest treated in the hospital is a 3-month-old baby.
    So very sad. Unbelievable. Condolence to the families lost their love one/s. And lots of support to the entire community.

  3. DrJWL says

    I dont think it matters if a baby that age normally sleeps through a moivie. That is stil no place for a three month old. That is really stupid. Also, I think the kind of person who stands around and videos the aftermath of a disaster is sick and needs a kick in the a$$, not time on the news.

  4. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    At a mutliplex theater, 5 or 10 DIFFERENT movies are showing at the same time, so of course, the killer doesn’t fire at the crowd outside the theater, or inside the lobby or waiting to buy tickets. The killer breaks into the specific auditorium that’s showing “The Dark Knight Rises” and fires on the crowd watching THAT movie. Oh, I get it. Thanks, Rush Limbaugh.

  5. Dback says

    And the NRA and right-wingers release a statement exploiting this tragedy to claim that Obama will now be pushing for tighter gun laws and a watered-down 2nd Amendment in 5…4…3…2…

  6. endo says

    Before anyone goes off on Ratbastard, keep in mind that trolls like him and Rick post things like that simply to infuriate you. They thrive off it.

  7. AG says

    I see, the left-wing scum is salivating to use the tragedy for their political purposes. Starting from the very first comment. I could say Have you no shame? But I know you don’t.

  8. unruly says

    Mental illness will always be around (and killers) but it’s a lot harder to do spree killings when you don’t have automatic weapons. The sheer number of rounds that were fired points to that fact. To anyone who doesn’t understand that I wish you were in that theater.

  9. jamal49 says

    @AG how’s about you take your 2nd Amendment pistol and shove it up your….. never mind. That would be shameless, wouldn’t it?

    Well, as I sit here salivating, let me say this AG: it is time to stop the NRA and its advocacy of gun violence and murder.

    Go ahead, AG. Support the NRA. Meanwhile, wipe that blood off your hands.

  10. jakeinlove says

    This is obviously a horrible and senseless crime. However shame on ABC for calling his mother! That might just be standard protocol, but wow.

  11. ratbastard says

    Oh please. I’m not a troll, you call anybody you don’t like or don’t agree with, trolls.

    He’s obviously mentally ill or has a serious personality disorder. And yes, it’s possible he’s a LGBT’er, why not?

  12. ratbastard says

    I can tell that he’s mentally ill because I’m mentally ill as well. I mean, I make up stories about black people murdering my dad so I can continue to post anti-black sentiments online. Does that sound sane to you?

  13. MATT says

    @RATBASTARD: and it’s possible he is not. Why don’t you wait for the real FACTS before you spout of your nonsense. Allow the authorities to do the investigating, you know nothing there Columbo.

  14. Roz says

    A HuffPost member posted a comment today that I find compelled to share:

    “My intent is not to minimize the horrific tragedy in Aurora Colorado and the devastation their families are experiencing.

    However, the killer is a White adult male who walked into a packed movie theater, via an unconventional manner (exit door) ewearing full riot gear (helmet, gas mask), carrying automatic weapons, other weaponry and tear gas canisters, but was not viewed suspiciously or as threatening. Even after the White adult male began shooting, many incorporated his actions as part of the movie’s opening night showing, some type of stage act. In fact, at no time did anyone attempt to detain or follow the killer as he retreated, probably to re-load.

    Yet, a “hoodie” wearing Black minor male-child walking alone, in the rain towards his home while carrying only a bag of skittles and an iced drink while talking distractedly on a cell phone, is viewed as menacing and suspicious, thus stalked and murdered. As Gil Scott Heron said, “Home is Where the Hatred is.”

  15. Sarm says

    As usual, the perpetrator of such a massacre is a Christian. Very active in the church, as a matter of fact.

    When will people wake up and start dealing with Christianity as the terrorist religion that it is? Christians are nothing more than rabid dogs.

  16. zekeaz says

    I’ve been reading about this guy’s background in the newspapers and I sense a possible case of repressed homosexuality.

    A loner, soccer and cross country instead of football and basketball, techno music, a religious background…it could all be circumstantial, but it could also be a closeted and/or bullied gay kid who finally snapped.

  17. Mike says

    he was studying psychiatry and then went out and murdered these innocent people. Most of these killers are on psychiatric drugs and then they get a gun and murder people, like the Columbine School kids who were on psychiatric medications when they shot their class mates not far from this recent massacre.

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