1. say what says

    from someone who has already perjured himself to the judge + sat there and listened as his wife perjured herself to the judge + whose own cousin listed as witness #9 has testified to years of molestation going back to her teens from zimmerman


  2. ratbastard says

    He made a mistake by going on Sean Hannity. He should keep his mouth shut if he knows what’s good fro him. He should only speak in a court room with his lawyer by his side.

  3. ratbastard says

    Did he get $ from Hannity’s producers and FOX to go on the show? This might explain it. Maybe his lawyers encouraged him to get the $, with they of course getting their big cut.

  4. Butch says

    Hannity is a hack, and the fact that this nonsense was the lead in all the morning news shows really says something about how far they’ve fallen.

  5. ratbastard says

    @Butch, Agreed. Hannity is like a slimy used car salesman. Actually, it’s an insult to used car salesmen to compare them to Hannity. The dude is the bottom of the barrel. And it goes to show you how our main media in America is really controlled by a tiny cabal of big corporations with superficial competition but mostly in bed with each other.

  6. Rick says

    “He killed a 15 year old boy. Robbed him of his life. And that was God’s plan?”

    It is pretty clear from eye-witness reports at this point that that “15-year-old boy” attacked Zimmerman physically and that Zimmerman’s action was in self-defense.

    So if justice is done, he will be acquitted.

  7. Ryan says

    Zimmerman is a grown man who pursued a teenager, even after being instructed not to do so by a 911 dispatcher. Call me crazy, but my parents taught me to be suspicious of strangers. If I were a 15 year old and some random adult tried to approach me on the street, in the dark, I’d probably freak out, too. What did Zimmerman plan to do? Was he going to nicely ask him what he was up to? Were they going to have a civil, friendly chat?

    You can make excuses for him all day, Rick, but Zimmerman had no reason to confront the kid and he certainly didn’t have a reason to shoot and kill him. If I approach someone in the street and they feel threatened enough to hit me, that still does not give me the right to take their life. Or maybe I’m just taking crazy pills and it’s cool to go around murdering everyone who we feel is acting shady.

    If he felt that Martin was doing something suspicious then he should have let law enforcement handle it.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “So if justice is done, he will be acquitted.”

    Didn’t you serve on the jury that acquitted Emmet Till’s murderers? You know, back in 1955 in Mississippi? Haven’t changed in all these years, have ya’?

  9. Esther Blodgett says

    Zimmerman was told by the police not to follow Martin. The case hangs on this fact which was recorded.

    If Zimmerman had done what the police told him to do, this would not have happened. After He continued to follow Martin and with a gun which he fired, this became a vigilante action.

    But, by invoking ‘God’s plan’, Zimmerman’s lawyers can say that their client is insane.

    And if someone drew a gun on me, I’d try to knock the SOB down too and probably try to do a lot worse.

    Zimmerman needs to keep his mouth shut.

  10. Rick says

    @Ryan Nice try, but following people who are in a neighborhood at night and who are unfamiliar to the residents of the neighborhood is standard procedure for virtually all Community Watch organizations.

    Merely being followed by someone is not a justification for attacking them physically.

    I mean, let’s be honest here–people who are siding with Martin are doing so out of twisted political motives, not because the facts warrant it. If Martin had shot Zimmerman, instead, the same people would still be taking Martin’s side.

    And you should really be careful about doing that as a gay man–as the story yesterday from Louisville demonstrates, your own kneejerk tendencies can backfire on you when black homophobes attack gay people who are not black and are innocent victims.

  11. Robert says

    Ryan is completely right. Zimmerman not only pursued a harmless teenager after being told not to by the dispatcher, he did so carrying a loaded gun.

    This tragic story is just another in an endless stream of examples of what is wrong with our gun-crazy nation. Why in the world does this George Zimmerman need to carry a gun? If he hadn’t been carrying a gun, Trayvon would still be alive.

    I watched the video of Zimmerman re-enacting the event the following day with the police, and I did not believe a word he said. I hope he spends many years in jail for the murder he committed. THAT would be god’s plan, if there were a god.

  12. Jeff Kurtti says

    Rick, if only your comments corresponded to any facts. Zimmerman is not involved in any “Community Watch” organization, he was told by police to cease his actions, but instead he stalked and innocent citizen who had every right to be where he was. His actions, even on the most superficial observation, constitute profiling and stalking. Martin had every reason to believe that he was in danger. Imagine you are 17, and some weird middle-aged perv is staring at you, and begins following you. Your defense of Zimmerman is pitiful.

  13. unruly says

    He did not “allegedly” shoot and kill. That fact is not in question. He DID shoot and kill Martin.

    The only place where “allegedly” could be used is in relation to being a murderer (which is the question before the legal system.)

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    “No, were you part of the racist jury that acquitted OJ?”

    You mean the jury that included two Whites and one Latino? No. But if I had been a member of that jury I would have voted to convict OJ “The Slasher”.

    But like I said, you’d have voted to acquit the murderers of a 13 year old Black boy. You’d do it today.

  15. anon says

    The problem with the God’s plan idea is that the resulting fatalism applies to anything that might happen, such as his eventual conviction.

    Trials are for the sorting of evidence to get at the truth, not meeting out populist justice.

  16. Rick says

    “he was told flat out by the police to stay in his car”

    That is not grounds for a murder conviction. Not even close.

    Misdemeanor, at worst.

    And it is not illegal to “follow” somebody, even if you are carrying a gun, which is also entirely legal in Florida.

    Nothing he did leading up to Martin’s physical attack on him was a serious violation of the law and therefore he would be perfectly justified in claiming self-defense.

  17. Jacques says

    I wasn’t there, so I can only guess that both of them feared for their lives by the time of the confrontation and it became a battle to the death. It is hard however, to dismiss the fact that it never would have happened if the man hadn’t improperly pursued the boy in the first place.

    All that being said, and God’s plan or not, there is no excuse for the man not to feel sorry that the boy died.

  18. MarkUs says

    My, who is this young “White Hispanic”?

    A nice conclusion to this story will once again displaying the ridiculousness of a biased and agenda driven main stream media.

  19. Chitown Kev says

    My only thing is this…

    This trial has not yet taken place.

    Why is Zimmerman talking?

    At this stage, isn’t that what PR people and lawyers are for?

  20. jjh says

    I have not been following this case as closely as others, but I thought the guy that got shot was black and the guy that shot him was white. The person in this video is CLEARLY not white. In fact, his skin color looks the same as President Obama. Were there multiple suspects in the shooting, or did the media make a mistake?

  21. Jay says

    I hope that he has the balls to say in front of a jury that he would not have changed anything that happened that night, and the him killing an unarmed teenager was God’s plan. That is not a defense, the Christian right doesn’t believe me when I say being gay was God’s plan!

  22. ratbastard says

    Hey David Ehrenstein,

    How are you? Off topic, but seeing as you have VERY strong opinions on certain topics, what’s your opinion of the Jewish practice of mutilating boy’s penises which spread to the general ‘goy’ American population, IMO primarily because the influence of Jewish people in the medical profession? Is it OK to discuss this openly, along with the Jewish aspect, without being shut down and called a bigot and antisemitic?

  23. Wavin' Dave says

    Two reactions: 1) Zimmerman has all the stink of a sociopath. His lawyers must be pissing themselves. And 2) I don’t believe in Santa and at this point in Towleroad commentary, I don’t believe in “Rick.” Look at the thread of comments and watch how quickly readers go from Zimmerman to “Rick.” I have no fishing metaphors, nor hunting similes, but it’s really obvious that we are being relentlessly BAITED. Please stop falling for this.

  24. stillmarriedinCA says

    Rick, you are a LIAR. You said “but following people who are in a neighborhood at night and who are unfamiliar to the residents of the neighborhood is standard procedure for virtually all Community Watch organizations.”

    That is a lie. Standard procedure for Community Watch organizations is to call the police if you see anything that you think is suspicious and let them handle it. They specifically instruct in their rule book that you are NOT TO FOLLOW and most certainly NOT TO CARRY A WEAPON.

  25. says

    This racist bigoted pig make a BIG mistake by appearing on a racist bigoted pig’s program on a racist bigoted “news” network.

    an armed man followed an unarmed teenager at night, against the directions of police. he pursued, the teen ran, he continued pursuit, he murdered the teen. whom he was taller and physically bigger than. oh, and armed.

    “stand your ground” would not apply to Zimmerman. it *would*, however, apply to Martin – you’re damn right i’d tell a child of mine to fight fight FIGHT a grown adult stranger who pursues them at night, does not identify themselves, and approaches them with apparent malice.

    and any of the commenters on here blaming Trayvon (the usual roster of this site’s pathetic cowardly anonymous scumbags) can go die in a car fire.

    a young man is dead, and you’re pathetically using his crime to get your rocks off with your trolling. even for you wimpy losers this is a new low.

  26. jakeinlove says

    Troublesome that he would appear on TV to plead his case. It’s obvious that there is the ‘court of public opinion’, but he actually has to go to ‘court with a judge and jury’. Odd move.

  27. Caliban says

    Why do people let “Rick” pull their puppet strings? Here’s the formula to Rick’s comments. If logic and common sense say one thing, then you can be absolutely sure he will say the exact opposite. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    These are the relevant facts in the Martin/Zimmerman case.

    Trayvon Martin was visiting his father and walked to a nearby store. He had every right to be where he was, he was committing no crime, and he was unarmed.

    George Zimmerman was a self-appointed watchman for the neighborhood, not an official one. He was armed when it is against the official Neighborhood WATCH rules to carry weapons. When he reported sighting a “suspicious” youth (read: black) in the neighborhood Zimmerman was instructed by the 911 operator to stay in his vehicle. He disregarded those instructions and, despite having no official standing and no uniform, started following a young man while carrying a gun. EVERYTHING that followed, including the death of Trayvon Martin, were a consequence of the actions of George Zimmerman and no one else.

  28. RxR says

    You’re going down George, you’re going down…it’s just a matter of time until a judge and jury find you guilty as charged and you are in the pen for the rest of your hateful life. You are a murderer and everyone knows it.

  29. says

    This case has truly gotten out of hand and the media is to blame.

    From day 1 the media decided to sensationalize this story for ratings purposes, and soon later they would write the entire narrative of what happened.

    The media showing pictures of Trayvon from like 11 years ago is when I realized what the agenda here was and it’s when I tuned out this story, which we will NEVER know all the facts for

  30. Kim says

    George’s brother claimed he wasnt on neighborWatch he was on his way to Target. The NeighborWatch people Where I Live wear a vest and badge indicating they are neighborwatch and not alloweed to carry guns.Lastly if a stranger is following me I will get defensive and scared.

  31. Kevin Mendoza says

    I don’t think this man is innocent but I have a tough time believeing Treyvon was nearly as innocent as Jesse Jackson types are making him seem either. The truth is BOTH these individuals have had troubled pasts. The truth is both these men were guilty of major egos, and their worlds collided. Both sides are trying to paint their man as an angel. Neither was.

  32. J.J says

    Red Velvet,
    I don’t think this story would generate anywhere near this much attention had that child been gay, Asian, white, hispanic, middle eastern. I say that living in a Missouri town where two black men did rape and horribly beat a 17 year old high school girl to death. NO media outrage. Just local outrage. No national news. No Al Sharpton demanding marches on the streets. Guess they didn’t fit the societal victim profile good enough.

  33. Pollie says

    Would you posters adamently defending Trayvon Martin be so willing to defend a gay teenager who was shot? I don’t think so, because those of you showing empathy for Trayvon were doing all sorts of spinning in the story about Larry King, the boy who was shot in the back of the head by his homophobic bully classmate. Should we revisist those comments?
    That black gay men can only show sympathy for black youth but are the first to knock down gay youth is a pattern I’m noticing on here

  34. says

    Pollie, were you home-schooled or did your mom just drink a lot while she was pregnant with you?

    I’m a gay white man who’s freakin’ disgusted at the unintelligent racially-charged blaming of Trayvon.

    unarmed teen walking home. followed by older, bigger armed stranger. cops tell stranger to stay in car. stranger ignores cops. stranger follows unarmed teen. unarmed teen starts to run. stranger pursues, does not identify himself, and approaches unarmed teen. whom he’s taller and bigger than. unarmed teen is shot dead.

    there’s no way to spin it into it being Trayvon’s fault. unless, of course, you’re one more piece of s**t racist.

  35. says

    I think what happened to TrayVon Martin is deplorable and so wrong. That being said, in our nation’s capitol just a few weeks ago, a 16 year old gay child was walking the streets minding his own business when witnesses saw three black people who he did not know run toward his way screaming anti gay slurs. They grabbed him, pinned him to the ground, stabbed him all while continuing to scream homophobia. A suspect by Alvonica Jackson and her relatives were later caught and kept calling the young boy “f*ggy”

    Where was the national spot light? The child may not have died, but he was clearly an brutally targetted for being gay and was rushed to the emergency room for it. Why has that not outraged the public muchless our own community?

  36. MJ says

    @ USC Trojans Fan,

    Point well made! I just think some members of our community have desensitized themselves to homophobia. They have far more outrage and an urgency to react to racism. You can see it in the comments on here as well. When homophobic incidents occur, you will usually hear putting to question the motives of the gay victims or simply brushing it off as “people have a difference of opinion” but a story regarding racism will fuel more passion than any other, usually from the same posters. If prejudice is wrong, then all forms of prejudice are wrong, and the same passion you have for fighting racism should be applied to fighting homophobia.

  37. IonMusic says

    The truth is: we’ll never know the real story in this case. We’ll never know the true facts. When NBC News decided to completely manipulate that 911 call, I and many others put to question the entire intention of this incident and how it was being reported. It’s all been a grey area since.

  38. LesbianDiva says

    Could George Zimmerman be fully guilty? Sure. But like a few others, I find it unsettling that he was basically charged guilty from Day 1 by the public, notably special interest groups. What seperates our country from an unruly unlawful destination is that we are ALL innocent until proven guilty and deserve a fair shot at a fair trial. This man is no exception.

  39. Rick says

    @Caliban Not one single action you described on the part of Zimmerman was in violation of the law. Not one.

    Martin assaulted him just because he was being “followed”

    And being “followed” is not a legitimate reasson, UNDER THE LAW, to assault someone physically.

    Like most adherents of the Far Left, you don’t care about facts and you certainly don’t care about seeing justice done.

    You care about nothing but your twisted ideology and the equally twisted political agenda that springs from it.

    And by the way, chances are that Martin was a homophobe, given the demographic and geographic location we are talking about, so he undoubtedly would have had no problem with you being killed under similar circumstances.

  40. Rick says

    I’m sorry for all my racist and self-hating homophobic posts and comments. You see, nobody in my family loved me and unlike the other gay men and women who come from horrible conservative families, i never was adult enough to rise above it and be a real man and become a proactive member of this world. I just come online to spew the hatred I was taught, that was also inflicted on me by the bigots who raised me.

    So i just want to say that I’m sorry for all my hateful comments. It’s not easy being me, I’ve never been loved and I’ve never had a real relationship, and coming online to unleash my frustration and anger is the only thing I can do to keep myself from dangling at the end of a rope.

    So, don’t hate me. Just pity me. I literally have nothing to live for.

    Also, I’m a coprophile and it makes it really hard to find someone who isn’t grossed out by that fact.

  41. Rick says

    Last post beginning with “I’m sorry….” is, needless to say, not from me, the real Rick, but from Little Kiwi, who driven to exasperation by the lucidity of my arguments has no choice but to resort to such. Another good example, really, of precisely the sort of Far Left mindset that I just described in my comment directed to Caliban.

  42. theotherlee says

    “I don’t think this man is innocent but I have a tough time believeing Treyvon was nearly as innocent as Jesse Jackson types are making him seem either. The truth is BOTH these individuals have had troubled pasts. The truth is both these men were guilty of major egos, and their worlds collided. Both sides are trying to paint their man as an angel. Neither was.

    Posted by: Kevin Mendoza”

    Kevin, while what you say may be completely accurate.. only one of these individuals is dead.

    Yes, it is legal to carry a firearm in Florida. But following TM was not legally permissible, especially considering he disregarded the instructions of the police to stay in his vehicle.

  43. Rick says

    I’d like to apologize for my racist posts. I didn’t take my anti-psychotic meds lately because they interfered with my herpes medication. Plus i’ve been cranky all day because my public lice has been itching like a mofo all day.

    I’ll feel much better tonite after I suck some meth addicts behind the dumpster at Taco Bell.

  44. DatDance says

    And yet most black youth are responsible for crimes against our gay and lesbian youth. So it be nice for the same people livid about what happened to Trayvon being nearly as concerned how the black community bashes our gay kids. The double standard is clearly not lost on most GLBT.

  45. Just sayin' says

    None of us know what happened that night, the witnesses were made to be scared to death to come forward (wouldnt you be if people like Spike Lee made tweets asking for people’s heads) and those who did come forward had sketchy accounts that they admitted was not fully capable of exactly what happened. This entire case has turned into a caricature

  46. Tia says

    Clearly many do see the bias in this case considering Zimmerman has had over half a million donated to him by the public so far. I think people see how everything has been conducted as partial and it seems when a black man commits a crime, nothing about his motives are made, and the black community is quick to defend him and his actions at all costs- OJ cold blooded killer simpson anyone?

  47. ratbastard says

    Antisemitic? C’mon David Ehrenstein, are you a true Semite or Ashkenazim? I bet DNA would show the typical Arab is far more semitic than you.

    Does this post make you uncomfortable, David? I mean c’mon, you’re really good at dishing it out so I assume you can take it as good as you give. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Anyway, it would cool if you’d comment about the Jewish practice of mutilating a boy’s penis and how it managed to spread to the majority ‘Goy’ population in the states

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