1. TC says

    “57% oppose civil unions” — Not really. In order to say this, one must presume that the 28% who are in favor of marriage equality are “opposed” to civil unions, which is unlikely to be the case.

    The REAL stat here is that 71% of the people in Utah support legal recognition of gay relationships. That is HUGE.

  2. Oz in OK says

    Sounds promising… but once *any* legislation promising some kind of recognition for LGBT couples appears, the LDS church will mount a campaign to completely destroy such legislation – and numbers won’t mean a damn thing.

  3. Anthony says

    Hey, at least among republicans, the percentage opposing any recognition went from 72% in Nov. 2004 down to 42% in Feb. 2012. That’s a big change, and a promising one at that.

  4. Anthony says

    Although I find it sad that while democrats and independents’ support for marriage have gone up over the years, the GOP won’t budge. It’s been at 5 percent for the past 8 years. Things have got to change.

  5. Peter M. says

    Wow, Utah democrats are really very gay-friendly. A whopping 97% of them support legal recognition of gay relationships, and 72% support gay marriage.

  6. mike flower says

    Watch the Benji Schwimmer interview, posted on this site a month or so ago. Gay Mormon kids are a screwed-up population & I now understand why they kill themselves in such large numbers. Their options : closet, married-but-in-misery, or suicide. The Mormon religion is incompatible w being out & emotionally stable.

    That BYU student It Gets Better video is very sad. They all look like walking wounded,their coping skills being maxed out.

    Organized religion is, in general, bad for ones health but Mormonism is terminal cancer.

  7. Ari says

    I wish they disclosed more polling information. Sample size, margin of error, degree of randomness in sampling (was it state-wide or specific to a location?), method of sampling (in-person, on phone, online) all have a huge impact on results.

  8. andrew says

    You gotta laugh when you realize that the state of Utah was denied entry into the Union until they outlawed plural marriage, which is supported in the bible. Fortunately god told their leader that he no longer approved of plural marriage so they outlawed it and were accepted into the union. All of this must have left Abraham, the polygamist and Father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam spinning in his grave.

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