The AIDS Memorial Quilt is Now Online


Visit the massive memorial HERE. 6000 blocks of 8 panels each.

"Microsoft Research Connections partnered with the University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab, Brown University, University of Iowa, National Endowment for the Humanities, NAMES Project Foundation, and others to create several interactive digital exhibits that allow the public to explore the largest work of community-created folk art in the world."

More info here.


  1. adamblast says

    Thank you Microsoft.

    Digitizing the AIDS Quilt is a dream I never expected to see realized. Browsing its panels is a powerful, sad, beautiful experience.

  2. Tom says

    Somehow, with all those panels, I managed to find my late partner’s within a quick couple minutes.
    The Quilt still stands as a moving tribute to all those lives lost.

  3. fritzrth says

    I first saw the quilt at the first March on Washington. At the time it seemed like every time you turned around another friend, loved-one, co-worker, bar buddy — someone you knew — had either died or been diagnosed.

    It was devastating.

    Then the quilt came along and gave us a way to remember them and to honor their lives. My eternal thanks to Cleve Jones for the original idea.

  4. LAXJFK says

    I just found a panel memorializing a good friend who died in 1993. On the back all of us signed and wrote a memory. I hadn’t seen it since that night. How amazing. A flood of memories…wow.

  5. James n Philly says

    Just looked through and found my fathers square. He passed in 1993 and looking at his piece reminds me of the man who was. Thank you to the volunteers who devote their time to preserving what I think is an important reminder of where we were and where we are going in the fight from this disease….

  6. chowder says

    This is great….my dearest friend and roommate worked at the Names Project for years before he passed and finding his name as well as others on here has been cathartic…..what a great piece of American history this is….

  7. says

    Big thank you to Microsoft and the University of Southern California for making this quilt viewable on a global level. The Quilt is an important document of love and the strength of the human spirit during a pandemic which lingers on.

    “Quilt Suite”: Homage to the AIDS Memorial Quilt
    “Quilt Suite” by NY artist/author Stephen Mead is comprised of 8 sections, each section paying homage to the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Having worked in the medical field for over a decade, as a direct care giver, Stephen’s own art became greatly influenced by the Quilt and its folk art tradition. “Quilt Suite” premiered at the Digital Film Festival IZOLENTA/’06, St. Petersburg, Russia, and then was excerpted online. This dvd includes Stephen’s spoken-word poetry, photo collages, and paintings in addition to digitized images. The narration and “fades” are set to music to create a moving soundscape of memory, love and loss. Included is a bonus edition of AIDS March ’88 shot with cloud footage in 2007.

  8. Robert Seth Vorisek says

    You should feel depressed. It’s not a fashion show. We all had a part in their loss, for ignoring the early signs, for politically financial cutbacks, for parents who threw their own children – flesh and blood – out of their homes because of their own shame. We should all feel a sense of depression for the simple fact WE could have done MORE. Elected out the politicians who would not see this as a Nationwide plague and those who did not foresee that an entire generation would be lost to this…horror!

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