1. jason says

    Yawn, Lana Del Rey is a bore. She doesn’t look like the real lesbians I know. Yet another fake female lesbian designed to titillate sleazy straight guys if you ask me.

  2. UFFDA says

    As expressed by his fierce song “Why Not Fly” gay country folk singer Mark Weigle (the troll of trolls to all gay clonesmen) says if you’re going to kill yourself – as he once tried to – why not instead live as largely and outrageously as possible since what you’ve got to lose you have already been willing to forfeit. Is living freely and abundantly as long as you can worth the possibility of an early death?

  3. Dback says

    Reminds of the STRAND RELEASING logo/tag they put on the front of the films they release–the vintage-style film stock, the bells, the rolling smoke/fog. Kind of like the moodiness of the song and video; think I’ve underestimated Del Rey till now based on her SNL performance.

  4. Nanuq says

    Is anyone else as sick and tired of the “doomed lesbian” theme as I am?

    Guess what, our lives are good and solid and, except for the level of societal and family rejection, we’re no more prone to suicide than any depressed straight person is.

    Agree that there are way too many “lesbian” couples in movies put together for straight male titillation.

    Move on, already. Time for Hollywood to produce some funny, or romantic, or superhero movie with ‘normal’ gay people in them. We bleed red just like straight people.

  5. BenR says

    Disclosure: I’m pretty indifferent about both Lana Del Ray’s music and her videos.

    Did you guys watch the same video as me? You think this is about titilliation? There was nothing in this video for straight guys to get off on. It wasn’t sexualized at all. And I’m not sure why you’re talking about Hollywood needing to make more funny/romantic videos.

    A) This isn’t a Hollywood movie.

    B) It’s not a funny/romantic song.

    I for one think it’s a good thing that mainstream straight artists are eager to tell gay stories.

  6. yonkersconquers says

    I like the song a lot, I think the filming is gorgeous, the singer is a star, I have reservations about the message coming from the images. The Thelma and Louise bad girl trope is eternal, but the ending doesn’t have to be doomed.

  7. says

    @Nanuq-No, you’re not the only one sick and tired of the “doomed lesbian” memme. I think it’s homophobic and misogynist. As for the music, whatever. I haven’t been interested in music since the year 2000.

  8. RAX says

    Chick-Fil-A makes a statement about homosexuality: gays hate it.

    Lana Del Rey incorporates homosexual themes in her video: gays are tired of it.

    Madonna says the first thing she’d do as president is legalize gay marriage: gays call her an irrelevant dried-up hag.

    Anderson Cooper, Zachary Quinto, and David Hyde Pierce come out quietly: “Thanks but we already knew”

    Chris Evans and Ben Cohen say they have no problem with gay marriage: “OMG these guys are so brave. We need more role models like that. If only everyone was as brave as them. bravo!!”

  9. Randy says

    The video was taken down. I saw another, claiming to be the official video, but it didn’t seem to include lesbians or suicides.

    I saw the actual video you’re referring to, but the music had been stripped from it.

    Because, you know, fans like that.

    Or something.

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