1. Brian says

    Like most people living in London we feel a bit under siege with the olympic invasion. So it’s nice to see so much happiness in this video, almost makes up for the massive inconvenience!

  2. Butch says

    Can’t play the video right now because of my current location, but…am I the only person left in the known universe who has never actually heard this song?

  3. say what says

    I wish them all luck BUT only a few seconds of Phelps in the begining is BS


    More Phelps and less the others please….Im totally biased for the tall gooffy cute gold medal winning pot smocking super athlete

  4. Tim says

    Brian, you took the words right out of my mouth. I am far more interested in the games now that I’ve seen a human face from the athletes that isn’t a PR job. I wish all the competitors best of luck!

  5. Silus Grok says

    The look on the face of Jimmy Feigen’s couch-mate is priceless.

    So, since we’re asking — who’s the cutie at 1:00, and the other cutie in glasses at 2:20?

  6. tinkerbelle says

    They are all Yummy, boys AND girls… just curious and not to open a can of worms but they also seem to be REALLY caucasian. Are there not black or asian swimmers competing too? Or is this an area where it’s usually just caucasians (where in Dog’s name did THAT word come from?). Or did I miss something? Love the guy in the glasses, glasses in the pool no less… also, why are they flying coach?

  7. Evey says

    @Tinkerbelle… They aren’t flying coach; it was a chartered flight. LOVED Jimmy Feigen’s bit, and all of the parts where the swimmers look like they are having fun. In such a competitive sport, it’s awesome to see this camaraderie within the team, and also to see they know how to dial down the stress! Thanks for posting.

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