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Singer Frank Ocean Comes Out: 'I Feel Like A Free Man'

FrankOceanOutResponding to rumors that he was coming out on his next album, Channel Orange, singer-songwriter Frank Ocean confirmed via Tumblr that he is indeed a gay man.

The declaration, build around the first time he fell in love, was meant to be included in Channel Orange's liner notes, but Ocrean decided to publish them ahead of time. Here is the bit about struggling to come to terms with his emotions as the love of his life bottled his own:

4 summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19 years old. He was too. We spent that summer, and the summer after, together. Everyday almost. And on the days we were together, time would glide. Most of the day I'd see him, and his smile. I'd hear his conversation and his silence ... until it was time to sleep. Sleep I would often share with him. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless...

I sat there and told my friend how I felt. I wept as the words left my mouth. I grieved for them, knowing I could never take them back for myself. He patted my back. He said kind things. He did his best, but he wouldn't admit the same. He had to go back inside soon. It was late and his girlfriend was waiting for him upstairs. He wouldn't tell me the truth about his feelings for me for another 3 years. I felt like I'd only imagined reciprocity for years. Now imagine being thrown from a cliff. No, I wasn't on a cliff, I was still in my car telling myself it was gonna be fine and to take deep breaths. I took the breaths and carried on. I kept up a peculiar friendship with him because I couldn't imagine keeping up my life without him. I struggled to master myself and my emotions. I wasn't always successful.

He concludes, "To my mother, you raised me strong. I know I'm only brave because you were first ... so thank you. All of you. For everything good. I feel like a free man."

Read the rest of Ocean's coming out remarks, which I've included as a pop-out window, AFTER THE JUMP.


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  1. Frank Ocean. Anderson Cooper. Happy Independence Day / let freedom ring, indeed.

    Posted by: Jedi | Jul 4, 2012 3:19:55 PM

  2. Good for him. Congrats.

    Posted by: Rick | Jul 4, 2012 3:30:31 PM

  3. Oh gurl, you know his uncle Billy Ocean was the original Caribbean Queen.

    Posted by: Gregoire | Jul 4, 2012 3:48:23 PM

  4. I became a Frank Ocean fan today. Congratulations to you, Frank! :)

    Posted by: jarrin | Jul 4, 2012 3:57:00 PM

  5. That just brought me to tears. Beautiful words. I won't read the comments that will surely try to destroy it.

    Posted by: Scar2 | Jul 4, 2012 4:19:32 PM

  6. So proud of him!

    Posted by: River | Jul 4, 2012 4:20:19 PM

  7. Why do headlines all over the net put words into his mouth (contradicting each other as well as him)?
    He didn't come out as gay, he didn't proclaim he is bisexual, he didn't say "I'm a homosexual," he didn't say he's straight and once had a one-time man-crush (parallel to when Ricky Martin said he was gay but once loved a woman).

    Frank Ocean said that, one time, 5 years ago, he was briefly in love with a guy who didn't reciprocate his feelings and that that summer had inspired his music.
    That should be the headline, with nothing more nor less to it. He hasn't said publicly whether he is gay, straight or bi or still trying to figure that out.

    I remember a milder form of this same syndrome when Ellen came out and said that she is a gay person and that she doesn't like it when someone calls her a lesbian because that "sounds like a disease." Headlines said "Ellen says 'I'm a lesbian.'" At least in that case, they had the right orientation but still the headline didn't match the reality.

    I'll be proud to have Frank Ocean on our team when he talks about this further (as he surely will), no matter whether he is bi (which would be great as there is a severe lack of bi male role models) or gay or even an ally from another category.

    I'll definitely be checking out his new music. For decades I've tired of hearing straight, bi and gay men uniformly singing lyrics about being in love with "her" and straight, bi and gay women singing about how "he" moves why I want "him." The pronouns alone will show that he's stepping away from cliches to get more real.

    Posted by: GregV | Jul 4, 2012 4:42:14 PM

  8. What he's done took balls.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jul 4, 2012 6:21:18 PM



    Posted by: CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON | Jul 4, 2012 6:29:38 PM

  10. "GREGV" (4 JULY; 4:42:14 PM),



    Posted by: CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON | Jul 4, 2012 6:45:55 PM

  11. Yay! I'll get his album

    See what it's all about

    Posted by: Marky | Jul 4, 2012 6:57:35 PM

  12. Beautiful soul and man. I'm so proud and inspired by Frank Ocean coming out while still an emerging artist. He could have waited until his career was establish like so many others but I'm happy he didn't. This is not just a great moment in hip-hop but beyond genres. I love his music and look forward to his album, Channel Orange, on July 17th.

    He wrote "I Miss You" on Beyonce's album, 4. I love his performance of it. Listening to now gives it a new meaning. It even more emotional and beautiful.

    Posted by: Linda | Jul 4, 2012 8:23:48 PM

  13. I wasn't really familiar with his music, but I'll check into it. The statement he wrote was really moving. Very sweet and personal - though I feel for him in his experience of heartache.

    Also great to see that he's getting support from Jay-Z. I'm thankful today for our LGBT brothers and sisters, and also our allies.

    Posted by: mike128 | Jul 4, 2012 8:54:04 PM

  14. what an eloquent coming out. Beautiful

    Posted by: Coffee&Chicory | Jul 4, 2012 9:18:34 PM

  15. Frank is not related to Billy Ocean , Frank Ocean is a stage name.He included that letter in liner notes and used male pronouns in songs about the man he was in love with.Please let him define and discuss his sexual orientation.We need to be patient and supportive.He is getting mostly love but alot of hate on gossip sites and blogs.Be strong Frank

    Posted by: Kimono | Jul 4, 2012 10:17:13 PM

  16. I'm not a fan of R & B or Rap but I am very proud of this smart & brave young man. Not only is he coming out so young but he is also coming out at the beginning of his career which is far more risky. He hasn't waited until his career is over like Ricky Martin and countless others.

    I hope his career soars !

    Posted by: Icebloo | Jul 5, 2012 2:25:29 AM

  17. Folks, go find his mix tape nostalgiaULTRA and download it. It's brilliant.. I've been enjoying it for a couple of years and have enjoyed some of his writing work for others particularly "I Miss U" for Beyonce. His version of that is amazing.

    Posted by: ben | Jul 5, 2012 9:47:14 AM

  18. He makes great music. It's much more culturally
    meaningful that he came out, than a cuddled trustafarian
    like AC.

    If you don't know his music,
    You should, very very gifted.

    Posted by: Mike in nyc | Jul 5, 2012 1:05:26 PM

  19. CHRIS,

    was your comment meant for Bruce or Dan?

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jul 5, 2012 1:14:42 PM

  20. No one knows who he is

    Posted by: AT | Jul 5, 2012 4:50:23 PM

  21. Hopefully this will inspire less black gay men to live in so much hate. DL is a huge epedemic in the black community. So many black men told being gay is wrong that they buy into it, go to church, even marry. It's sad. Instead of fighting it or saying to the black community "this is who I am" many repress themselves.

    Posted by: Carlos | Jul 5, 2012 4:51:41 PM

  22. What kind of stupid lame name is Frank Ocean? Silly.

    Posted by: M | Jul 5, 2012 5:17:28 PM

  23. Hip hop is the lowest of low and only deemed music by those lacking in exposure to real music. Taking great music from the 80s and 70s and adding stupid rhymes to it than claiming it as their own...because that's all hip hop is: remixes. So pathetic.

    Posted by: Keepin it real | Jul 5, 2012 5:18:44 PM

  24. Are we supposed to know who this man is?


    Posted by: Piratetune | Jul 5, 2012 5:19:18 PM

  25. AT get a life!

    Ratabastard YES it was brave. Nothing more to say? Or Rick?

    Posted by: Rowan | Jul 5, 2012 5:21:03 PM

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