1. RONTEX says

    This is pretty sad but typical of how the righties are freaking the f#@k out and “training” the next generation of Christian Soldiers to send into battle. If Obama wins this election (and we’re up sh*t creek if he doesn’t) we better be prepared for the battle for 2016. We CAN NOT become complacent, ever again if we don’t want to lose everything we have worked so hard to gain.

  2. Mike says

    One of my favorite things in the entire universe is when right-wing conservatives accuse gays of wanting to indoctrinate children. That keeps me smiling all. night. long.

  3. says

    I’m not about to click on a video by a “ultra-conservative” 6 year-old (isn’t the Palin family enough?), but where does “He’s not white” fall on the list? Just curious.

  4. Kenneth says

    Considering the sources his “parents” get their information, they might as well be making their decisions on the thoughts of a six year old. I wonder what they are going to do when their little precious comes out, or perhaps this is the next generation’s ‘Rick!”

  5. JohnAGJ says

    Cute kid. Beyond that, I don’t pay much attention to pre-schoolers when it comes to politics. Trying to exploit a kid’s “cuteness” to sway my views is laughable at best. One wonders at what age he will speak out a la Jonathan Krohn against his parent’s indoctrination?

  6. david says

    it is probably a response to many lgbt kids being vocal about their parents’ rights. But the difference is the LGBT kids usually are eloquent, logical and voice their concern with reason and heart.

    However, by doing so, the other side can successfully discredit anyone who are deemed to be a minor, let he/she be 6 or 16.

    Bad money drives good money out of the market, it is simply economics in a political landscape. Evil yours truly i guess.

  7. says

    Using their 6 year old son as a mouthpiece for their backward views – this kid’s parents have reached a low that would make Chris Brown cringe. They must be grooming him to be the next Caiden Cowger.

    That poor kid has no idea what the hell conservative values are. He’s just parroting what mommy and daddy tell him to say so he can get a cookie. They need to let their kid be a kid and stop filling his head with idiotic nonsense.

  8. says

    The most shameful thing is that this kid is standing on his own two feet with his opinion instead of leaning on and parroting the government. We cannot have six year olds doing stuff like this! They need to be seen in their proper roles as victims of capitalism and in need of everything.

  9. woodroad34 says

    Yes, this about sums it up. Extremist conservatives are ill-formed adults, uninformed children, immature six-year-olds. Yep, that’s the stereotype and I’m sticking to it. Call me when they have actual adults who are interesting. I’m not expecting any phone calls, ’cause it’ll never happen.

  10. Icebloo says

    The Republicans will stop at nothing to gain momentum – here they are brainwashing a child about things a child does not yet need to be worrying about. This to me is a form of child abuse – what kind of parents use their kids like this to further a political agenda ? Have they no shame or decency ?

    The Republicans would sell their own mothers if they could make a dollar. They disgust me.

    Take note all of you idiot Grubs (Gay Republicans) – this is an excellent example of “family values” by the ridiculous right

  11. Matt says

    Parents shouldn’t bring kids into politics. His parents should be ashamed. But they’re so shameless, they don’t care. They’re “proud” of him, even though he doesn’t know what he’s doing or saying. Poor kid.

  12. scott says

    Maybe it is my liberal bias speaking- but- I don’t see liberals/progressives forcing their kids to do these kinds of things. A prime example is JOnathan Krohn- I’ve never seen the progressive counterpart- something Jonathan noted in a recent interview retracting many of his past statements and beliefs.

    Not saying progressives are better parents- or even that they don’t try to indoctrinate their children, I’m sure there are some who do, but that it appears they don’t try to make them into miniature pundits.

    Or amI wrong- are there precocious progressive kids like the one above?

  13. Mike says

    This is proof that some evil parents (most likely antigay Christians) are brainwashing their children to hate, one day their children will be mental cases with real guns and start shooting people like James Holmes did in Colorado.

  14. Josh says

    At least he has real parents. He didn’t come out of a laboratory.
    Think what you will but this is the “hidden enemy” you’ll be facing in November. You’re all cool with it, but homosexuality is a hard sell to the majority, And we’re outnumbered.

  15. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Trump and Faux News brain washing starts early. Guns from “good guys”? Is this the wild west? His family has too much pride for food stamps. Standing in line, for four hours with sunglasses on, at the local food bank is much easier.

  16. says

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  17. says

    dear kid, your parents just ensured that the only girl sad enough to ever sleep with you will be a toothless Westboro reject with a face so hideous it acts as its own chastity belt.

    they just set him up for future embarrassment. this is how you’ll be referred to in college, kiddo. you can thank your piece-of-s**t parents for that.

  18. jamal49 says

    I’d rank this as a blatant example of the psychological abuse of a child.

    I’d also rank this as a blatant example of the cowardice of republicons: use an innocent child to front for your hatred, racism and bigotry.

    Classy. Really classy.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    Jamie in Las Vegas:

    I felt exactly the same thing. He puts his hands on his hips so many times, and appears as though he’s about to Vogue.

    I can just see him easily in a new video with tears in his eyes screaming, “LEAVE BRISTOL ALONE!!!!”

  20. dms says

    It’s actually great because it scares the hell out of the independent middle–the body of people who will actually decide this election.
    The more right the GOP shifts, the more left the middle will vote.

  21. says

    I’d say the chances are high that when this kid grows up and gets a mind of his own, he will be mortified at the things he said in this video. I have to say he’s nellier than I was at that age. Not saying he’s a gay child, but there’s a pretty good chance. Parroting your parents views is probably the best way to earn their approval. Being the child of a Pentecostal preacher ( minister is for rich people per my upbringing) I spouted a lot of things that I would be so embarrassed to see on tape now. I feel for the kid. He won’t have an easy road with parents like that.

  22. mmike1969 says

    And it’s the sicko religious repukes who make false claims that gays/lesbians recruit into their ranks.

    It actually looks like sick repukes are the ones recruiting and brain-washing the young and stupid.

  23. Jerry6 says

    I could care less what his parents views are, but to do something that will make the child hate their guts over when he grows up and sees what a fool they made him into as a child.

  24. Jerry6 says

    I could care less what his parents views are, but to do something that will make the child hate their guts over when he grows up and sees what a fool they made him into as a child.

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