1. says

    i think all of us that read the novel collectively thought it was going to be unfilmable. trust ang lee to confound expectations. between this trailer and the teaser shown before Prometheus i’m floored.

    literally counting the days. thank you ang lee!!

  2. Paul R says

    Yeah, it’s a great book. I’m still a bit surprised that studios have been releasing trailers six months before a movie’s release, but I guess that’s called marketing.

  3. AJ says

    I concur, Andy and everyone. Drop what you are doing, get this book and read it. I have read it five times and discover something new each time. One of my absolutely favorite novels ever! And regarding this trailer: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  4. AJ says

    And look at Richard Parker! Even the parts that HAVE to be CGI look great of him. Can’t wait!

  5. Me! says

    The film is very different than the book. They changed the ending and there is only the tiger on the lifeboat….

  6. highly recommend says

    The immediate reaction of almost anyone who reads this novel is to reread it. Just read it, don’t listen to anyone’s discussion of it, that would ruin it. Let it unfold.

  7. Jeff says

    I agree with earlier posts, in that the movie seems almost impossible to bring to the screen, and, that its one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read (and will have to reread prior to lining up in the theatre). Ang Lee is the only director I can think of who could take this on in any fashion that I would trust to see in a theatre without thinking that he would ruin a beloved book for me. “anthony Mingella significantly altered “The English Patient”, but the crux of the book remained beautifully intact. My fingers are crossed for Mr. Lee.

  8. Tamika says

    Miss Martel plagiarized that book. I hope that the author she stole from is getting some royalties from the movie.

  9. AJ says

    @TAMIKA: WRONG. First Martel is male. Second, he didn’t plagiarize a book. He drew inspiration from reading a review of one and even credited the author of the book:

    From Wikipedia: “Martel also stated that his inspiration for the book’s premise came from reading a book review of Brazilian author Moacyr Scliar’s 1981 novella Max and the Cats, about a Jewish-German refugee who crossed the Atlantic Ocean while sharing his boat with a jaguar.[13][14] Scliar said that he was perplexed that Martel “used the idea without consulting or even informing me,” and indicated that he was reviewing the situation before deciding whether to take any action in response.[15][16] After talking with Martel, Scliar elected not to pursue the matter.[17] A dedication to Scliar “for the spark of life” appears in the author’s note of Life of Pi.”

  10. says

    I felt that guy looked Indian, then I read the title and found that it was about some book called ‘THE LIFE OF PI’ and I realised that it was the same book that I’d come across two days ago in our college library….Then, I read the comments and saw people appreciating the book so, I searched the internet to find more about it and now I’m waiting for the night to get over so, that as soon as the library opens the next morning, first things first, I’m gonna issue the book. LOL Guys sometimes you should keep people like us updated about good things like this instead of putting across your valuable opinions. I think that would be a great away to use the comment feature of this website and the world would be so nice that way. :)

  11. Henry Holland says

    I haven’t read the book, but I saw the trailer at “Prometheus” and thought “Meh”. The new trailer, however, really is stunning and has me very interested in the movie.

  12. Gilder says

    Read the book twice and loved it. Didn’t think it could be filmed. But with Ang Lee directing, I have hopes for a really good film. Read the book before you see the movie. It might be changed but nobody could forget the tiger or the meerkats though how they got on that island is a mystery. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  13. says

    FOund the book boring and dull as dishwater. Author has a knack for long description that ultimately bores. Did get interesting after the shipwreck after about page ninety, then he kills the suspense halfway through by revealing his own ending. It is a great story though, and looking forward to the film.

    PS I am a filmmaker and could see it was totally filmable from the start. If you consider the book as background for a screenplay lol