Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1170

UPCHUCK: Grate at Grand Central Terminal belches during Wednesday's NYC rain-pocalypse. NY Mag: "There are so many metaphors in this visual, and all of them are disgusting."

CLOUDY: An animated short by artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III of FriendsWithYou.

KIM DOTCOM: The strange, embattled Megaupload founder awaiting possible extradition to the U.S. from New Zealand on copyright infringement charges defiantly releases a music video.

FORMULATION: Lady Gaga unveils new ad for Fame fragrance.

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  1. graphicjack says

    Lady Xerox strikes again. Madonna has a perfume, so of course Gaga now needs one. Can she please have her own career without borrowing so heavily from someone else’s? The girl’s got talent for sure… too bad she’s unable to have an original thought of her own.

  2. Thomas says

    GraphicJack…You must be aware that almost everyone who has a drop of fame these days has their own perfume. To say GaGa is copying Madonna by releasing her own fragrance takes an astonishing amount of ignorance. Would you troll a news story about Madonna’s perfume and say she is xeroxing her ideas from Elizabeth Taylor? Probably not.

    GaGa’s haters are even more annoying then her little monsters.

  3. Toto says

    Eck… that jerk Kim Dotcom didnt give two shits about freedom of speech or politics for that matter while he was still the 1% living fat (literally) off of the revenue of what in reality helped pirating become more convenient. Im not in agreement w/ SOPA but ultimately this guy is only in this for himself.

  4. velocifero says

    When is the LGBT community going to stop making hero’s out of fake PopStars like Gaga? She’s an absolute fake in everyway: She says she never lip syncs – she lip syncs in video of her “Born This Way” stadium shows – she’s against drugs she says – she tweets constantly about Coke use – she’s against the whole celebrity trip – yet she hangs out with the biggest media whore Lindsey Lohan. And for the record, her stink water is a rip off another perfume from the 1990s. Just because she gives lip service to the LGBT community doesn’t make her worthy of being an idol. I’m still waiting to see what her so-called tax haven, The Born This Foundation is supposed to be doing for teens. We as a community need to embrace the everyday heroes we have around us – not some coked up, copy cat rip off artist whose fan base is made up of the worst kind of bullies ever. And she does nothing about it.

  5. Patrick says

    The Megaupload guy made a good video, and I agree with much of what is said but that business was built on copyright infringement of shows, movies, songs that a lot of people worked their butts off trying to create and those industries are hurt by sites like that. Nice video take out the Hollywood part and I’ll support!

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