1. Mister Reasonable says

    I live in New York and all I can say is “thank God.” Hosting the Olympics here would have been a nightmare with the city’s aging infrastructure and continual lack of public investment. The London Games are part of a large regeneration program; the New York plan would have destroyed neighborhoods, not regenerated them.

    This not to say that I think that the city can’t conceivably host the games. I think we can. But this was not the plan.

  2. bravo says

    Oh my god — can you imagine what a nightmare this would have been. On the plus side, there would have been thousands of hot guys parading through the city!

  3. says

    We’re certainly due for a Summer Olympics, but I don’t think NYC should get it.

    I’d rather see the Olympics in Chicago, Boston or San Francisco — some kind of old, historic world city that hasn’t had the Summer Olympics before.

    Of course, the IOC process for obtaining an Olympic bid is 100% corrupt and usually involved bribery to get it… so I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing many, if any, Summer Olympics in America in our lifetimes.

    (We’ll probably still get a few Winter Olympics, if only because it’s harder to find good cities to host Olympic games… and we have numerous cities, including some that haven’t even hosted yet.)

  4. says

    Gah – lots of typos and errors above. Should have read it before submitting.

    One correction needed is I meant to say, “it’s harder to find good cities in cold regions to host Winter Olympic games”

  5. Josh says

    It would have created a lot of new spaces for the city. Interesting to note that One World Trade Center is still not completed in 2012. 9/11 was in 2001.

  6. D.B. says

    It’s actually very surprising that NYC hasn’t ever hosted the Olympics given that most of the world’s other major cities have already hosted the games.

    New York was an applicant city for the 2012 games, but only became the U.S. candidate post 9/11. Prior to 9/11, San Francisco was the frontrunner for a U.S. bid, but the WTC attack pulled focus to NYC.

    And there were problems with the SF bid proposal — SF doesn’t have a large general-purpose stadium or arena in the city — planners proposed that the main stadium events, including the opening and closing be held at the Stanford Stadium, making the host city Palo Alto, and not really SF.

    The best chance for a future U.S. Olympics will be the 2026 Winter Games, most likely in Denver.

  7. SoLeftImRight says

    I am a fan of the Olympics and international sports comptetitions in general (World Cup, tennis grand slams, etc.). The US Open brings a fun vibe to the city, but that’s just one event. I’m very glad we are not having it in NYC. Zero interest in the security theater nightmare that would have engulfed the city, though probably could have left for two weeks and rented my apartment for thousands.

    Good luck to London, good start with the opening ceremony. Glad it’s you and not us.

  8. Amber says

    Maybe it’s just me but I was just meh with the opening ceremony. It was pretty stale and not what I expected. I expected more. It was all one big cluster….

  9. paul says

    Thought the opening was dazzling, baffling, witty, rebellious, and epic. I mean the queen jumped out of a plane !! Perhaps not quite as obvious as you would expect and Im sure a lot of references went way over US audience head. England’s thinking has always been left of center and we pride ourselves on eccentricity. I think they did a grand job. Especially moving was seeing fireworks go off down the Thames and the then the cauldron shifting into place. Magical. I actually loved the Great Ormond Street Hospital Tribute…and the fact that our national healthcare system is a source of national pride. Very very very British and very proud.

  10. RBearSAT says

    It’s interesting looking back on the bid process in 2005. NYC should have never been the US bid city for the Olympics. There were so many problems with the bid, as noted already. The stadium snafu was probably the nail in the coffin for the bid, going into the selection. Chicago had the best bid, in my opinion, but lost out to post 9/11 politics. I really don’t think NYC could host the games, given the political climate in the city and state.

    Hosting the games is an expensive venture for countries and Rio 2016 is probably going to create some create financial strains on Brazil. However, these bids also help revitalize cities in so many ways. Looking at the cost of the games security has become one of the biggest expenses, which really has nothing to do with the Games but more with the political state of our world.

  11. Gregoire says

    I go back and forth on it. But you cant deny that having thousands of hot athletes from most every country in the world would not really be a negative. I mean, can you imagine the Craigslist sex ads?

  12. John says

    Ryan, why is the U.S. “due” for the Summer Games? We’ve had them four times already, including twice in the past 28 years. Let other countries build their white elephant stadiums for awhile.

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