1. yonkersconquers says

    It’s very on point about how ‘thugs’ police each others self-expression when it comes to masculinity and sex.

    I’m getting that it was not to this poster’s liking when he snarks that it’s ‘allegedly amusing’ and ‘funny.’

    I’m not sure what he missed. I’m not missing it. This is funny and scathing.

  2. Mark says

    I didn’t find this video humorous at all. I just see how these perpetuate the negative stereo types of black men. It even comes across coonish on so many levels.

  3. Matt in NYC says

    Brandon, I’ve had friends tell me that I’m ‘whiter than white’ My wardrobe is mostly from J. Crew (with some Polo thrown in for good measure) I own multiple pairs of both searsucker and madris shorts and pants. My favorite musicians list includes both Bruce and Billy, and no rappers. I still find this pretty damn funny, I have no idea what you’re complaining about.

  4. Matt in NYC says

    Oh, also, before anyone complains that I just like this because it’s stereotypical, (there were 5 posts while I was watching/typing) I live in the heights, and visit my bestie and his husband 5 blocks away in Harlem about every other week. And I’m not talking gentrified Harlem, I’m talking about seeing a guy on a quad doing wheelies on Adam Clayton Powell at 4pm on a Sunday around 134th. (Shout out to Yatenga, best french in Harlem)

  5. Jacques says

    Allegedly homophobic is more like it. I guess some people don’t know satire when they see it. It’s a satire on homophobia as well as on “every stereotype” of the thug culture. Oh yeah, and on closet cases, too. That’s some funny stuff, yo.

  6. don says

    Huh? What’s homophobic and in-the-closet about two men sitting on a stoop – presumably in their own neighborhood – yelling “you want me to sit on that?” to a hot guy walking down the street, then loudly discussing gym erections before doing an appletini dance on their way to a gay bar? I’m not sure I would have even noticed these guys if they were on my block. I did enjoy the two seconds of his stupid saggy pants falling off his ass, though.

  7. DrJWL says

    Thawas funny. I’m sorry some of you guys are so overly PC that you don’t get it. You should know, though…just between you and me, that is exactly what people hate about liberals.

  8. Solomon says

    Brandon, take the sand out of your 2xist underwear. The language wasn’t coarse, the content wasn’t homophobic, and honestly this is hilarious. Post something or don’t but I won’t let you have your cake and eat it to. Thanks though, this has enriched my life/day. :-)

  9. scott says

    It was …odd- tho kinda funny actually-

    also – google the guys and watch some of their youtube standup vids- awesome!!!!! Def some good talent

  10. MattS says

    My vote is funny. Kind of explicit for network TV (the n word). Is this supposed to be part of the revamped In Living Color or just viral marketing for the show?

    Curious, would this type of humor help break down discrimination towards gays in this culture or reinforce negative stereotypes? Either way, it’s funny from my perspective.

  11. Linda says

    That was great. The energy, the timing, the characters. I would think it will help break down discrimination because the guys are likeable and attractive.

  12. Armando Sanchez says

    White people all like, “OH EM GEE. I don’t know WHAT I just watched. All my Black humor references can’t seem to help me understand this, thus, I do not find this funny. This HAS to be racist if I don’t get it. Humph!”

    People of color be like, “See, white gays! Now you know how it feels to have some content on this website not aimed towards your interests. That’s us the majority of the time.”

  13. Raheem says

    That was funny.

    The post drives home something I’ve been noticing lately – how very humorless and uncomfortable the bloggers on this site are around anything involving nonwhite people. I come to Towleroad because (sadly) it’s the gay blog that covers the widest range of queer-male-interest news and culture I’ve found on the Internet – not that it does so particularly well. It says much about the sorry state of gay media that a leading site like this is still so narrow-minded and bewildered by anything outside a limited upper-middle-class-urban-gay-white-male perspective. It’s embarrassing – if II weren’t holding down a full-time job already, I would rebrand you.

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